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International Diabetes Youth Ambassador Chat

On Sunday, October 19, 2003, CWD's International Diabetes Youth Ambassadors gathered for a chat. This chat was primarily for IDYAs from outside the US.

Lianna   ( Sun Oct 19 11:41:58 AM EDT 2003
Hey is anyone here?

Lianna  ( Sun Oct 19 11:42:19 AM EDT 2003
I must be early!

Laura Billetdeaux IDYA Coordinator, Sam and Carolyn's mom  ( Sun Oct 19 11:50:41 AM EDT 2003
Hi Lianna - I'm here. Erin should be on shortly. It's still a little early. How are things over at your house? Beautiful day today!

Lianna  ( Sun Oct 19 11:52:29 AM EDT 2003
We got new furniture yesterday, and last sunday we got a new puppy!

Lianna  ( Sun Oct 19 11:54:16 AM EDT 2003
Have you heard of University of Liggett??

Laura Billetdeaux IDYA Coordinator, Sam and Carolyn's mom  ( Sun Oct 19 11:54:20 AM EDT 2003
What kind of puppy?
did you see your photo on the San Antonio site?  Wink 

Laura Billetdeaux IDYA Coordinator, Sam and Carolyn's mom  ( Sun Oct 19 11:54:30 AM EDT 2003
No, where is that?

Glyki Saarland (Germany)  ( Sun Oct 19 11:55:29 AM EDT 2003
Hi Folks!

Laura Billetdeaux IDYA Coordinator, Sam and Carolyn's mom  ( Sun Oct 19 11:56:03 AM EDT 2003
Hi Glyki. Happy SUNday.  Razz 

Lianna Screen Vision  ( Sun Oct 19 11:56:17 AM EDT 2003
University of Ligget is the top 3rd High school in the Country!! It is in Grosse Pointe, I have started to think of applying for high school. It is also a huge prep school for the Ivy League schools.

Lianna Screen Vision  ( Sun Oct 19 11:56:29 AM EDT 2003
Hi Glyki

Lianna Screen Vision  ( Sun Oct 19 11:56:59 AM EDT 2003
the puppy is a Australian Shepard and her name is Marley, I will go check out my pic! BRB

Laura Billetdeaux IDYA Coordinator, Sam and Carolyn's mom  ( Sun Oct 19 11:57:40 AM EDT 2003
Ah. I'm a public school fan. That's why I pay tax dollars. My opinion, anyway. I really like the Manchester Public Schools, although Carolyn and Sam think our town is way too small! (2000 people total)

erin IDYA  ( Sun Oct 19 11:59:15 AM EDT 2003

Lianna Screen Vision  ( Sun Oct 19 11:59:43 AM EDT 2003
My grandparents live in Lykens , PA and they have 850 people and the size of the town is, 1 mile long!

Lianna Screen Vision  ( Sun Oct 19 12:00:00 PM EDT 2003
Hi Erin!

erin IDYA  ( Sun Oct 19 12:00:39 PM EDT 2003

Laura Billetdeaux IDYA Coordinator, Sam and Carolyn's mom  ( Sun Oct 19 12:00:49 PM EDT 2003
Hey Erin - Can you please re-sign on and put your description as IDYA moderator for today? Thanks!

erin IDYA  ( Sun Oct 19 12:01:00 PM EDT 2003
how is screen vision going?

erin IDYA  ( Sun Oct 19 12:01:21 PM EDT 2003
sure sorry be right back

Glyki Saarland (Germany)  ( Sun Oct 19 12:01:24 PM EDT 2003
Haha -- Thanks, Laura B.

You know TODAY is Oktoberfest here in Homburg -- though I guess I could have gone YESTERday too... Mostly people browsing around town since the stores are all open (normally closed SUNdays in Germany), eating Weisswurst. I DID take a walk, but not for shopping or Weisswurst, or beer, but just because it was nice and sunny (I enjoyed the um-pah-pah, but then I kind of walked past it and headed more for open space)...  Cool 

Lianna Screen Vision  ( Sun Oct 19 12:02:18 PM EDT 2003
Well I actually have some good news about the price of screen vision!

erin IDYA,chat moderator!  ( Sun Oct 19 12:02:36 PM EDT 2003
okay i'm back

Laura Billetdeaux IDYA Coordinator, Sam and Carolyn's mom  ( Sun Oct 19 12:03:27 PM EDT 2003
We're having a really pretty day here in Michigan, too. About 60 degrees, bright blue sky, leaves are gorgeous shades of orange, red, and yellow...

