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International Diabetes Youth Ambassador Chat

On Saturday, September 20, 2003, CWD's International Diabetes Youth Ambassadors gathered for a chat.

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 11:39:34 AM EDT 2003
hi, when someone comes in, please start talking...

Lianna IDYA, 12  ( Sat Sep 20 11:41:25 AM EDT 2003
Hey Anja!

Lianna IDYA, 12  ( Sat Sep 20 11:41:59 AM EDT 2003
you still here?

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 11:42:02 AM EDT 2003
Hi ladies!

Lianna IDYA, 12  ( Sat Sep 20 11:42:36 AM EDT 2003
Hey Laura, I just sent a reply to your e-mail like a minute ago!

Lianna IDYA, 12  ( Sat Sep 20 11:45:03 AM EDT 2003

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 11:45:13 AM EDT 2003
hi Lianna, how are you?

Lianna IDYA, 12  ( Sat Sep 20 11:47:30 AM EDT 2003
Hey Anja! Busy, Busy! but yesterday afternoon I got to have a some "me" time! hehe

Lianna IDYA, 12  ( Sat Sep 20 11:47:41 AM EDT 2003

Cathy I'm an aunt of a diabetic would like to know more about kids are copeing with diabetes.  ( Sat Sep 20 11:48:37 AM EDT 2003
Hello everyone My name is Cathy and if I could , I'd like to ask some info. about living with diabetes from your perspective .

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 11:49:13 AM EDT 2003
I'm fine! working and seeing friends...

Lianna IDYA, 12  ( Sat Sep 20 11:49:16 AM EDT 2003
Sure Cathy! Do you have anything specific?

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 11:49:38 AM EDT 2003
Hi, welcome Cathy - just hang on and you'll get lots of info, I think Smile 

Lianna IDYA, 12  ( Sat Sep 20 11:50:42 AM EDT 2003
Cathy- Do we know your neice or nephew?

Elizabeth IDYA  ( Sat Sep 20 11:51:08 AM EDT 2003
Hey everyone!

Lianna IDYA, 12  ( Sat Sep 20 11:51:29 AM EDT 2003
Hey Elizabeth!

Cathy I'm an aunt of a diabetic would like to know more about kids are copeing with diabetes.  ( Sat Sep 20 11:51:31 AM EDT 2003
Yes , My nephew is only 6 , what can I expect changes in his life to be like ?. I.E. food , games day to day stuff.

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 11:52:42 AM EDT 2003
Hey Elizabeth, enjoying life?

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 11:53:01 AM EDT 2003
Hi Cathy - A very good resource for you would be the parentsofchildrenwithdaibetes listserv. You can sign up to be on it from the main CWD home page There are 600+ families on that list at any given time. You will get lots of answers... lots of them from interested and concerned folks who aren't necessarily 'just' mom or dad.

Elizabeth IDYA  ( Sat Sep 20 11:53:05 AM EDT 2003
Cathy- With my diabetes I do everything that a person with out diabetes does! At fist it is a little hard and I mean it isnt easy any but one you learn to live with it, it becomes part of your routine!

Glyki * '65, dx'd '81, Germany  ( Sat Sep 20 11:53:27 AM EDT 2003
Hi folks!

It's absolutely SUNNY in Europe -- near 30° C -- go figure (you thought you could ditch homework by going onto IDYA chat, right?)  Razz 

Lianna IDYA, 12  ( Sat Sep 20 11:53:30 AM EDT 2003
Well since your nephew you is young, one thing I noticed was that when I left elementary school and went to jr. high everything changed because the school handled it much better!

Elizabeth IDYA  ( Sat Sep 20 11:53:35 AM EDT 2003
Anja- Yes, how about you! Hey Lianna and Laura!

Elizabeth IDYA  ( Sat Sep 20 11:53:44 AM EDT 2003
Laura am I doing minutes?

Lianna IDYA, 12  ( Sat Sep 20 11:53:48 AM EDT 2003
Hi Glyki!

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 11:53:49 AM EDT 2003
Lianna, I got your email about San Antonio. Can I fill up your day with kids? (working with Barb and Mike?)

martyn dx'd at 5  ( Sat Sep 20 11:53:53 AM EDT 2003

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 11:54:36 AM EDT 2003
Yes, if you would please, Elizabeth. Let me know when you get tired of 'minutes duty' and we'll coerce someone else into doing it! I like the review you send to everyone a day or so after the chats. Very helpful.

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 11:55:20 AM EDT 2003
Hey Glyki and Martyn, great to see other Europeans here

Elizabeth IDYA  ( Sat Sep 20 11:55:26 AM EDT 2003
Oh I dont mind at all

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 11:55:29 AM EDT 2003
Hey Glyki. I'll put on sunglasses for you. Cool 

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 11:56:33 AM EDT 2003
Carolyn is working today (she has a job at the bakery in town, working the counter). She said to say hi to everyone. Sam should be on shortly.

Elizabeth IDYA  ( Sat Sep 20 11:56:38 AM EDT 2003
Man I am freezing here in Tennessee! It is like 65 outside!

