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On Thursday, July 24, 2003, Diabetes Nurse Specialist Steph Schwartz led a chat about 504 plans. The following links were either mentioned during the chat or provide additional information about 504 plans:

Moderator   (server) Thu Jul 24 08:00:00 PM EDT 2003
Our chat about 504 plans with Diabetes Nurse Specialist Steph Schwartz starts at 9pm Eastern.

GeekGuyAndy  ( Thu Jul 24 08:42:05 PM EDT 2003

tie I am ten with diabeates  ( Thu Jul 24 08:42:47 PM EDT 2003
 Confused  Smile  Smile 

Brenda H. mom of Marissa, 15, dx'd 9/89  ( Thu Jul 24 08:54:33 PM EDT 2003
Are you here for the chat about 504 Plans? That's what this room is for tonight.

GeekGuyAndy  ( Thu Jul 24 08:55:26 PM EDT 2003
What are 504 plans?

GeekGuyAndy  ( Thu Jul 24 08:55:32 PM EDT 2003
I was staying in here to find out

tie I am ten with diabeates  ( Thu Jul 24 08:55:58 PM EDT 2003
yes i am hear for tonight

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 08:57:30 PM EDT 2003
Hi all. My daughter has hypoglycemia, not diabetes, but I'm interested in 504 plans. Can I join this chat?

Jeff Hitchcock   ( Thu Jul 24 08:57:40 PM EDT 2003
504 plans are documents that help you get the care you need at school

Jeff Hitchcock   ( Thu Jul 24 08:58:03 PM EDT 2003
whatname, you're more than welcome to join in

tie I am ten with diabeates  ( Thu Jul 24 08:58:03 PM EDT 2003
do you know danilla

GeekGuyAndy  ( Thu Jul 24 08:58:20 PM EDT 2003
Funny tie/whatname  LOL 

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 08:58:29 PM EDT 2003
Hi everyone!

GeekGuyAndy  ( Thu Jul 24 08:59:00 PM EDT 2003
Hello Steph

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 08:59:11 PM EDT 2003
tie I think you're looking for the kids' room

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 08:59:21 PM EDT 2003
Can people with hypoglycemia get a plan? It doesn'tseem serious enough to be considered a "disability"

tie I am ten with diabeates  ( Thu Jul 24 08:59:28 PM EDT 2003
whatname you can join it

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 08:59:36 PM EDT 2003
Hi andy

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:00:12 PM EDT 2003
yes they can

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:00:41 PM EDT 2003
Any problem that interferes with daily life merits a plan

Laura B Sam's mom, dx'd 8/98, 13  ( Thu Jul 24 09:00:47 PM EDT 2003
Hi Everyone  Cool 

Jeff Hitchcock   ( Thu Jul 24 09:01:05 PM EDT 2003
Hi Steph ... thanks for helping get an early start to 504 plans

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:01:36 PM EDT 2003
No problem

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:01:46 PM EDT 2003
Hi LAura!

GeekGuyAndy  ( Thu Jul 24 09:01:49 PM EDT 2003
So hwat exactly is a 504?

Jeff Hitchcock   ( Thu Jul 24 09:02:11 PM EDT 2003
Steph, some parents tell me that they have no problems at their school and don't need a 504 plan. How would you respond to that?

Laura B Sam's mom, dx'd 8/98, 13  ( Thu Jul 24 09:02:43 PM EDT 2003
Steph - I have a question. Sam is transitioning from middle school to high school in a few weeks. I took his 'old' 504 at the end of the year, added a point or two dealing with high school stuff, and gave it to the principal last May. The principal looked at it and gave it to the guidance counselor in charge of kids with 504s. They told me they would schedule a meeting during the first couple of weeks of school. I'm assuming my plan from last year is valid until it is replaced by something else? It doesn't specify an 'end date' on it.

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:02:56 PM EDT 2003
A 504 os a medical plan or school that outlines what your needs

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:04:22 PM EDT 2003
That's correct Laura. My understanding it follows all the way through a school system but should be reviwed annually to make sure veryone understands their responsibilities

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 09:04:54 PM EDT 2003
My daughter goes to a school with 9 people with diabetes in it and three with hypoglycemia. Her school seems prepared to handle anything. The nurse keeps juice boxes and peanut butter crackers there, and all the teachers know symptoms of lows. She is allowed to test wherever she wants and go to the nurse whenever, though she doesn't have to go there.

Brenda H. mom of Marissa, 15, dx'd 9/89  ( Thu Jul 24 09:04:57 PM EDT 2003
We've never had a 504, but are going to have one this year so that Marissa isn't penalized during SAT's and such.

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:05:31 PM EDT 2003
you're lucky!

Jeff Hitchcock   ( Thu Jul 24 09:05:49 PM EDT 2003
Steph, to Laura's point, do 504 plans need to be revised or updated each year?

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 09:06:10 PM EDT 2003
My daughter had to take SATs in a room by herself, which she wasn't too happy about.

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:06:29 PM EDT 2003
SAT's really have nothing to with the school
You need to contact the ducational testing service to make accomodations during SATs

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:06:36 PM EDT 2003

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:07:03 PM EDT 2003
They should be revfiwed annually

Ellen (FL) Zack 15  ( Thu Jul 24 09:07:31 PM EDT 2003
What should be listed in the 504 with respect to standardized testing?

Second question, should college students also have a 504?

Ellen (FL) Zack 15  ( Thu Jul 24 09:08:31 PM EDT 2003
Here in Florida the students take the FCAT (FLorida Comprehensive Achievement Tests)

Laura B Sam's mom, dx'd 8/98, 13  ( Thu Jul 24 09:08:33 PM EDT 2003
I added a section this year about Sam not being penalized (regarding absences due to diabetes) when being considered for honor societies, awards, scholarships, etc.