Sorry, off the topic. Tell us what you found out about ScreenVision pricing, Lianna!

erin IDYA,chat moderator!  ( Sun Oct 19 12:03:31 PM EDT 2003
cool. I have not gotten the emails. I have been sick the last few days.

Lianna Screen Vision , 12  ( Sun Oct 19 12:03:33 PM EDT 2003
Glyki- In summer of 2002 I traveled will the american basketball team to Switzerland for a tournament. We were their for their independence day, it was beautiful!

Lianna Screen Vision , 12  ( Sun Oct 19 12:05:49 PM EDT 2003
Since the last time I talked with the woman they have added more representatives and the one near me now, has given me better prices, instead of paying $105 for one screen we can pay for a week's worth of screens, and they offered us if we pay, $2730, we can buy a whole year's worth!

Laura Billetdeaux IDYA Coordinator, Sam and Carolyn's mom  ( Sun Oct 19 12:06:50 PM EDT 2003
Erin - Sorry you've been sick. Carolyn is still up in bed. She went to work this morning and came home shortly after; couldn't even stand up.  Cry 

Laura Billetdeaux IDYA Coordinator, Sam and Carolyn's mom  ( Sun Oct 19 12:07:26 PM EDT 2003
Lianna - Those are much better prices. So, for 'a whole year's worth' - what does that mean? How many times in a year will the screen itself be shown? And at which theater?

Glyki Saarland (Germany)  ( Sun Oct 19 12:07:36 PM EDT 2003
Hey Lianna -- when is Swiss "Independance Day"? From what did they "become independant"? I really enjoy Swiss political mentality -- must have something to do with being up so high in the fresh air or something...  LOL 

Lianna Screen Vision , 12  ( Sun Oct 19 12:07:56 PM EDT 2003
I hope you and Carolyn, get better soon! Smile 

erin IDYA,chat moderator!  ( Sun Oct 19 12:08:18 PM EDT 2003
Tell her i said hi. I can't wait to see you guys iin New York!

Lianna Screen Vision , 12  ( Sun Oct 19 12:08:40 PM EDT 2003
It was August 3rd or 4th, it was one of our last nights in Europe!

Laura Billetdeaux IDYA Coordinator, Sam and Carolyn's mom  ( Sun Oct 19 12:08:53 PM EDT 2003
Too much teenage fun. Go to bed early you guys. Evil Grin 

Glyki Saarland (Germany)  ( Sun Oct 19 12:10:12 PM EDT 2003
Oh, yea -- sorry to be so neglectful -- are your sugars OK, Erin? And what about Carolyn, Laura B.?

Laura Billetdeaux IDYA Coordinator, Sam and Carolyn's mom  ( Sun Oct 19 12:10:35 PM EDT 2003
Erin, what day are you arriving in New York? We're getting there Thursday. Carolyn and I are touring NYU on Friday afternoon. I think we're all meeting after dinner on Fri and planning for Saturday. For those IDYAs staffing the CWD booth, dress casually. I think it's just you (Erin), Liza, Carolyn, and Marissa.

Lianna Screen Vision , 12  ( Sun Oct 19 12:10:38 PM EDT 2003
For the whole year it would be shown all year long, and 260 times total for the year, and that was for any theatre I choose in the metro detroit area

Laura Billetdeaux IDYA Coordinator, Sam and Carolyn's mom  ( Sun Oct 19 12:12:13 PM EDT 2003
Carolyn doesn't have diabetes. She is just a very involved big sister. I'm proud of her. She cares a great deal about her brother, and about all the other kids and families she's met through CWD.

erin IDYA,chat moderator!  ( Sun Oct 19 12:12:19 PM EDT 2003
I think Friday afternoon or evening. I am not sure. We are riding up with other people from Animas.

Lianna Screen Vision , 12  ( Sun Oct 19 12:12:31 PM EDT 2003
My mom was going to go the DRI thing, but she changed her mind

erin IDYA,chat moderator!  ( Sun Oct 19 12:13:18 PM EDT 2003
Oh i don't have diabetes my mom does. I just have a cold. I'll live.