Lianna IDYA, 12  ( Sat Sep 20 11:56:40 AM EDT 2003
Laura, sure! I love little kids, exceot my 3 year old sister!

Elizabeth IDYA  ( Sat Sep 20 11:57:04 AM EDT 2003
Laura, is Carolyn feeling better?

Glyki * '65, dx'd '81, Germany  ( Sat Sep 20 11:58:04 AM EDT 2003
Hi Cathy!

One professor in college gave me (& the other students) perhaps one of the best pieces of advice I've ever gotten: "Don't worry -- worrying is counterproductive". I know it sounds miserable, but when you realize the logic it does help.

1st step in coping is learning how to keep blood sugars on track etc. Later (maybe decades later) you realize that the support of others is very helpful. That's why groups like IDYA are so important.

Cathy I'm an aunt of a diabetic would like to know more about kids are copeing with diabetes.  ( Sat Sep 20 11:58:27 AM EDT 2003
No, I don't think anyone knows Chris, he can't use a computer yet! It's good to know that he'll be able to live a normal life, his school helps out very well with his meds. But, I have heard of a thing called the pump, can Chris get that ? And does it make anything easier?

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 11:58:29 AM EDT 2003
She's a bit better. Mostly just ignoring her stuffy nose. Contac works wonders.

haylee sister of sammy 12, dx'd at 9  ( Sat Sep 20 11:59:00 AM EDT 2003

Elizabeth IDYA  ( Sat Sep 20 11:59:07 AM EDT 2003
Well tell her I said get better!!

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:00:02 PM EDT 2003
Cathy - please address your questions to the parents listserv. You will find much support there. Also check out the CWD information page on insulin pumps. Here is the link:

Elizabeth IDYA  ( Sat Sep 20 12:00:06 PM EDT 2003
A pump s wonderful! There is a few of them out right now, he would probably need to talk to his doctor about getting one!

Sam 13, Michigan  ( Sat Sep 20 12:00:31 PM EDT 2003
Hey everybody.

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:00:48 PM EDT 2003
Okay, you guys have my full attention now, have gotten off the phone Rolling Eyes 
Hi Haylee, great to have you here!

Elizabeth IDYA  ( Sat Sep 20 12:00:51 PM EDT 2003
Hey Sam!

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:01:01 PM EDT 2003
Hi Sam!

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:01:23 PM EDT 2003
Also, the link to sign up for the various listservs is:
There isn't one for 'AuntsofCWD', but I think you'll get some great information from the parents listserv. I've been on it for 5 years! Smile 

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:01:44 PM EDT 2003
We'll wait a few minutes before beginning with the short agenda - hopefully some more will show up

haylee sister of sammy 12, dx'd at 9  ( Sat Sep 20 12:01:45 PM EDT 2003
how is every one?

Glyki * '65, dx'd '81, Germany  ( Sat Sep 20 12:02:01 PM EDT 2003
Hey Anja! Hey Lianna! Hi Laura B!

Tough luck on that chilly weather in TN I guess. Slowly but surely I'm starting to think about weather. Is anyone adjusting basal insulin levels yet? Thought about flu shots? (In Europe they start a couple weeks earlier on that kind of stuff -- but no, certainly not in this weather!!)


Elizabeth IDYA  ( Sat Sep 20 12:02:25 PM EDT 2003
Great Haylee, how about you?

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:02:36 PM EDT 2003
Also chat rooms - there is one for parents (you can scoot over there interchangeably if you just update the 'room' section on your chat page right now - and then back again to IDYA to continue here. It's usually quite active in the evening.

haylee sister of sammy 12, dx'd at 9  ( Sat Sep 20 12:02:40 PM EDT 2003
i am fine thanks

Elizabeth IDYA  ( Sat Sep 20 12:03:25 PM EDT 2003
Sam- how are ya?

martyn dx'd at 5  ( Sat Sep 20 12:03:40 PM EDT 2003
how is every one

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:03:47 PM EDT 2003
Glyki, it's not that hot all over Europe! The weather here in Denmark is fine today - but we've had days of nothing but rain as well - no need to change basals due to different seasons for me

Lianna IDYA,12  ( Sat Sep 20 12:03:48 PM EDT 2003
Hey Sorry Everyone! My friends just called and were going bowling! I haven't gone out in a while so I am going talk to y'all later!

Sam 13, Michigan  ( Sat Sep 20 12:03:55 PM EDT 2003
I'm good, how are you?

Elizabeth IDYA, Tennessee  ( Sat Sep 20 12:04:27 PM EDT 2003
I am great

haylee sister of sammy 12, dx'd at 9  ( Sat Sep 20 12:04:41 PM EDT 2003
I'm fine thanks

Elizabeth IDYA, Tennessee  ( Sat Sep 20 12:05:59 PM EDT 2003
Bye Lianna!

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:06:15 PM EDT 2003
does anyone know whether we'll see Clare today?

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:07:16 PM EDT 2003
I got the impression from the email she sent (updating everyone about IDF) that she'd try to make it for a bit today. Hope so!
Want to get started with the agenda?

Lianna IDYA,12  ( Sat Sep 20 12:07:41 PM EDT 2003
Were leaving in like 20 minutes!