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:08:57 PM EDT 2003
tests like SATS are administered by outside vendors. School personnel only moderate and must follow the provisions written by the testing service

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:09:15 PM EDT 2003
Great idea Laura

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:09:40 PM EDT 2003
However, absences should be reasonable (and I know they will be with Sam)

Ellen (FL) Zack 15  ( Thu Jul 24 09:09:47 PM EDT 2003
Oh that's excellent Laura B.

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 09:09:47 PM EDT 2003
My daughter wasn't admitted into National Honor Society, and I believe it may be because she ws absent the week applications were done.

tie I am ten with diabeates  ( Thu Jul 24 09:10:02 PM EDT 2003
i dont know when the kid chat room start

Brenda H. mom of Marissa, 15, dx'd 9/89  ( Thu Jul 24 09:10:22 PM EDT 2003
Marissa has had to take IOWA tests, something called COGAT (Cognitive Abilities Test), and Proficiency exams over the past 6 yrs. I don't recall if she had any health issues come up during the exams.

tie I am ten with diabeates  ( Thu Jul 24 09:10:38 PM EDT 2003

Jeff Hitchcock   ( Thu Jul 24 09:10:53 PM EDT 2003
tie ... please move to the kids chat room. It doesn't "start" -- it's always open.

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:10:54 PM EDT 2003
For routine tests, if a child who happens to have diabetes has a low, he/she should not be expected to take the test that day. Cognitive function can lag as much 24 hours following a low

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:11:33 PM EDT 2003
BTW Hi Ellen

tie I am ten with diabeates  ( Thu Jul 24 09:11:37 PM EDT 2003

Ellen (FL) Zack 15  ( Thu Jul 24 09:11:45 PM EDT 2003
Steph, are there any "official" studies or abstracts we can submit to the teachers about the lag time?

Kriss Mom of Paige (almost 10) dxd 12/96  ( Thu Jul 24 09:11:54 PM EDT 2003
Hi All. I put a 504 in place for Paige last year and did specify special considerations during standardized testing.

Laura B Sam's mom, dx'd 8/98, 13  ( Thu Jul 24 09:11:56 PM EDT 2003
I had to chuckle last year at the middle school awards ceremony. They gave an award for 'best attendance.' I wondered if Sam might win one for 'worst attendance!' Every quarter, we received a letter from the principal that we had 'exceeded the limit' for absences. The P is a good guy and we are on good terms - he'd just tell me to rip up the letter. However, if we hadn't had a 504 covering these absences (and stating that Sam couldn't be penalized), and if we had a jerk of a school administrator, it could have been a different story.

Ellen (FL) Zack 15  ( Thu Jul 24 09:11:59 PM EDT 2003
Hi Steph Wink 

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 09:12:25 PM EDT 2003
What is cognitive function? My daughter has lows almost everyday. Does that mean she is always behind on that?

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:12:45 PM EDT 2003
Absolutely correct Laura

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:14:01 PM EDT 2003
If your daughter has daily lows, the first thing I'd suggest is that you get her insulin adjusted. Cognitive function is the ability to think comepletely clearly

Laura B Sam's mom, dx'd 8/98, 13  ( Thu Jul 24 09:14:19 PM EDT 2003
Before we had a 504 in place (right after Sam was dx'd in 1998), he took the California Achievement Tests. After one of them, he came home and said 'I had no idea what I was doing on the one test this afternoon. I couldn't see to read the questions, so I just filled in the little circles." Oy. His bg was 350. No doubt in my mind that accommodations need to be made for standardized tests.

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 09:14:34 PM EDT 2003
My daughter isn't on insulin, she has hypoglycemia.

Brenda H. mom of Marissa, 15, dx'd 9/89  ( Thu Jul 24 09:15:14 PM EDT 2003
Laura, I once asked Marissa about vision problems when she's high and she claimed she didn't have any.

Kriss Mom of Paige (almost 10) dxd 12/96  ( Thu Jul 24 09:15:23 PM EDT 2003
Who is supposed to actually write the 504 plan? I wrote my own using the wonderful CWD site, but I also am a teacher and have seen many IEP plans. Is it really the school's responsibility??

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 09:15:32 PM EDT 2003
They're only minor ones, though.

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:15:40 PM EDT 2003
The testing services will make accomodations. If you go to the ETS website you'll find out there what is required to put them in place

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:16:02 PM EDT 2003
How minor is minor?

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 09:16:24 PM EDT 2003
Upper 50s

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:16:34 PM EDT 2003
a 504 is different from an IEP

tie I am ten with diabeates  ( Thu Jul 24 09:16:37 PM EDT 2003

Laura B Sam's mom, dx'd 8/98, 13  ( Thu Jul 24 09:16:56 PM EDT 2003
Why is your daughter having lows EVERY day? Isn't this something that you can address? Snacks every day? Glucose right with her for when she starts to feel low? Lows DEFINITELY affect how a person thinks. (I get hypos periodically and they are awful - no way would I be able to take a test or do a report or read a book with a low).

Wendy Mom of Heather, 13, dx 01  ( Thu Jul 24 09:17:01 PM EDT 2003
If I write the 504 using the CWD template, can the school change it? Actually who approves it?

tie I am ten with diabeates  ( Thu Jul 24 09:17:05 PM EDT 2003
help me

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:17:19 PM EDT 2003
that seems to me to be too low to happen daily. I'd go for 70 or higher

shelley Mom of Parker, 4 dx'd at 3  ( Thu Jul 24 09:17:26 PM EDT 2003
Hi everyone. My son will be starting kindergarten in September and we are wanting to get a 504 in place for him. Does the school have a standard type form that we can use or do we responsible for getting it all together?

GeekGuyAndy  ( Thu Jul 24 09:17:30 PM EDT 2003
Tie/whatname, you do realize it shows you have the same IP address right next to your name.

Kriss Mom of Paige (almost 10) dxd 12/96  ( Thu Jul 24 09:17:31 PM EDT 2003
Right, I understand that. It just helped to give me some idea when I was writing my own plan

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:17:46 PM EDT 2003
tie can you find your mom or dad to help get to the right room?