Laura Billetdeaux IDYA Coordinator, Sam and Carolyn's mom  ( Sun Oct 19 12:13:32 PM EDT 2003
Screenvision - that sounds like a much, much better price, Lianna. And it will reach many more people than the proposal you initially presented. Do you have to sign any type of contract? You should make sure the offer is in writing, and have your mom look at it. I'm happy to look at it, too, if you'd like.

Laura Billetdeaux IDYA Coordinator, Sam and Carolyn's mom  ( Sun Oct 19 12:14:11 PM EDT 2003
Erin is her mother's keeper.  Grin 

Lianna Screen Vision , 12  ( Sun Oct 19 12:14:14 PM EDT 2003
Erin when I spoke with clare, she mentioned you alot in our conversation

Laura Billetdeaux IDYA Coordinator, Sam and Carolyn's mom  ( Sun Oct 19 12:14:47 PM EDT 2003
Glyki, I'm curious. What are your thoughts on how we can better reach out to teens and kids in Europe?

Lianna Screen Vision , 12  ( Sun Oct 19 12:15:08 PM EDT 2003
I the rep, that before I ordered anything I needed to wait until our auction is done

Glyki Saarland (Germany)  ( Sun Oct 19 12:15:39 PM EDT 2003
I know sick days can wreck havoc on sugars, so I'll bet you're glad Carolyn doesn't have to worry about THAT -- at least -- hope she gets well soon... -- what about you, Erin?

erin IDYA,chat moderator!  ( Sun Oct 19 12:16:05 PM EDT 2003
I have become really good friends with claire. We talk a lot

Glyki Saarland (Germany)  ( Sun Oct 19 12:16:29 PM EDT 2003
oops -- wires crossed! good news, Erin! (my nose is a little bit runny too

Lianna Screen Vision , 12  ( Sun Oct 19 12:16:30 PM EDT 2003
same with me and her

Lianna Screen Vision , 12  ( Sun Oct 19 12:17:13 PM EDT 2003
I don't think many are showing up today???

erin IDYA,chat moderator!  ( Sun Oct 19 12:18:46 PM EDT 2003
I recently alked to her and she was telling me how bad she felt about being so busy with school stuff lately and we were trying to come up with some ideas of day to day stuff with IDYA and different things people could do. Do you have any suggestions?

Laura Billetdeaux IDYA Coordinator, Sam and Carolyn's mom  ( Sun Oct 19 12:20:00 PM EDT 2003
Erin - Can you share some of the things you discussed with Clare?

Lianna Screen Vision , 12  ( Sun Oct 19 12:20:33 PM EDT 2003
well many we could assign specific things, like a council does???

Laura Billetdeaux IDYA Coordinator, Sam and Carolyn's mom  ( Sun Oct 19 12:21:06 PM EDT 2003
Don't worry that there aren't many here. You know, last time, I think about 8 of us were talking, and there were many, MANY people just listening. It's ok. People will also read the transcript after the chat and they can comment then.

Glyki Saarland (Germany)  ( Sun Oct 19 12:21:56 PM EDT 2003
Good question, Laura B.!

(How to reach kids 'n' teens in Europe)

My first (gut feeling) response is to use the national diabetes organizations magazines -- penpals? Of course teens are getting on the net, but mostly for playing games, I guess. Finding good information is still a matter of choosing the right (printed) source (unless you happen to know an information professional, such as yours truly  Rolling Eyes   Grin  )

Laura Billetdeaux IDYA Coordinator, Sam and Carolyn's mom  ( Sun Oct 19 12:23:00 PM EDT 2003
I would like to see better use of the IDYA email listserv. I think I'm the only one who uses it to communicate. It's really a good way for you all to get messages to each other. Like ideas for new projects and who might want to do them, etc.

So, Glyki, in response to your last note, how do we do that? Your recommendations?

erin IDYA,chat moderator!  ( Sun Oct 19 12:23:04 PM EDT 2003
well she was saying how she wanted IDYA to have support and motivation to do things and we discussed many ideas like seeing if people wanted to keep translating the IDYA pages and having a page with a list of ideas or projects they could either start or work on.

erin IDYA,chat moderator!  ( Sun Oct 19 12:25:07 PM EDT 2003
i am trying to get a hold of her again to discuss more ideas but it is hard because she is so busy.