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:08:03 PM EDT 2003
Also... just a reminder... there are quite a few east coasters who are without power from Hurrican Isabel. We may be a smaller crowd than usual today.

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:08:18 PM EDT 2003
Yes - how are all your projects getting along, any updates? (Lianna probably had!)

Elizabeth IDYA, Tennessee  ( Sat Sep 20 12:08:44 PM EDT 2003
I wonder if Trevor is alright?

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:08:48 PM EDT 2003
Lianna, since you have to leave, want to update us on any progress with your project? (Anja, our minds are in sync... scary!)

Lianna IDYA,12  ( Sat Sep 20 12:09:14 PM EDT 2003
We have a really good new thing with Screen Vision

Elizabeth IDYA, Tennessee  ( Sat Sep 20 12:09:15 PM EDT 2003
Laura- have you heard from Trevor or his parents?

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:09:45 PM EDT 2003
I heard from Trevor's dad. Trevor and his mom were heading inland with some of their other relatives. His dad, who is on the police force, needed to stay and do emergency duty. I kept in touch with him via email until the power went out. I'm sure he's ok (or Trevor's mom would have called).

Glyki * '65, dx'd '81, Germany  ( Sat Sep 20 12:10:30 PM EDT 2003

I guess you're right - I should have said Germany or Saarland. Sorry about that, Chief  Rolling Eyes 

I HATE it when the sun kind of fades away in winter way up here. What do you think? I know alot of northern types get all sentimental about it (you know, yuletide and all that jazz). But of course although I'm not a "suthena" (English: southerner), I did grow up in the States with alot more sunlight in the winter months. Oh, well... maybe someday I WILL get used to it....

haylee IDYA  ( Sat Sep 20 12:11:03 PM EDT 2003
Sorry, I got disconnected.

Elizabeth IDYA, Tennessee  ( Sat Sep 20 12:11:32 PM EDT 2003
Well Andy and I have been getting a project together to go towards Screen Vision or what ever it is needed for. Some of the cans are out for donations and the rest should be out later this week!

Lianna IDYA,12  ( Sat Sep 20 12:11:37 PM EDT 2003
Shannon ( who I am going bowling with) is VP of the school and she talked them into doing a fund-raiser for SV and the basketball team would also like to do a fund-raiser, and most of our school fund-raisers come up with at the minium of $1000 and that would be plenty for a local SV

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:12:07 PM EDT 2003
From the news over here, it sounds like Isabel wasn't quite as bad as feared - luckily, happy you're all alive Smile 

Cathy I'm an aunt of a diabetic would like to know more about kids are copeing with diabetes.  ( Sat Sep 20 12:12:23 PM EDT 2003
Thank you for the web site! If I could may I ask one last question, I want to make sure that I donot make any mistakes with being too sensitive to Chris or his parents, what kind of an attitude should I take . Also hope everyone on the east coast is o.k. after the storm. I'm in Dallas, we got some pretty heavy rain!

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:12:40 PM EDT 2003
Glyki, when Carolyn, Sam, Neal and I visited Denmark last November (along with Clare and her mom, and Marissa and Jeff), we were really surprised by the short amount of daylight. It takes getting used to!

Lianna, that is wonderful. Perhaps you can do the first ScreenVision locally, see how it goes, and then decide how to move forward with it?

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:13:02 PM EDT 2003
Elizabeth and Lianna, that is great news!

Glyki * '65, dx'd '81, Germany  ( Sat Sep 20 12:13:13 PM EDT 2003

what's an SV?

Lianna IDYA,12  ( Sat Sep 20 12:13:22 PM EDT 2003
Sometime this week Shannon wanted me to come to a meeting to discuss what kind of fund-raiser so I think that will earn us alot.

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:14:18 PM EDT 2003
Cathy, as a parent, I appreciate when people ask for information. Don't ignore, don't 'pity' - just get information and move along. Our kids and teens are happy and healthy, and with the technology that is available today, there is no reason in the world that any one of them has to have any complications at all. Everyone is 'insulin-dependent' - you, me, every single person. Our kids just need it from an external source.

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:14:25 PM EDT 2003
You are great at getting other people involved in your projects, Lianna - a great organizer!

Glyki * '65, dx'd '81, Germany  ( Sat Sep 20 12:14:32 PM EDT 2003
oops - Screen Vision?

maybe somebody could give details about Aims/Goals/etc.?

Lianna IDYA,12  ( Sat Sep 20 12:14:35 PM EDT 2003
Glyki_ A SV is a Screen Vision, well actually a slide that is shown at movie theatre before movies start, we thought it would be great for awareness!

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:15:42 PM EDT 2003
Glyki, we have a paragraph on the SV on the Take Action page. Here, you'll also find info on other IDYA projects

Lianna IDYA,12  ( Sat Sep 20 12:15:58 PM EDT 2003
With Awareness being one of our main goals as IDYA we thought that it would be a great, way, practically advertisement!

Sam 13, Michigan  ( Sat Sep 20 12:16:20 PM EDT 2003
Last week Carolyn and I sent the first shipment of supplies to the clinic in Cali, Colombia.