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:18:01 PM EDT 2003

tie I am ten with diabeates  ( Thu Jul 24 09:18:14 PM EDT 2003

Ellen (FL) Zack 15  ( Thu Jul 24 09:18:38 PM EDT 2003
I contact the 504 coordinator and give her a list of my son's needs that need to be met in the 504 plan...then we get together with the 504 coordinator and all of the teachers in one room and the teachers all sign that they will accomodate my son. This works well. It often has to be done 2 weeks into the school year though...

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:18:41 PM EDT 2003
There's a new NIH publication that is being sent to every school system in the country. Hopefully it will make a difference

Jeff Hitchcock   ( Thu Jul 24 09:18:43 PM EDT 2003
GeekGuyAndy ... they're both using AOL, which often combines users onto shared proxy IPs

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 09:18:43 PM EDT 2003
She can still be running around at 60. We've tried a lot. She does very well in school, though she misses a lot, due to various reasons.

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:19:02 PM EDT 2003
Jeff could you post the URL please

Judith David, 17, diagnosed at age 2 months  ( Thu Jul 24 09:19:07 PM EDT 2003
Whatname, with hypoglycemia, best approach is to follow a high protein, moderate fat, low sugar diet to prevent lows....

Steve (MA) Allie - 17 - dx 6/97 pump 12/99 - Counselor at Clara Barton Camp  ( Thu Jul 24 09:19:29 PM EDT 2003
Hi Steph - we've just been through this with Allie - the SAT policy is to allow whatever accomodations the school allows

Jeff Hitchcock   ( Thu Jul 24 09:19:30 PM EDT 2003
The URL to download the NIH publication is:

The guide is excellent

Steve (MA) Allie - 17 - dx 6/97 pump 12/99 - Counselor at Clara Barton Camp  ( Thu Jul 24 09:19:37 PM EDT 2003
And that new NIH document is FANTASTIC

Brenda H. mom of Marissa, 15, dx'd 9/89  ( Thu Jul 24 09:19:42 PM EDT 2003
Does every school have a 504 coordinator? Guess I will investigate this in a few weeks; our school offices always close for the month of July.

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:19:47 PM EDT 2003
thanks  Wink 

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 09:20:09 PM EDT 2003
Wow, that's odd.

tie I am ten with diabeates  ( Thu Jul 24 09:20:11 PM EDT 2003
greek what did you say i did knot understand

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:20:16 PM EDT 2003
If they receive Federal funding they are required to

tie I am ten with diabeates  ( Thu Jul 24 09:20:59 PM EDT 2003

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:21:31 PM EDT 2003
Yes it is. There are also new training modules for schools on-line at the ADA website. I respresented CWD on that committee

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 09:21:38 PM EDT 2003
She's tried that. She does better with more carbs than her dietician had her on. Like, at snacks she had her having just protein, which didn't work, because she needed soemthing to bring her up.

Jeff Hitchcock   ( Thu Jul 24 09:21:48 PM EDT 2003
The NIH document is 88 pages long. You can order one for free, which is a lot cheaper than printing off 88 pages.

The order form is here:

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:22:16 PM EDT 2003
tie? where is your mom or dad?

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 09:22:40 PM EDT 2003
What's NIH stand for?

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:23:09 PM EDT 2003
National Institutes of Health

tie I am ten with diabeates  ( Thu Jul 24 09:23:32 PM EDT 2003
greek how do you get back to the kid chat room

Jeff Hitchcock   ( Thu Jul 24 09:23:37 PM EDT 2003
NIH is the National Institutes of Health

Jeff Hitchcock   ( Thu Jul 24 09:24:03 PM EDT 2003
tie .. look for the "Room" list in the upper right. Click and select Kids. Have fun.

Laura B Sam's mom, dx'd 8/98, 13  ( Thu Jul 24 09:24:10 PM EDT 2003
Not making a recommendation here or anything  Grin  BUT... when I have hypos, peanut M&Ms work really well for me. The protein and the sugar are a good combo. Either that or half a peanut butter sandwich and glass of milk. Either of those will do the trick. JUST juice or just something sweet won't work because it brings bg up, then plunges it back down again when my body releases insulin to deal with the sugar surge. Have you tried either of these for her at snack time?

tie I am ten with diabeates  ( Thu Jul 24 09:24:23 PM EDT 2003

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:24:37 PM EDT 2003
The School Nurses' Association participated in drafting it so hopeully it will have a HUGE impact and make things better for ALL our kids

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:25:07 PM EDT 2003
Laura I prefer Mini Snickers Wink 

Judith David, 17, diagnosed at age 2 months  ( Thu Jul 24 09:25:21 PM EDT 2003
Steph, are you familiar with the PADRE P.E.D.S. package? How does the NIH thing compare?

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 09:25:51 PM EDT 2003
She doesn't have just juice. She'll have maybe juice, then a cheese stick 5 minutes later. PB and J is a favorite of hers, but she has it for breakfast almost everyday.

Pauline   ( Thu Jul 24 09:26:34 PM EDT 2003
My son's school refuses to give him a 504 plan. He has a health plan. They say this is just as legally binding as the 504. Their reason for not giving him the 504 is that he "technically" doesn't need any accomodations. I have fought this one and just cant seem to get anywhere with this administration. With a new year coming soon, I want to get off to a good start and get him his 504.

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:27:12 PM EDT 2003
The NIH package was drafted for ALL school systems with input from about 12 organizations. While I think the Padre stuff is good as well, the NIH document will have more clout with the public at large.

Jeff Hitchcock   ( Thu Jul 24 09:27:38 PM EDT 2003
Pauline ... how can the school argue against the law?

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:27:41 PM EDT 2003
Pauline if it's a public school, they CANNOT BY LAW refuse

Ellen (FL) Zack 15  ( Thu Jul 24 09:27:44 PM EDT 2003
Pauline is that a public school?