Laura Billetdeaux IDYA Coordinator, Sam and Carolyn's mom  ( Sun Oct 19 12:25:22 PM EDT 2003
I like the idea of a 'brainstorming page' of ideas that IDYAs could start or work on in their areas. I think we perhaps scare them off with talk of big projects and conferences they maybe can't go to.
The Buddy project has worked nicely. It sounds like Glyki might be heading in a penpal direction with Europe as well...
Also, there should be some 'smaller' and more manageable ideas for Diabetes Awareness month. Things that one or two people could do together to share information in their communities.

erin IDYA,chat moderator!  ( Sun Oct 19 12:26:49 PM EDT 2003
We wanted IDYA'S to feel empowered and not overwhelmed.

Lianna Screen Vision , 12  ( Sun Oct 19 12:27:44 PM EDT 2003
What about the UN for november, I assume it isn't happening this year??

Laura Billetdeaux IDYA Coordinator, Sam and Carolyn's mom  ( Sun Oct 19 12:27:58 PM EDT 2003
It's a Catch-22, isn't it? We have great ideas - all of us - but limited time to do them. However, we should share the ideas, because we all have different resources. For example, maybe someone's mom or dad works in advertising and can help get an awareness announcement in the newspaper for a reduced cost. Or maybe someone's mom or dad or neighbor has connections to people who can help.

erin IDYA,chat moderator!  ( Sun Oct 19 12:28:19 PM EDT 2003
I think the buddy system was a great idea. I have really enjoyed getting to know my buddy. Its nice because when they come to the big confrences they allready know someone.

Laura Billetdeaux IDYA Coordinator, Sam and Carolyn's mom  ( Sun Oct 19 12:28:55 PM EDT 2003
Empowerment vs overwhelmed. You can be both.
You get overwhelmed when you take on too much - either too much for your time or too much for your abilities. Happens to everyone.
Empowerment is much different.

Laura Billetdeaux IDYA Coordinator, Sam and Carolyn's mom  ( Sun Oct 19 12:29:51 PM EDT 2003
So... this is a question for everybody... What do you consider empowerment? Glyki, your input too, please. Give examples. I'm interested in how you all view this.

Glyki Saarland (Germany)  ( Sun Oct 19 12:29:55 PM EDT 2003
(...How to reach kids 'n' teens in Europe...)

Well, how about advertising on a page? Don't know about prices, but I could do some checking (German) ...

More fundamentally: what about the language barrier? There should be a very well defined scope, and it's my feeling that an important aspect is have kids with diabetes communicating on LIFE (with diabetes). Certainly you could pick a political agenda, but to tell you the truth: I think that might DIMINISH the "response"  Frown  .

Lianna Screen Vision , 12  ( Sun Oct 19 12:31:49 PM EDT 2003
Empowerment- having many things at oyu fingertips , helping you achieve something.

Laura Billetdeaux IDYA Coordinator, Sam and Carolyn's mom  ( Sun Oct 19 12:32:07 PM EDT 2003
Yes, I agree... politics doesn't really have a place here. Life with diabetes should be the focus.
So... translation of different pages (to be identified) would be important?

Lianna Screen Vision , 12  ( Sun Oct 19 12:33:10 PM EDT 2003
speaking of politics, sort of, what about the Karen Murphy Story??

Laura Billetdeaux IDYA Coordinator, Sam and Carolyn's mom  ( Sun Oct 19 12:33:11 PM EDT 2003
Good Lianna - take it a step further. How would that work with IDYA. Having WHAT at your fingertips? Achieving WHAT? If we can identify what this empowerment should be and what the end product should look like, we can start identifying steps to get there. Probably won't be the same for everyone...
Still waiting to hear from the rest of you...

erin IDYA,chat moderator!  ( Sun Oct 19 12:36:15 PM EDT 2003
having people and resources behind and the belief in yourself that you can do something.