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:16:55 PM EDT 2003
Has anyone heard news on the Karen Murphy situation? Has she/the school received all the signatures we've collected?

Elizabeth IDYA, Tennessee  ( Sat Sep 20 12:17:15 PM EDT 2003
Sam- will you email me yyour address?

Lianna IDYA,12  ( Sat Sep 20 12:17:35 PM EDT 2003
Sam I have more supplies, 3 meters, and more. I was going to send it to you and Carolyn. is that ok??

Sam 13, Michigan  ( Sat Sep 20 12:17:45 PM EDT 2003
sure elizabeth

Elizabeth IDYA, Tennessee  ( Sat Sep 20 12:18:18 PM EDT 2003
Thank Ya!

Haylee IDYA  ( Sat Sep 20 12:18:55 PM EDT 2003
I have soom supplies that i could send, but were do I send them too?

Sam 13, Michigan  ( Sat Sep 20 12:19:02 PM EDT 2003
Our address is 319 E. Duncan, Manchester, MI, 48158. We could really use lancets if anybody has some.

Lianna IDYA,12  ( Sat Sep 20 12:19:17 PM EDT 2003
Anja, I brought the Karen Murphy project up with my guidance counselor , who runs our NJHS and the principal and they said if we need any help they will support anyway they can!

martyn dx'd at 5  ( Sat Sep 20 12:19:35 PM EDT 2003
who Karen Murphy y u send signtures to her skool

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:19:40 PM EDT 2003
Sam, make sure to write a paragraph about sending shipments - for the Take Action section - and give it to your mommy

Glyki * '65, dx'd '81, Germany  ( Sat Sep 20 12:19:47 PM EDT 2003
Well, to tell you the truth -- seeing as it IS movie theatres we're talking about, I think it would be good to make a short skit about awareness issues -- e.g. hypos -- maybe visualizing be shaky cameras, etc. -- I think this might go over well and have a strong impact in a way that a printed page cannot.

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:20:51 PM EDT 2003
The only thing at this point that we cannot send, is insulin. (heat issue) The free clinic in Cali is in need of lancets, as Sam said, and meters, strips, syringes, alcohol swabs... just about anything. Even batteries (those little ones that go with the meters)... the kids don't have money for batteries, so once the initial ones go bad, they don't test anymore. Frown 

Cathy I'm an aunt of a diabetic would like to know more about kids are copeing with diabetes.  ( Sat Sep 20 12:21:11 PM EDT 2003
Thanks, Laura , I feel like a total outsider, I hope my questions don't seem too silly. I'm attending a walk in Oct. in Ft. Worth, does your group have any events in this area? Sorry, guess that wasn't my last question!

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:21:22 PM EDT 2003
Karen Murphy can't get into National Honors Society (a US thing...) because of too much absences due to diabetes. It'd discrimination, we try to help her out any way we can. Check it out at

Lianna IDYA,12  ( Sat Sep 20 12:21:41 PM EDT 2003
Gylki, Evie Taylor is doing a movie, of day in the life of A diabetic. You might want to contact her about your idea!

martyn dx'd at 5  ( Sat Sep 20 12:22:07 PM EDT 2003
could u nt put the indlin in an cool container

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:22:27 PM EDT 2003
The Screen Vision cost is quite high, though. Wasn't it $1,000 for one day's showing, Lianna? That's why trying it once - in one place - might be a good idea before expanding the project.

Glyki, there already is a great video out on hypos. I'm not sure you have it in Europe... Kathy Jensen is the woman who made it; from the Barbara Davis Center in Denver. Lots of parents use it to show school personnel what a hypo is like and how to treat it.

Elizabeth IDYA, Tennessee  ( Sat Sep 20 12:22:28 PM EDT 2003
Lianna- when will that be out?

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:22:44 PM EDT 2003
Oh yeah, we miss Evie and Allison here with news on the cook book!

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:23:40 PM EDT 2003
Cathy - We have a conference in San Antonio, Feb. 13-15.
Here is the link for all of our events:

Our conferences are for entire families. We'd love to see yours!

Lianna IDYA,12  ( Sat Sep 20 12:24:03 PM EDT 2003
Elizabeth, I am not sure be she wanted to start filming around christmas but she started college this year and she is very busy!

Sam 13, Michigan  ( Sat Sep 20 12:24:08 PM EDT 2003
I gotta go, talk to everyone later.

Elizabeth IDYA, Tennessee  ( Sat Sep 20 12:24:43 PM EDT 2003
Bye Sam!

Lianna IDYA,12  ( Sat Sep 20 12:24:44 PM EDT 2003
Laura, I will send you a bio for the faculty today or tomarrow?

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:24:51 PM EDT 2003
Martyn, the clinic asked specifically that we not send insulin. We simply can't guarantee that it will not overheat. Yes, you can use a cooler, but that doesn't work for a long time. And we ship first to Miami, then the boxes export through a medical company to Cali.

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:25:45 PM EDT 2003
Thanks, Lianna, that will be perfect. I appreciate you volunteering to be 'faculty' for the San Antonio conference with the kids sessions. I know you have more energy than all the adults put together!