Pauline   ( Thu Jul 24 09:28:04 PM EDT 2003
Yes it is.

Kristy Drew 10 dx @ 3  ( Thu Jul 24 09:28:16 PM EDT 2003
Pauline, if your son has to take any standardized testing, then he has to have accomodations.

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 09:28:21 PM EDT 2003
Pauline- Why would he need any type of plan if he didn't need accomodations? Schools' ignorance can be so annoyign and fraustrating.

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:29:07 PM EDT 2003
You need to go to the Principal first and then the Superintendant. I'd also call your local ADA chapeter for assistance

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:29:44 PM EDT 2003
Kristy he need accomodations forlots of things

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 09:29:48 PM EDT 2003
Every year my daughter's school gives her lunch at 10 AM. Every year I call and tell them it has to be changed. The fact that her lunch cannot be at 10 is in her plan. Shouldn't they automatically schedule correctly?

Steve (MA) Allie - 17 - dx 6/97 pump 12/99 - Counselor at Clara Barton Camp  ( Thu Jul 24 09:29:58 PM EDT 2003
And Pauline - as much as i hate to say it - sometimes just using the L Word - as in LAWYER gets their attention

Pauline   ( Thu Jul 24 09:30:00 PM EDT 2003
Steph, that is what I told them. They said he needs to meet certain qualifications. I just don't understand. I even called when they had standarized testing to make sure that he could leave if needed. I was told that if he missed a test, he could always make it up on Saturday!

Pauline   ( Thu Jul 24 09:30:18 PM EDT 2003
I have contacted the ADA and they suggested legal counsil.

Kristy Drew 10 dx @ 3  ( Thu Jul 24 09:30:31 PM EDT 2003
Yes, Steph..we write all sorts of stuff in Drew's 504.

Judith David, 17, diagnosed at age 2 months  ( Thu Jul 24 09:30:54 PM EDT 2003
Diabetes is specically included under "other health impairments" in the federal disability laws

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:30:58 PM EDT 2003
Call Crystal Jackson at National ADA HQ

Jeff Hitchcock   ( Thu Jul 24 09:31:00 PM EDT 2003
Pauline, I would contact the American Diabetes Association and ask for assistance. It sounds to me (as a parent) that your school is breaking the law. (You can always get a lawyer too.)

Pauline   ( Thu Jul 24 09:31:08 PM EDT 2003
My son's lunch is 10:30 this year. Dr. says to skip AM snack and take two snacks in afternoon. All kids in his grade eat at the same time - no way to change it.

Kristy Drew 10 dx @ 3  ( Thu Jul 24 09:31:19 PM EDT 2003
I just meant that as an example.

Judith David, 17, diagnosed at age 2 months  ( Thu Jul 24 09:31:35 PM EDT 2003
specifically.... (Guess the contacts aren't any better than the glasses!)

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:31:41 PM EDT 2003
any health related problem that intereferes with dily living qualifies a child for a 504

Kristy Drew 10 dx @ 3  ( Thu Jul 24 09:31:45 PM EDT 2003
contact Crystal @

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:31:51 PM EDT 2003

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:32:10 PM EDT 2003
hmm-- think diabetes does that??  Rolling Eyes 

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:32:38 PM EDT 2003
thank you Kristy

Kristy Drew 10 dx @ 3  ( Thu Jul 24 09:32:52 PM EDT 2003
At one poing, OHI was an automatic disability and your child could be on IEP status..however, that is no longer the case.

Pauline   ( Thu Jul 24 09:33:20 PM EDT 2003
Thanks, I will contact Crystal if I don't get anywhere with the school within a few weeks when everyone gets back.

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:33:39 PM EDT 2003

Kristy Drew 10 dx @ 3  ( Thu Jul 24 09:33:52 PM EDT 2003
other health impairment..

Kristy Drew 10 dx @ 3  ( Thu Jul 24 09:33:55 PM EDT 2003

Ellen (FL) Zack 15  ( Thu Jul 24 09:34:03 PM EDT 2003
Contact Crystal now so you can get everything in place without having to have the problems

Jeff Hitchcock   ( Thu Jul 24 09:34:22 PM EDT 2003
Pauline, e-mail me ( with a brief description of your situation, along with your contact information, and I'll forward it to Crystal.

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 09:34:27 PM EDT 2003
other than what?

Kristy Drew 10 dx @ 3  ( Thu Jul 24 09:35:06 PM EDT 2003
When Drew started public school in first grade, they let him have IEP status..he stayed on that until 3rd grade when they told me they couldn't justify keeping a straight A student on IEP status. So, we went to 504 and it is just as wonderful.

Pauline   ( Thu Jul 24 09:35:17 PM EDT 2003
Jeff, I will do that. Thanks.

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:35:32 PM EDT 2003
You want to be careful what you ask to change. Some things like lunch are improtant socially for your child and perhaps the child's diabetes regimen (like his doctor did)needs to be changed instead

Steve (MA) Allie - 17 - dx 6/97 pump 12/99 - Counselor at Clara Barton Camp  ( Thu Jul 24 09:35:33 PM EDT 2003
Pauline - can you tell us what state you are in? There may be applicable laws there as well

Pauline   ( Thu Jul 24 09:35:54 PM EDT 2003

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:36:34 PM EDT 2003
The laws are Federaland apply in every STATE

Lori (KS) Erika, 13, dx'd @ 12, pumping  ( Thu Jul 24 09:36:36 PM EDT 2003
What all does a 504 plan contain?

Lori (KS) Erika, 13, dx'd @ 12, pumping  ( Thu Jul 24 09:36:47 PM EDT 2003
Is it like a care plan?

