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Thursday, July 9, 2009
Program for Parents and Adults

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7:30 - 8:45 a.m. – Breakfast Buffet in Coronado H - L

8:45 - 10:00 a.m. - Session


Opening Keynote Session
Presenters: Ken Moritsugu and Tom Karlya
Location: Coronado H - L
Supported by Education Partner Abbott Diabetes Care

Ken Moritsugu, MD, former Acting Surgeon General of the United States, will welcome families and offer his perspectives on being a physician with type 1 diabetes. Tom Karlya has been an advocate in the diabetes community for years. How did his "Diabetes Dad" journey begin? What did it teach him? We will laugh together, probably cry a little, but most importantly we'll learn that no matter what life throws at you, even after you think it cannot get any worse, there is still something you can do, and should do, to hold on to hope.

10:00 - 10:45 a.m. – Snack Break in Veracruz Foyer outside Exhibit Hall

10:45 - 12:00 noon - Sessions


Why We Pump
Presenter: Henry Anhalt
Location: Coronado H

For lots of kids and families, pumping insulin is the method of choice in managing diabetes. There are many compelling reasons why this makes sense, and Dr. Anhalt will present some of the science behind it!


Prevention and Remission
Presenter: Alberto Pugliese
Location: Coronado J

Scientists are studying ways to prevent type 1 diabetes in at-risk kids and to preserve islet cells in those who are newly diagnosed. Dr. Kenyon will present an overview of this research.


Reviewing What You Learned on Diagnosis Day
Presenter: Fran Kaufman
Location: Coronado K

Every parent remembers that day- diagnosis day. So much to learn, new terminology, all sorts of labs and numbers. Come review with Fran Kaufman the things you learned with your child at diagnosis and the reason they are important for effective diabetes management.


It's Not Just a Numbers Game
Presenter: Joe Solowiejczyk
Location: Coronado L

Diabetes is so much more than just measuring blood glucose values and counting carbs. It involves family dynamics, school, caregivers, growth, feelings, and most of all – an entire family. Join family counselor Joe S for a new look at type 1 diabetes. It is more than just a numbers game.


The Challenge of Employment Discrimination
Presenter: John Griffin
Location: Fiesta 1-2

All people with diabetes have rights and should not let discrimination limit their employment goals and aspirations. Come learn from John Griffin how to avoid or deal with the challenges associated with employment discrimination and diabetes.


Heart Health Update
Presenter: Bob Bulgarelli
Location: Fiesta 3-4

Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes can affect the functioning of a person's heart. Learn how to take great care of your heart and your diabetes, so that you minimize the risk of having complications. Also learn about the techniques used to assess your 'heart health' and how your doctor might address potential concerns.


The Physiology of Exercise
Presenter: Kim Kelly
Location: Fiesta 5

When your mom told you to go outside and play, it turns out she knew what she was talking about. Dr. Kelly helps us understand just how important exercise is to our health.


A Beginner's Guide to Diabetes
Presenter: Betty Brackenridge
Location: Monterrey 1-3

It's confusing and sometimes overwhelming taking care of a grandchild with diabetes. Betty Brackenridge simplifies the process and gives great insight and explanation in how to not be afraid when caring for a grandchild with diabetes. Come bring your questions to share with others in the group.

12:00 - 1:30 p.m. – Lunch Buffet in Coronado H-J

1:30 - 2:45 p.m. - Sessions


Continuous Sensing
Presenter: Bruce Buckingham
Location: Coronado H

Continuous sensors are on the very cutting edge of diabetes management technology. From the early GlucoWatch devices to the newly available subcutaneous glucose sensors to the technology just on the horizon, Dr. Buckingham will share with us the history of these devices and how they will soon redefine the standard of diabetes care.


What Don't We Know and Why Don't We Know It
Presenter: Norma Kenyon
Location: Coronado J

Curing type 1 diabetes has proven to be very challenging. This sessions offers a look at what we don't know and why we don't yet know it.


Carb Counting in the Real World
Presenter: Dana Dignard
Location: Coronado K

Meal planning, and in particular, carbohydrate counting, is one of the most important skills for anyone with Type 1 diabetes to master in order to assure optimal blood sugar control. Come join Dana as she presents some valuable information and practical tips to be a become an expert carb counter.


Diabetes Etiquette
Presenter: Bill Polonsky
Location: Coronado L


Sick Day Management for Young Adults
Presenter: Jen Block
Location: Fiesta 1-2

How do you effectively control blood sugars when you are sick? What steps should you take when you're sick to assure that DKA won't happen? Are there certain items you should readily have on hand when sick? These items and many more will be discussed by Jen Block as she discusses sick day management for young adults.