Glyki Saarland (Germany)  ( Sun Oct 19 12:36:50 PM EDT 2003
Wow: empowerment! Now we're into heavies!! This of course what everybody wants (next to happiness, of course). You know, for people who haven't done alot of thinking about this issue, it might sound like a wrestling match and not exactly polite behavior. But of course empowerment is something you do all by yourself: you reduce uncertainty (and it's the uncertainty that is overwhelming). Of course that's why kids go to school -- to learn the skills with which to be able to tackle life's problems (and/or uncertainties). It's the same with diabetes: you learn, you empower yourself, and then you eat ice cream!!  LOL 

Lianna Screen Vision , 12  ( Sun Oct 19 12:37:19 PM EDT 2003
I 110% agree with Erin, perfect definition!

erin IDYA,chat moderator!  ( Sun Oct 19 12:37:58 PM EDT 2003
It might be interesting to send out an email to all the IDYA's asking them this quesion

Anja 19, Denmark  ( Sun Oct 19 12:38:37 PM EDT 2003
hey guys, sorry - a little late Rolling Eyes 

erin IDYA,chat moderator!  ( Sun Oct 19 12:39:15 PM EDT 2003
wow this is a very deep conversation for this early in the morning!

erin IDYA,chat moderator!  ( Sun Oct 19 12:39:33 PM EDT 2003

Laura Billetdeaux IDYA Coordinator, Sam and Carolyn's mom  ( Sun Oct 19 12:39:38 PM EDT 2003
One vision that I have for empowerment...let me share.
You all - the teens right now - are learning empowerment. You are learning how to speak up, how to ask for things, what your rights are, etc. Learning that you are a person just like every other person in the world (in my eyes, more mature and more special, but that's another story...)
So, as you grow up to be young adults and head off to college and jobs, we need to make sure we don't lose your energy and talents. The kids behind you - just growing into their teens - need your input. You will be role models for them.
I think it's really interesting watching Clare right now (and I hope she doesn't mind me talking about her). She was the founder of IDYA, worked extremely hard to get it off the ground, was successful, and now finds herself with tremendous demands for her time and energies. So she has connected with just a couple people to continue sharing her ideas for IDYA. It's different than before, but she continues working with us in other ways. This will happen to ALL of you. It's really interesting watching Clare be the first to grapple with it.

erin IDYA,chat moderator!  ( Sun Oct 19 12:39:42 PM EDT 2003
hi Anja

Glyki Saarland (Germany)  ( Sun Oct 19 12:41:18 PM EDT 2003
Hi Anja!

2 topics:

1. How to reach kids 'n' teens in Europe?
2. What is "Empowerment"?

your input?

Lianna  ( Sun Oct 19 12:41:20 PM EDT 2003
Hey Anja!

Laura Billetdeaux IDYA Coordinator, Sam and Carolyn's mom  ( Sun Oct 19 12:41:22 PM EDT 2003
I agree - Erin, as the moderator of the chat today, would you mind asking the IDYA listserv (after the chat) to define 'empowerment' and 'reply to all' so that we can discuss? If empowerment is truly one of our goals as a group, we need a better sense of what it is. I agree with Glyki... where's the ice cream?

Laura Billetdeaux IDYA Coordinator, Sam and Carolyn's mom  ( Sun Oct 19 12:45:14 PM EDT 2003
Ok, everyone is too quiet. Too deep of a conversation for Sunday? I think we've really hit an important area - perhaps the basis of what we are about. Don't back off from it, keep thinking.
Ok to talk about other stuff, though. This might be something you need to brew for awhile. Smile 

Lianna  ( Sun Oct 19 12:45:28 PM EDT 2003
I think I have a good story that relates to this topic........

Laura Billetdeaux IDYA Coordinator, Sam and Carolyn's mom  ( Sun Oct 19 12:46:16 PM EDT 2003
Hi Anja!
We were just talking about your visit yesterday. And I realized I haven't heard from Maria in awhile. She was going to Australia, but should be back. Have you heard from her?
What's your story, Lianna?

Laura Billetdeaux IDYA Coordinator, Sam and Carolyn's mom  ( Sun Oct 19 12:48:19 PM EDT 2003
Glyki, in Germany, how do most families with diabetes get support? (emotional and ongoing educational) In the US, support is available through CWD, ADA, JDRF and various other organizations and website. I have no idea what happens with other families elsewhere in the world...
Anja, same question for you in Denmark?