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:37:07 PM EDT 2003
but good thought Steve

Jeff Hitchcock   ( Thu Jul 24 09:37:09 PM EDT 2003
Lori, we have sample 504 plans online at:

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 09:37:14 PM EDT 2003
my daughter's school doesn't do lunch by grade. She had just as many friends in the 11:30 lunch as she did the 10

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:37:18 PM EDT 2003
Yes Lori

Lori (KS) Erika, 13, dx'd @ 12, pumping  ( Thu Jul 24 09:37:36 PM EDT 2003
Thanks Jeff

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:37:45 PM EDT 2003
you're lucky whatname

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 09:38:19 PM EDT 2003
She's in high school

Steve (MA) Allie - 17 - dx 6/97 pump 12/99 - Counselor at Clara Barton Camp  ( Thu Jul 24 09:38:20 PM EDT 2003
Thanks, steph - i know some states have laws re: for example - testing in classrooms/etc - so that might then not have to be included in a 504. Such a law is under consideration in MA

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:38:51 PM EDT 2003
Lori, FYI the pump mnufacturers have sample 504 plans for Pump users

Ellen (FL) Zack 15  ( Thu Jul 24 09:39:42 PM EDT 2003
Being on the pump or a very flexible insulin plan using Lantus/Humalog can eliminate the meal time issues if those are options for your child.

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:39:53 PM EDT 2003
you are correct Steve testing IS included in the 504,but may not be in the classroom

Kristy Drew 10 dx @ 3  ( Thu Jul 24 09:39:59 PM EDT 2003
I always put in the 504 plan, that Drew is to test in the classroom, not walk alone on campus, not take graded test when blood sugar is out of range...what other things do I need to consider for my soon to be 5th grader? Eek 

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 09:40:02 PM EDT 2003
My daughter's school is very accomadating. Blood sugar can be tested anywhere anytime, though sharps need to be thrown out in the container at the nurse's.

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:40:12 PM EDT 2003
Very true Ellen

Lori (KS) Erika, 13, dx'd @ 12, pumping  ( Thu Jul 24 09:40:58 PM EDT 2003
Thank you Steph. I'll check into that.

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:41:07 PM EDT 2003
field trips and after school activities

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:42:01 PM EDT 2003
Make sure provisions are made for those or your child may be left out

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:42:16 PM EDT 2003
You're welcome Lori

Brenda H. mom of Marissa, 15, dx'd 9/89  ( Thu Jul 24 09:42:33 PM EDT 2003
Steve, can you e-mail me a copy of Allie's 504? I lost some of my saved mails a few months ago, including that one. Thanks.

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 09:43:04 PM EDT 2003
Oh field trips reminded me of an issue that I was not happy about. My daughter's class took a field trip, and the place they went to did not allow food, neither was it allowed on the bus. The field trip meant my daughter's lunch was delayed 4 hours, from 11:30 to 2. I had no clue how to handle it. She stayed home that day. What could I have done?

GeekGuyAndy  ( Thu Jul 24 09:43:45 PM EDT 2003
Whatname, can they REFUSE food for a diabetic? I highly doubt they would do that

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 09:43:58 PM EDT 2003
Oh, that's not 4 hours. But still too much.

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:44:15 PM EDT 2003
make accomodations to allow food on the bus
NO CHILD, diabetes or not, should have to wait until 2pm for lunch!

Steve (MA) Allie - 17 - dx 6/97 pump 12/99 - Counselor at Clara Barton Camp  ( Thu Jul 24 09:44:19 PM EDT 2003
brenda - it's on the site as 10th grade.....

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 09:44:36 PM EDT 2003
They went to a theater which didn't allow food and they just said they couldn't change the theater rules.

Brenda H. mom of Marissa, 15, dx'd 9/89  ( Thu Jul 24 09:44:41 PM EDT 2003
OK, Steve, I will look it up again tomorrow.

GeekGuyAndy  ( Thu Jul 24 09:45:07 PM EDT 2003
Does anyone have a 504 on their computer for a high school student? I would like a copy if that's possible. (injections, not pumper)

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:45:13 PM EDT 2003
Get other parents to help you! Ask for field trip internaraies, schedules and rules

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 09:45:17 PM EDT 2003
The show went from 11 to 2. They were willing to allow it on the bus.

Steve (MA) Allie - 17 - dx 6/97 pump 12/99 - Counselor at Clara Barton Camp  ( Thu Jul 24 09:45:18 PM EDT 2003

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:45:34 PM EDT 2003
On our website andy

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:45:49 PM EDT 2003
thanks Steve

Steve (MA) Allie - 17 - dx 6/97 pump 12/99 - Counselor at Clara Barton Camp  ( Thu Jul 24 09:46:07 PM EDT 2003
andy - this is my daughter's - you can copy it if you would like but it applies to a pump - there are other HS 504s on the site

GeekGuyAndy  ( Thu Jul 24 09:46:26 PM EDT 2003
Anything for 11th or 12th grade, That is not on the site for a non-pumper

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 09:46:58 PM EDT 2003
I never had any clue how many issues would come up at school!

Steve (MA) Allie - 17 - dx 6/97 pump 12/99 - Counselor at Clara Barton Camp  ( Thu Jul 24 09:47:09 PM EDT 2003

Ellen (FL) Zack 15  ( Thu Jul 24 09:47:30 PM EDT 2003
Steph, do college students need a 504 plan too?

GeekGuyAndy  ( Thu Jul 24 09:47:43 PM EDT 2003
Ahh, I've seen hte site, it has no 504 for a high school injector.

Steve (MA) Allie - 17 - dx 6/97 pump 12/99 - Counselor at Clara Barton Camp  ( Thu Jul 24 09:47:46 PM EDT 2003
andy - get your parents involved in this - it is important stuff - especially if SATs are involved

GeekGuyAndy  ( Thu Jul 24 09:48:31 PM EDT 2003
Yeah, I unfortunately took SATs just a few weeks before diagnoses

GeekGuyAndy  ( Thu Jul 24 09:48:46 PM EDT 2003
I'm taking them again however, this fall

Brenda H. mom of Marissa, 15, dx'd 9/89  ( Thu Jul 24 09:49:37 PM EDT 2003
Andy, it looks as if you/your parents can write up something about your injection schedule and make it part of the document. I printed out the 12th grade document to use for Marissa, but it includes things that I plan to delete and doesn't include a few things I'd like to include. Just haven't done it yet.