Pumping Basics
Presenter: John Walsh
Location: Fiesta 3-4

Are you thinking about changing from multiple daily injections to an insulin pump? Find out the basics about pumping in this informative session. Insulin pump terminology and the "how-to's" of pumping will be discussed. You might want to consider a saline pump start offered by the different pump companies at the conference. This opportunity is offered by several of the pump companies in the exhibit hall. Please refer to them for guidelines.


Exercise and Busy Kids
Presenter: Gary Scheiner
Location: Fiesta 5

How can a parent promote exercise for their child without the constant worry of hypoglycemia? With integration of all of the diabetes tools today (meters, pumps, sensors, etc), Gary provides great advice to parents on how to promote an active lifestyle for their kids and still have a balance on blood sugar control.


Insulin for Grandparents: Pumps, Pens, and Syringes
Presenter: Betty Brackenridge
Location: Monterrey 1-3

An informational and practical session to allow grandparents to become more familiar with the current diabetes tools to administer insulin.

2:45 - 3:30 p.m. – Snack Break in Veracruz Foyer outside Exhibit Hall

3:30 - 4:45 p.m. - Sessions


Making Sense of Sensor Data
Facilitator: Gary Scheiner
Location: Coronado H

If your child is on a CGMS (continuous glucose monitoring system) or you are thinking about starting one for your child, come listen to Gary describe the pros and cons of CGMS and how to make sense of the extensive data that comes with such a system. Gary will elaborate on how to effectively focus on CGMS trends rather than comparing CGMS data with blood glucose results.


The Artificial Pancreas Project
Presenters: Stu Weinzimer and Ed Damiano
Location: Coronado J

This is an exciting time in research as much is happening with regards to pairing an insulin pump with a continuous glucose monitoring system in order to achieve a working closed loop system. Discover what progress has been made in achieving this goal by two of the leading researchers in this area.


Sick Day Management
Presenter: Jen Block
Location: Coronado K

Don't let sick days get you down and ruin your child's blood sugar control. Listen to Jen Block present some useful and practical ideas on how to be prepared when your child with diabetes becomes ill.


Adolescence Tipping Points
Presenter: Jill Weissberg-Benchell
Location: Coronado L

Learn about the most common struggles teens with diabetes face, and some practical tips on how to help your teen get through those rough patches.


Disordered Eating
Presenter: Barbara Anderson
Location: Fiesta 1-2

In this workshop, we will explore the complex condition of "disordered eating" in persons with Type 1 Diabetes (T1DM) with a focus on prevention and treatment. We will first define "disordered eating" and clarify how this is different from, and also overlaps with, "eating disorders." We will identify the broad and complex number of factors—from cultural, familial, to individual-- that contribute to the development of "disordered eating" in our young people with T1DM. We will focus on the many reasons why people omit or under-dose their prescribed insulin, and will identify the many links between diabetes-related problems (e.g., hypoglycemia, gastroparesis) and "disordered eating." We will report research findings on the very serious outcomes of this very complex condition, as will as the specific ways that parents health care providers can help in preventing "disordered eating." Resources with respect to treatment and prevention will be provided to participants.


Picking the Right Infusion Set
Presenter: Natalie Bellini
Location: Fiesta 3-4

There are so many infusion sets on the market right now – picking the right one can be mind-boggling in and of itself. What are the differences between angled vs straight-in insertions? Why is a 6 mm cannula different than a 9 mm in terms of function, and who should use each? Which infusion sets go in by hand and which have an insertion device? Which sets are proprietary to specific pumps, and which can be used with any pump? How do you get an infusion set to stick – and then how do you get it off when it's really really stuck? Natalie has a sense of humor about all of this -- and not only will she give you tons of information, she will have you laughing in your seat as you make sense of it all!


Summiting Everest with Type 1 Diabetes
Presenter: Sebastien Sasseville
Location: Fiesta 5

An awe-inspiring presentation given by Sebastien as he recounts how he scaled Mount Everest and did not let his diabetes get in the way.


The Elephant in the Room: Confronting Fears
Presenter: Betty Brackenridge
Location: Monterrey 1-3

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Photo Family and Friends Banquet
6:30 to 8:30 in Coronado H - L
Buffet dinner served
All Ages Welcome

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Photo Music and Dancing
8:30 to 10:30 in Coronado H - L

All Ages Welcome
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Sponsored by Novo Nordisk and LifeScan

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