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:25:46 PM EDT 2003
talk to you later, Sam

Haylee IDYA  ( Sat Sep 20 12:25:59 PM EDT 2003
I have to go. Sorry, running into computer troubles (again!) sorry. Bye!

Elizabeth IDYA, Tennessee  ( Sat Sep 20 12:26:00 PM EDT 2003
Laura- Would you rather me bring them with me or ssend them by mail? I have got some supplies to send!

martyn dx'd at 5  ( Sat Sep 20 12:26:20 PM EDT 2003
they must be a way if u think about.thik how they dekiver it ??.then ur get ur answer how to send it

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:26:47 PM EDT 2003
Homecoming weekend next week at the high school. Sam is class president, and his 'team' just showed up to work on their banners and such...

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:27:05 PM EDT 2003
Talking about events, does anyone know that they're going to the CWD conference in July next year? We need to plan staffing and activities at the IDYA table!

Glyki * '65, dx'd '81, Germany  ( Sat Sep 20 12:27:22 PM EDT 2003
the way I see it -- ANY kind of message (like Laura says, ONE message costs a lotta bucks) is going to be maybe a 15-Second or at most a 30-second impression -- and the issue is raising awareness AMONG YOUTH (?) -- what kind of awareness (how much can you tell in 15-30 seconds)?

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:27:39 PM EDT 2003
Yes, there is. Refrigerated units. We can't afford those! I pay personally for the postage.  Rolling Eyes 

Elizabeth IDYA, Tennessee  ( Sat Sep 20 12:27:52 PM EDT 2003
Anja- I will be there!

martyn dx'd at 5  ( Sat Sep 20 12:28:13 PM EDT 2003
big chance i il be there

Elizabeth IDYA, Tennessee  ( Sat Sep 20 12:28:27 PM EDT 2003
If needed I can do staffing at the table again?

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:28:49 PM EDT 2003
Anja, thanks for bringing that up. IDYA will actually have a table by REGISTRATION, at the entrance to the exhibit hall, next summer. Everyone will see you. You will not be swallowed up by all the big exhibitors inside.

Elizabeth IDYA, Tennessee  ( Sat Sep 20 12:29:21 PM EDT 2003
Oh good!

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:29:24 PM EDT 2003
Any ideas for what we can do by the table? Great to be by registration!

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:29:39 PM EDT 2003
Elizabeth, you won the job.

Lianna IDYA,12  ( Sat Sep 20 12:29:41 PM EDT 2003
I have to go, Shannon is here!
Laura- no problem , your welcome!
Elizabeth- could you either e-mail me or call me to talk about screen vision??

Elizabeth IDYA, Tennessee  ( Sat Sep 20 12:30:18 PM EDT 2003
Sure! Lianna

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:30:26 PM EDT 2003
Have fun, Lianna

Lianna IDYA,12  ( Sat Sep 20 12:30:47 PM EDT 2003

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:30:50 PM EDT 2003
Works for me. Put on the bosses hat, Elizabeth. This year, though, you will want to staff beginning when registration opens on Weds. (probably noon). And stay open through Friday afternoon. Whenever someone isn't there, you'll need to put anything valuable under the table and make sure the registration folks are keeping an eye out on things.

martyn dx'd at 5  ( Sat Sep 20 12:31:30 PM EDT 2003
wat about me

Elizabeth IDYA, Tennessee  ( Sat Sep 20 12:31:54 PM EDT 2003
No prob!

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:32:09 PM EDT 2003
Martyn, have any ideas for what we can do to make people even more interested in IDYA?

Glyki * '65, dx'd '81, Germany  ( Sat Sep 20 12:32:52 PM EDT 2003
Hey Anja!

I sent in a (cookbook) recipe for "Spätzle" (homemade noodles, southern Germany), what about you? Perhaps a neat idea at one of these "events" would be to present a recipe (kind of like "Cooking with CWD")  Smile 

Elizabeth IDYA, Tennessee  ( Sat Sep 20 12:34:01 PM EDT 2003
Laura- did I hear that IDYA is going to have 2 sessions back to back in California? Or was that a dream?

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:34:55 PM EDT 2003
Glyki, the cook book should be finished by then and ready for sale - first product produced by IDYAs!I know we couldn't give out food at the table due to lots of rules - it'll probably be the same next year (Laura??)

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:35:03 PM EDT 2003
Glyki - That's a really good idea. Actually, the San Antonio conference in February is called Focus on Fitness and Nutrition. I haven't started taking registrations for it yet... but perhaps when I send out people's confirmations (after they register), I could include info about IDYA and a request that they bring 'their favorite recipe' to the conference. We can pull them together and mail out.

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:36:04 PM EDT 2003
Rules rules rules. Yep, they're the same. The only food that can be given out is food that comes from the hotel's kitchen (or pre-packaged stuff). Nothing homemade.

martyn dx'd at 5  ( Sat Sep 20 12:37:01 PM EDT 2003
can u not ask to use the kitchen

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:37:02 PM EDT 2003
I'm in the process now of doing the teen track schedule. Probably just one IDYA session, but no reason that you can't extend your conversation into other venues. Breaks, lunch, social times.