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 09:49:41 PM EDT 2003
Andy- Are you going into 12th?

Steve (MA) Allie - 17 - dx 6/97 pump 12/99 - Counselor at Clara Barton Camp  ( Thu Jul 24 09:50:06 PM EDT 2003
Andy - again - you need to get your parents involved in this process.

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:50:19 PM EDT 2003
Probably so Ellen, BUT it would depend on whehter they receive Federal funding or not. A lot of univeristies have their own policies (they are required to by law). So, I would check with the Health SErvice to find out what's needed

GeekGuyAndy  ( Thu Jul 24 09:50:20 PM EDT 2003
I'm 17 right now, going to 12th grade

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 09:50:23 PM EDT 2003
That's what grade my daughter is.

Ellen (FL) Zack 15  ( Thu Jul 24 09:50:45 PM EDT 2003
Thanks, Steph.

Steve (MA) Allie - 17 - dx 6/97 pump 12/99 - Counselor at Clara Barton Camp  ( Thu Jul 24 09:51:00 PM EDT 2003
as is mine.....

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:51:22 PM EDT 2003
Each child is different! The on-line plans should guide you to develop one SPECIFIC for your child

Brenda H. mom of Marissa, 15, dx'd 9/89  ( Thu Jul 24 09:51:32 PM EDT 2003
That's a popular age group here tonight! Marissa will be in 11th.

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 09:51:55 PM EDT 2003

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 09:52:16 PM EDT 2003
I thought the issues would go away with age, not come!

GeekGuyAndy | 17/m/nh | 12th grade  ( Thu Jul 24 09:53:08 PM EDT 2003
I'm the oldest diagnosed type 1 I know of, sigh

Steve (MA) Allie - 17 - dx 6/97 pump 12/99 - Counselor at Clara Barton Camp  ( Thu Jul 24 09:53:14 PM EDT 2003
We have never had a 504 until 10th grade (as much as i hate to admit it) - never really had any issues - but the whole SAT/AP exam stuff got us off our butts

GeekGuyAndy | 17/m/nh | 12th grade  ( Thu Jul 24 09:53:22 PM EDT 2003
This will be all new to me for the school year

Steve (MA) Allie - 17 - dx 6/97 pump 12/99 - Counselor at Clara Barton Camp  ( Thu Jul 24 09:53:40 PM EDT 2003
andy - not even close - my wife's boss was dx'd with type 1 at 52 yrs old

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 09:54:09 PM EDT 2003
Andy- Someone I know was diagnosed with type one at 20.

GeekGuyAndy | 17/m/nh | 12th grade  ( Thu Jul 24 09:54:10 PM EDT 2003
..well I said "that I know of".

Steve (MA) Allie - 17 - dx 6/97 pump 12/99 - Counselor at Clara Barton Camp  ( Thu Jul 24 09:54:44 PM EDT 2003
Andy - let me make this suggestion to you one more time - get your parents involved....

GeekGuyAndy | 17/m/nh | 12th grade  ( Thu Jul 24 09:55:16 PM EDT 2003
Whoa there, I heard you the first two times Steve. My mother is in a biweekly support group.

Lisa (NJ) Mom of Robyn (14) dx'd at 6  ( Thu Jul 24 09:55:38 PM EDT 2003
Hi all

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 09:56:07 PM EDT 2003
Hi Lisa! Welcome

Lisa (NJ) Mom of Robyn (14) dx'd at 6  ( Thu Jul 24 09:56:36 PM EDT 2003
so happy I didn'y miss the whole chat

Lisa (NJ) Mom of Robyn (14) dx'd at 6  ( Thu Jul 24 09:56:48 PM EDT 2003
Thanks El

Brenda H. mom of Marissa, 15, dx'd 9/89  ( Thu Jul 24 09:57:21 PM EDT 2003
Lisa, have you had a 504 before?

Lisa (NJ) Mom of Robyn (14) dx'd at 6  ( Thu Jul 24 09:58:36 PM EDT 2003
Yes my daughter has had a 504 since 5th grade

Lisa (NJ) Mom of Robyn (14) dx'd at 6  ( Thu Jul 24 09:58:45 PM EDT 2003
She is going into 9th

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 09:59:00 PM EDT 2003
Here's another question. Do any of you mention no extra gym in your 504s? One time my daughter's gym teacher made the class run the whole period and she was vomiting from low blood sugar when she got home (it was last period).

Brenda H. mom of Marissa, 15, dx'd 9/89  ( Thu Jul 24 09:59:30 PM EDT 2003
We will be drafting our first one soon.

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 09:59:38 PM EDT 2003
It was as a punishment for not following directions she made them run.

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 10:00:05 PM EDT 2003
Adn the class is typically much lighter, so she doesn't need much before it.

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 10:00:23 PM EDT 2003

This is the link for accomodations for the SATs

Brenda H. mom of Marissa, 15, dx'd 9/89  ( Thu Jul 24 10:00:27 PM EDT 2003
I don't know what to do about those particular circumstances.  Eek 

Ellen (FL) Zack 15  ( Thu Jul 24 10:00:51 PM EDT 2003
Whatname, how old was your daughter at the time? I think it's VERY important to teach our children to stand up for themselves and to flat out refuse to do things they know they can't do.

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 10:01:43 PM EDT 2003
She was 14, but very shy. I told her not to ever let that happen again. She didn't have a plan at the time.

GeekGuyAndy | 17/m/nh | 12th grade  ( Thu Jul 24 10:01:52 PM EDT 2003
I know personally, I would not care what the punishment was if it could affect my health.

sunny   ( Thu Jul 24 10:01:54 PM EDT 2003

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 10:02:09 PM EDT 2003
Brenda did you et the link??

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 10:02:17 PM EDT 2003
Hi Sunny

Steve (MA) Allie - 17 - dx 6/97 pump 12/99 - Counselor at Clara Barton Camp  ( Thu Jul 24 10:02:40 PM EDT 2003
Steph - actually - try this link:

it's the direct link to the Students with Disabilites page of the College board

GeekGuyAndy | 17/m/nh | 12th grade  ( Thu Jul 24 10:02:43 PM EDT 2003
Stepoh, that link was from a search page and does not retain the same search results trhough a link.

Brenda H. mom of Marissa, 15, dx'd 9/89  ( Thu Jul 24 10:02:46 PM EDT 2003
Yes, Steph, we have it.

sunny   ( Thu Jul 24 10:03:51 PM EDT 2003

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 10:04:02 PM EDT 2003
Great link thanks Steve -- Jeff please add it to our school pages

Ellen (FL) Zack 15  ( Thu Jul 24 10:04:23 PM EDT 2003
I also would have strenously suggested that the teacher make a formal apology to your daughter for having forced her to run after you had explained diabetes etc. to him/her

Lisa (NJ) Mom of Robyn (14) dx'd at 6  ( Thu Jul 24 10:05:20 PM EDT 2003
I had a teacher, actually a teacher and his class aid apologize to my daughter

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 10:05:20 PM EDT 2003
agreed Ellen

Steve (MA) Allie - 17 - dx 6/97 pump 12/99 - Counselor at Clara Barton Camp  ( Thu Jul 24 10:05:21 PM EDT 2003
night all....

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 10:05:32 PM EDT 2003
Ellen- good idea. It's a little late now.

Lisa (NJ) Mom of Robyn (14) dx'd at 6  ( Thu Jul 24 10:05:41 PM EDT 2003
They made her take a test, after a "low"
and she had a note from the nurse

Jeff Hitchcock   ( Thu Jul 24 10:06:05 PM EDT 2003
Links already added

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 10:06:08 PM EDT 2003
We've taken a much less passive approach to school since then.

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 10:06:16 PM EDT 2003
Night Steve and thanks for your input

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 10:06:48 PM EDT 2003
My daughter tested everyday before gym for the remainder of the year after this.

Ellen (FL) Zack 15  ( Thu Jul 24 10:06:57 PM EDT 2003
I once had a substitute scream at Zack for playing a video game in class (he was checking his bg on his one touch!). The class defended him and ..She later apologized to me. I told her to apologize to Zack.

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 10:07:22 PM EDT 2003
She hates missing gym because she has to write papers to make up the classes, or do push ups the next class.

Lori (KS) Erika, 13, dx'd @ 12, pumping  ( Thu Jul 24 10:07:32 PM EDT 2003
That's what I have Erika do if she knows she's going to be running far so good.

Jeff Hitchcock   ( Thu Jul 24 10:07:43 PM EDT 2003
Night for me too ... thanks Steph.

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 10:08:06 PM EDT 2003
We could probably share bad school experiences for the rest of the night.

GeekGuyAndy | 17/m/nh | 12th grade  ( Thu Jul 24 10:08:10 PM EDT 2003
I'm surprised a teach could be so.. ignorant? Why would they EVER force ANYONE to do something?

sunny   ( Thu Jul 24 10:08:17 PM EDT 2003
it's only 10:00am in here,everyone.

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 10:08:22 PM EDT 2003
thank you Jeff

Ellen (FL) Zack 15  ( Thu Jul 24 10:08:53 PM EDT 2003
I think that's a good idea to always keep a note from the school nurse on their person (or in their meter case) about not having to take a test if bg is low.

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 10:09:06 PM EDT 2003
I'm going to leave in about 10 min more questions?

GeekGuyAndy  ( Thu Jul 24 10:09:14 PM EDT 2003
Sunny, China?

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 10:09:34 PM EDT 2003
Where are you, sunny, Australia?

Brenda H. mom of Marissa, 15, dx'd 9/89  ( Thu Jul 24 10:09:46 PM EDT 2003
And make sure substitute teachers know about kids with diabetes!

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 10:09:51 PM EDT 2003
Good idea Ellen, esp if there are subs

Lisa (NJ) Mom of Robyn (14) dx'd at 6  ( Thu Jul 24 10:10:10 PM EDT 2003
what happened to the page?

GeekGuyAndy  ( Thu Jul 24 10:10:14 PM EDT 2003
Ellen , I like that idea

Ellen (FL) Zack 15  ( Thu Jul 24 10:10:27 PM EDT 2003
Thank you for spending the time with us Steph. This is really an important subject and often feels like parents are reinventing the wheel every year over and over again.

Lisa (NJ) Mom of Robyn (14) dx'd at 6  ( Thu Jul 24 10:10:50 PM EDT 2003
A sub once yelled at Robyn for "drinking" in class.
She was 38

GeekGuyAndy  ( Thu Jul 24 10:10:51 PM EDT 2003
Steph, this will be my first year with school + diabetes. Who should I see about all this 504 plan stuff? Who need to know I have it?

Lisa (NJ) Mom of Robyn (14) dx'd at 6  ( Thu Jul 24 10:10:56 PM EDT 2003
and treating herself

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 10:11:25 PM EDT 2003
Ah, subs are a nightmare. Subs have sat there and argued with my daughter over hall passes to the nurse as her bg dropped, despite having a "permanent pass" from the nurse.

sunny   ( Thu Jul 24 10:11:45 PM EDT 2003
China,you know me?GeekGuyAndy

Cyndee Mom of Chandler(9)dx'd at 7  ( Thu Jul 24 10:11:50 PM EDT 2003
Yes, the regular teacher should have a note in her lesson plans! I am a substitute teacher, and always look for any notes on specific students.

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 10:11:55 PM EDT 2003
Ask who the 504 coordinator is at the school
talk to the principal and school nurse B4 school starts!!