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:37:29 PM EDT 2003
You definitely cannot use the hotel kitchen. U.S. and California laws would close down the hotel!

martyn dx'd at 5  ( Sat Sep 20 12:37:45 PM EDT 2003
didnt know that

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:37:57 PM EDT 2003
Martyn, it's really complicated with those big hotels - heard many stories from Laura this summer!

martyn dx'd at 5  ( Sat Sep 20 12:38:30 PM EDT 2003

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:38:32 PM EDT 2003
Question for our European contingent: Most of these ideas have been U.S.-based. How can we extend IDYA visibility to people outside the U.S. And what projects are you all interested in working on or starting... things that IDYAs in the U.S. could help you with.

Glyki * '65, dx'd '81, Germany  ( Sat Sep 20 12:39:35 PM EDT 2003
ah, rulez... wonderful rulez.

Well, what about a kind of "do it yourself" approach (like: "see how easy it is?") and of course all the hanging out while you're doing it is great for group-building and stuff life that. (just being very tenacious about it -- OK everyone get out your dictionaries!!  Razz  )

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:41:18 PM EDT 2003
I mostly work with the Danish Diabetes Association (DDA) - there I talk about IDYA but try not to mix DDA and IDYA, too different perspectives on the case Rolling Eyes 

martyn dx'd at 5  ( Sat Sep 20 12:42:47 PM EDT 2003
i know u could get advertismetn on the cinema butni would cost a bit

Cathy I'm an aunt of a diabetic would like to know more about kids are copeing with diabetes.  ( Sat Sep 20 12:42:58 PM EDT 2003
Hey everyone, got an idea , what about a cook off? Or food festival? To get recipes and spread info about IDYA.

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:43:07 PM EDT 2003
Laura, did I ever send an email about the canoe trip? Don't remember...

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:44:02 PM EDT 2003
Anja, I wonder about the possibility of doing some type of 'exchange' between IDYAs and some of the folks involved in the outdoor adventures that your organization does. IDYA doesn't have $$ to pay for people to do that, but if the structure was in place (say, for someone to go on the canoe thingie that you just went on, or for someone to participate in the 2-week sailing adventure that Marie did last summer) - that would be quite an experience for those who could afford it.

Glyki * '65, dx'd '81, Germany  ( Sat Sep 20 12:45:49 PM EDT 2003
I of course meant tenacious about the idea, not "making a simple/scrumptious meal"  Wink 

Of course there are pros/cons to every kind of "surrounding" (e.g. hotels) -- I guess you do whatever you can...

Hm... Europe: good question... ("thinking..." like that computer on the Enterprise  Rolling Eyes  )

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:45:52 PM EDT 2003
Cathy, that would be a good local project for a few IDYAs to collaborate on! Maybe even in conjunction with a local service organization (like Kiwanis or Lions Club). That would spread information about diabetes even more.

Elizabeth IDYA, Tennessee  ( Sat Sep 20 12:47:13 PM EDT 2003
ooooo- My grandad is in Kiwanis, maybe I could do something like that! That is a good idea Cathy!

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:47:16 PM EDT 2003
Laura, Lions Club arranged the sailing thing, Marie went on. They'll have a new camp next year (in Sweden, I think) and they invite people from all over the world. I'll find some info for you on that. It wouldn't cost IDYA anything, since Lions pay for everything. As for the camps DDA arranges, it would probably be possible for IDYAs to participate as well on own expense. The kids' camps are paid through donations and a lottery (for the Danish kids) so that wouldn't be too cheap.

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:48:44 PM EDT 2003
Lions Club has some program to fight blindness, that's why they support teens with diabetes by arraning an annual camp somewhere in Scandinavia/Northen part of Europe - I went to Finland last year

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:48:51 PM EDT 2003
Or in conjunction with your area's Fall Festival. Or pre-holiday festival or gathering. Lots of possibilities. If you need time to plan, take aim for next spring... focus on summer recipes, fresh veggies, fruits, etc...
I actually gave a talk to the Manchester Kiwanis organization this morning - waaay too early. But they were very interested in CWD and IDYA. (Plus, I checked everyone's blood sugar and found two people who need to go to their doctors asap...)

Glyki * '65, dx'd '81, Germany  ( Sat Sep 20 12:48:56 PM EDT 2003
of course one drawback about concentrating on food is that it blurs type 1 vs. type 2 issues ...

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:49:48 PM EDT 2003
Why not include both types? And use the opportunity to un-blur it by providing education?

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:50:51 PM EDT 2003
Both type 1 and 2 should be included - teens with type 2 feel really left out, I'm in contact with one of them...

Cathy I'm an aunt of a diabetic would like to know more about kids are copeing with diabetes.  ( Sat Sep 20 12:51:19 PM EDT 2003
Thanks, our local gov. is very supportive of evnts like that.Free food always draws a great crowd, there are at least one or two cook-offs a month down here. I like to know more about this Lion's club maybe I could contact them and arrange it for ya'll.

martyn dx'd at 5  ( Sat Sep 20 12:53:54 PM EDT 2003
who are the lion club

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:53:55 PM EDT 2003
YOu all can ask Carolyn about this... I'm trying to remember exactly what she put on the labels...
last year when she, Sam, and their friends did the bake sale (to raise money to bring Anja and Marie to the CWD conference), they made little tags that they put on each brownie, rice krispie treat, etc. The tags had diabetes facts. And carb counts. Just one 'tidbit' per item of food, but enough to raise eyebrows and make you think about having diabetes.
What I'm wondering is if each of your schools would allow you to have one day - or one week- during National Diabetes Awareness Month (which is November) where you could make those tags and have them on the food items available in your cafeteria. As a group, we could decide what the tags would say. I could get them printed locally (Kinkos gives me a deal) and ship them to those of you who want to do this.
Just a thought. Carry it forward or let it fade away... Smile 

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:54:27 PM EDT 2003
trying to find info on the lions diabetes camp... more difficult than expected...

martyn dx'd at 5  ( Sat Sep 20 12:54:51 PM EDT 2003

Elizabeth IDYA, Tennessee  ( Sat Sep 20 12:54:56 PM EDT 2003
Good Idea Laura!

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:56:00 PM EDT 2003
Lions is basically a group of people getting together, doing different kind of charity things, make people understand differences in cultures, stuff like that...

Glyki * '65, dx'd '81, Germany  ( Sat Sep 20 12:56:01 PM EDT 2003
of course for every type 1 there are 9 type 2s -- and since their number is so large they are already "provided for". It has been my experience that type 1s easily lose interes if they are outnumbered by type 2s.

Anja, you DO have a good point about children with type 2 -- I wonder how many type 2 children compared to type 1 children -- I know it's on the rise, but I still guess it's a quite small number

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:56:04 PM EDT 2003
The Lions Club is a service organization - are they international? - they devote most of their time and money towards helping people with visual disabilities (no matter what the reason). They are very supportive of children.

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:57:18 PM EDT 2003
The mail just came... another box of supplies from Jacksonville, FL, heading to Cali, Colombia. People are so generous. Sorry, off topic.

Elizabeth IDYA, Tennessee  ( Sat Sep 20 12:58:03 PM EDT 2003
Laura- do you want me to send out the bake sale idea in the email?

martyn dx'd at 5  ( Sat Sep 20 12:58:05 PM EDT 2003
laura wat about the cinema i think i could get it on here but iwill cost quit a bit should i enquir about it

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:58:16 PM EDT 2003
Lions is very international Grin 

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:59:16 PM EDT 2003
Sure... but someone needs to be in charge of the project. I just volunteer to get the printing done (and I'll pay for the printing).

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 12:59:57 PM EDT 2003
Not many teens with type 2 (yet! at least not in Denmark) We have about 12-15 kids/teens with type 2, known to DDA, about 1,500 with type 1.

martyn dx'd at 5  ( Sat Sep 20 01:00:17 PM EDT 2003
u talking to me

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 01:00:56 PM EDT 2003
Martyn - Why don't you get some information to bring back to the group? I personally think $1,000 for one day of advertising at one movie theater is a lot of money. $1000 could also be used to print flyers that get inserted in community newspapers during Diabetes Month, talking about type 1 diabetes, etc. I think that type of thing reaches a wider community.
That said, these are YOUR projects (even though I talk alot and give my opinions). YOU raise the money. So, you decide what to do with it.

Glyki * '65, dx'd '81, Germany  ( Sat Sep 20 01:01:12 PM EDT 2003
tagging food items -- Great idea, Laura B!

Maybe you could get the entire menu tallied up -- this might show kids how difficult figuring out stuff like that can be (well, maybe posting this somewhere -- perhaps it could even work out to be "forever")

Elizabeth IDYA, Tennessee  ( Sat Sep 20 01:01:15 PM EDT 2003
If no one else wants to volunteer I can! ( just include a note about it in the email)

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 01:01:16 PM EDT 2003
Elizabeth, could you ask for volunteers to be in charge in the mail, you send out?

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 01:01:53 PM EDT 2003
Elizabeth, you need to wear a sign that says "Ask me, I'll do it."

Elizabeth IDYA, Tennessee  ( Sat Sep 20 01:02:10 PM EDT 2003
Sure! I can do that!

Elizabeth IDYA, Tennessee  ( Sat Sep 20 01:03:18 PM EDT 2003
Laura! I will wear it off the plane when I come to visit you all! I dont mind doing anything as long as I know it is helping

martyn dx'd at 5  ( Sat Sep 20 01:03:25 PM EDT 2003
do u have any suggesting how i could raise the money
i think u mean £1000 not $1000

Glyki * '65, dx'd '81, Germany  ( Sat Sep 20 01:04:30 PM EDT 2003
Ack! it's 6 o'clock already! (depending on where you are)

nice chat ... are there still loose ends?

Elizabeth IDYA, Tennessee  ( Sat Sep 20 01:04:36 PM EDT 2003
Martyn- in the US we use $ signs to show money!

Cathy I'm an aunt of a diabetic would like to know more about kids are copeing with diabetes.  ( Sat Sep 20 01:05:36 PM EDT 2003
Martyn-neighborhood garage sales work well for us !