GeekGuyAndy  ( Thu Jul 24 10:12:27 PM EDT 2003
Nope, just psychic. No really I just looked up the IP (number next to your name)

GeekGuyAndy  ( Thu Jul 24 10:12:40 PM EDT 2003
Steph, will do!

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 10:12:42 PM EDT 2003
Luckily, my school always gets the same sub nurse, and she knows my daughter too.

GeekGuyAndy  ( Thu Jul 24 10:13:50 PM EDT 2003
I don't like the 'nurse' system. All the popular kids hang out with her and she picks favorites. Took 10+ minutes just to ASK for a band-aid. Another 10 to get one.  Rolling Eyes 

Brenda H. mom of Marissa, 15, dx'd 9/89  ( Thu Jul 24 10:13:52 PM EDT 2003
Everyone, good luck with those 504's!

Lisa (NJ) Mom of Robyn (14) dx'd at 6  ( Thu Jul 24 10:14:19 PM EDT 2003
GG Andy it would also be a good idea for you to have some idea of the accomodations you want in the 504

GeekGuyAndy  ( Thu Jul 24 10:14:51 PM EDT 2003
Yeah, I'm reading all the samples now

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 10:15:12 PM EDT 2003
You can tell where someone lives by the IP number?

Cyndee Mom of Chandler(9)dx'd at 7  ( Thu Jul 24 10:15:12 PM EDT 2003
Chandler is going to start school (here in Florida 8/11) either right before she starts the pump, or right after. That means I would have to have two 504 plans, right? This is my first year that I am doing one, but after the conference, I feel that I should implement one.

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 10:15:15 PM EDT 2003
Night all!! Good LUck and e-mail me if you need more help!

GeekGuyAndy  ( Thu Jul 24 10:16:12 PM EDT 2003
Whatname, somewhat of an idea, not any exact date, so don't worry.

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 10:16:16 PM EDT 2003
Good night and thanks a lot!!!

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 10:16:20 PM EDT 2003
depends when the pump start is -- it can ALWAYs BE AMENDED

sunny   ( Thu Jul 24 10:16:27 PM EDT 2003
GeekGuyAndy,My English is poor,I am very difficult to
read the meaning you all said  Frown 

Brenda H. mom of Marissa, 15, dx'd 9/89  ( Thu Jul 24 10:16:37 PM EDT 2003
Thanks, Steph. Many of us have lots to do in the week or so ahead!

Ellen (FL) Zack 15  ( Thu Jul 24 10:16:58 PM EDT 2003
Cyndee where in Florida are you?

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 10:16:58 PM EDT 2003
Night All unless someone has somethingelsefor me

Steph moderator  ( Thu Jul 24 10:17:20 PM EDT 2003
yup! Contact me if you need help

GeekGuyAndy  ( Thu Jul 24 10:17:26 PM EDT 2003
Sunny, that number next to your name on this chat can be followed to see that you are from China

whatname   ( Thu Jul 24 10:17:45 PM EDT 2003
Good night everyone.

GeekGuyAndy  ( Thu Jul 24 10:17:47 PM EDT 2003
Thank you for all your help Steph

Cyndee Mom of Chandler(9)dx'd at 7  ( Thu Jul 24 10:17:53 PM EDT 2003
I am in Cape Coral, which is next to Fort Myers on the west coast

Ellen (FL) Zack 15  ( Thu Jul 24 10:18:28 PM EDT 2003
South Florida Association of Diabetes Educators has a video Diabetes In The School.

sunny   ( Thu Jul 24 10:19:35 PM EDT 2003
This place is full of kindness,i think,GeekGuyAndy

Lisa (NJ) Mom of Robyn (14) dx'd at 6  ( Thu Jul 24 10:19:36 PM EDT 2003
Cyndee you should have a 504 in place BEFORE school starts and amend it when you start the pump
Ask your pump educator if they will also come in to speak to the school nurse & teachers

Cyndee Mom of Chandler(9)dx'd at 7  ( Thu Jul 24 10:19:47 PM EDT 2003
Thanks for the info - I will look into that.

Ellen (FL) Zack 15  ( Thu Jul 24 10:20:00 PM EDT 2003

Cyndee Mom of Chandler(9)dx'd at 7  ( Thu Jul 24 10:21:28 PM EDT 2003
I am going to ask the pump educator to come talk to the people involved with my daughter at school. There is no full time nurse, just a clinic aid, but she has been great the past two years.
Steph - I may be e-mailing you with questions!

sunny   ( Thu Jul 24 10:23:38 PM EDT 2003
the love of parent is same in the world.
GeekGuyAndy,are you here?

GeekGuyAndy  ( Thu Jul 24 10:24:02 PM EDT 2003
I am still here

Lisa (NJ) Mom of Robyn (14) dx'd at 6  ( Thu Jul 24 10:25:59 PM EDT 2003
I keep loosing this page

sunny   ( Thu Jul 24 10:26:51 PM EDT 2003
my daughter is 3 year's old,I can't image the life without her.GeekGuyAndy

Lisa (NJ) Mom of Robyn (14) dx'd at 6  ( Thu Jul 24 10:27:13 PM EDT 2003
good nite all

Lisa (NJ) Mom of Robyn (14) dx'd at 6  ( Thu Jul 24 10:27:23 PM EDT 2003
 Rolling Eyes 

Cyndee Mom of Chandler(9)dx'd at 7  ( Thu Jul 24 10:30:26 PM EDT 2003
Good nite!

sunny   ( Thu Jul 24 10:34:44 PM EDT 2003
Have a good dream,everyone.
bye,GeekGuyAndy.thank the way, ,and yours?

GeekGuyAndy  ( Thu Jul 24 10:35:49 PM EDT 2003

keasha mom of sarah  ( Thu Jul 24 11:11:49 PM EDT 2003

keasha mom of sarah  ( Thu Jul 24 11:12:01 PM EDT 2003

Moderator   (server) Thu Jul 24 11:25:00 PM EDT 2003
This room will close in five minutes. Please move to a new room.

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