Elizabeth IDYA, Tennessee  ( Sat Sep 20 01:05:53 PM EDT 2003
Laura- I will send the email to you tonight or in the morning!

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 01:06:20 PM EDT 2003
The trick is that you personally don't raise the money - you get people with good ideas to help you. If you have a good enough reason (to spend the money), there will be good ideas and people enough to support it.
Start small. For example... a bake sale. Or selling CWD smiley pins with information about type 1 diabetes at a school sporting event. Or setting up a table (as Lianna does) at a sporting event, just with information and taking donations. When Carolyn and Sam decided they were going to raise $$ to bring a couple of IDYAs to the conference last year, they weren't focused on any amount in particular. They just wanted to raise money. A bunch of small amounts added up so significantly that we were able to invite Anja and Marie to spend a couple of weeks with us! (and the generosity of Unomedical, who donated two airline tickets)

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 01:06:27 PM EDT 2003
Elizabeth, you're a good person Smile  Smile  Smile 

Elizabeth IDYA, Tennessee  ( Sat Sep 20 01:07:10 PM EDT 2003
Thanks Anja! Wink 

martyn dx'd at 5  ( Sat Sep 20 01:07:14 PM EDT 2003
i know that already .i thought she was talking in my currancy wich is punds (£)

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 01:07:21 PM EDT 2003
I wrote an email to the person responsible for Lions camps to get information on the diabetes camp next year. I'll forward it as soon as I get it. It would be great if we could get a few IDYAs in it (have to be at least 17 years old though as far as I remember - sorry)

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 01:07:25 PM EDT 2003
Garage sales are a great idea. See if your neighborhood would have a big Block Sale (that's what we call them here in Michigan) and donate a portion of the proceeds toward whatever diabetes project you want to fund.

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 01:08:16 PM EDT 2003
Glyki - Thanks for the input today! Good talking with you. It's 1:00 here - time for lunch!

Cathy I'm an aunt of a diabetic would like to know more about kids are copeing with diabetes.  ( Sat Sep 20 01:08:55 PM EDT 2003
Yep! You can raise a small fortune off of others junk!

Elizabeth IDYA, Tennessee  ( Sat Sep 20 01:08:59 PM EDT 2003
Dito Laura!

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 01:09:08 PM EDT 2003
Soon time for me to go out for the evening, going over to one of my friends to watch like 10 episodes or so of "Friends" - yeah!!!

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 01:09:21 PM EDT 2003
Anja - Maybe we can have a new section on the IDYA website, something about "Exchange Opportunities." Then we could share information about these types of camps and trips. What do you all think?

Elizabeth IDYA, Tennessee  ( Sat Sep 20 01:09:21 PM EDT 2003
Well Laura, tell Sam good uck on Homecoming week and Carolyn get better!

Elizabeth IDYA, Tennessee  ( Sat Sep 20 01:09:27 PM EDT 2003

Elizabeth IDYA, Tennessee  ( Sat Sep 20 01:10:12 PM EDT 2003
Well Guys I have to go!

Laura B IDYA Coordinator  ( Sat Sep 20 01:10:44 PM EDT 2003
Anja, thanks so much for moderating today. Elizabeth, you are the moderator for October's evening chat. Let's look at calendars together (on email).
Take care, everyone. Thanks for spending time chatting with us today! Smile 

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 01:10:51 PM EDT 2003
Yes Laura, let's do that. I'm sure there are lots of possibilities (did I spell that correctly???) to get support for exchanges, like the Lions thing.

Elizabeth IDYA, Tennessee  ( Sat Sep 20 01:10:57 PM EDT 2003
Okey Dokey Laura!

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 01:11:18 PM EDT 2003
Bye everyone, enjoy what's left of the weekend!

Glyki * '65, dx'd '81, Germany  ( Sat Sep 20 01:11:48 PM EDT 2003
I'll have to ponder on the Europen qestion some more. You know: quite significant language barrier. Also many national orgs setting a whole slew of agendas. Very different cultures... But that sports business IS a good idea. I wonder if Clare could/would want to get in touch with bikers. They seem to be quite well organized. And that way you get do tour around, see places, etc. Of course that works with boating, too but it's easier to tracel larger distances with bikes (i.e. perhaps also on trains)

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 01:13:17 PM EDT 2003
Glyki, would be great to have information on diabetes in the Tour de France thing, then we'd travel all over France for 3 weeks Grin 

Glyki * '65, dx'd '81, Germany  ( Sat Sep 20 01:13:20 PM EDT 2003
C ya later all!

Glyki * '65, dx'd '81, Germany  ( Sat Sep 20 01:14:29 PM EDT 2003
Good thinking Anja!

C ya!

martyn dx'd at 5  ( Sat Sep 20 01:15:06 PM EDT 2003
bi bi

Anja moderator  ( Sat Sep 20 01:15:42 PM EDT 2003
Talk to you later, guys!

Cathy I'm an aunt of a diabetic would like to know more about kids are copeing with diabetes.  ( Sat Sep 20 01:15:43 PM EDT 2003
Got to go, my ten year old has a baseball game. Thanks for speaking with me today everyone best of luck!

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