Anja 19, Denmark  ( Sun Oct 19 12:48:58 PM EDT 2003
sorry, was just on the phone. Actually I haven't been in touch with Marie since the end of August

Anja 19, Denmark  ( Sun Oct 19 12:49:52 PM EDT 2003
for support, it's mostly through the Danish Diabetes Association (DDA), I believe. And then some people organize small support groups, often with help from DDA

Lianna  ( Sun Oct 19 12:50:17 PM EDT 2003
This weekk in Social Studies we were discusing Rights and Freedom, I commented on it being the health advocate that I am, Taking away a teenagers freedom will drive them to want it more and once you grow out of the adolescence you realise that youw ant those same things for your children. Taking away certain things I can handle but when you take our freedom to express and take action against something, it drives you to want it more, I think thats why IDYA is so great because maybe not all of us have had our freedom of handling and expressing the life of a diabetic and that makes us want more empowerment and to accomplish all of these things, that we doa s IDYA!

Glyki Saarland (Germany)  ( Sun Oct 19 12:50:41 PM EDT 2003
Well, let me tell you all -- over here in Europe (Germany, at least), empowerment is THE topic. One problem is if people think they know something they really know little or nothing about (I think Socrates is especially well known for articulting that issue several thousand years ago). Anyways: there are of course (regretfully) many many kids with diabetes who are surely not well informed (since there not here right now  Wink  ). Well -- you know -- the type with double digit HbA1Cs or smokers or .. well, I guess it may be imprecise to make blanket statements like that... but "informed decisions" is what we're talking about here, right?

Anja 19, Denmark  ( Sun Oct 19 12:51:08 PM EDT 2003
wauw Lianna, I've never thought about it that way

Lianna  ( Sun Oct 19 12:52:38 PM EDT 2003
My class was stunned with the way I answered the question, everyone jokes that I will be the first female president!heh LOL 

Carolyn 16, IDYA  ( Sun Oct 19 12:53:20 PM EDT 2003
Well you'd get my vote Lianna

Laura Billetdeaux IDYA Coordinator, Sam and Carolyn's mom  ( Sun Oct 19 12:53:37 PM EDT 2003
Glyki - Correct, that's what I'm talking about. Informed decisions. You have the information, and then you are empowered to make decisions for yourself. With some of our kids/teens, it might be as simple as a decision of where to test at school (in the classroom or office?)... and to mesh that with what Lianna just shared, remember Elizabeth's comment last week that her right to decide where to test was just taken away from her? Hmmm. Empowerment. She doesn't have that right to decide anymore. (and we're waiting to see if she wants us to speak up about that as a group)

Lianna  ( Sun Oct 19 12:54:30 PM EDT 2003
Hey Carolyn!

Lianna  ( Sun Oct 19 12:54:55 PM EDT 2003
Happy Belated Birthday!! How are you feeling??

erin IDYA,chat moderator!  ( Sun Oct 19 12:55:01 PM EDT 2003
Hi Carolyn!

Carolyn 16, IDYA  ( Sun Oct 19 12:55:13 PM EDT 2003
howdy Grin 

Carolyn 16, IDYA  ( Sun Oct 19 12:55:53 PM EDT 2003
i'm feeling a little better... sorry i missed so much of the chat tho Frown 

Glyki Saarland (Germany)  ( Sun Oct 19 12:57:14 PM EDT 2003
Support: well, there are type 1s (10%) and type 2s (90%). So if you have a bench full of support it well be (at least) 90% type 2 -- in national organizations. There are "splinter" groups (like "Die Glyklichen", which I lead here in the Saarland) that focus more on type 1 (and/or kids) -- but they are the exception (in our group, we turn type 2s away).

erin IDYA,chat moderator!  ( Sun Oct 19 12:57:34 PM EDT 2003
1 week untill New York!

Carolyn 16, IDYA  ( Sun Oct 19 12:58:24 PM EDT 2003
I know! WOHOOOOO!!!!!!!

Laura Billetdeaux IDYA Coordinator, Sam and Carolyn's mom  ( Sun Oct 19 12:58:56 PM EDT 2003
So, let me put some closure on this before we lose it...
1. Erin, you are going to ask the IDYA listserv to give their thoughts on what empowerment means. Tell them we were having a big discussion about it today and we'd like their input about what it means to them.
2. Accurate information is important in empowerment (so that you can make choices based on correct information)
3. Information and support - at least in Germany and Denmark - is mostly through the equivalent of a national diabetes association.
4. We're back at the beginning place. Information is critical. We need to get information out. Not just in the U.S.
Good discussion. Thanks for going along with me on this. What it does is validate that getting information to IDYAs, their families, and the public is critical in giving ourselves as people and families with diabetes 'empowerment.'

Lianna  ( Sun Oct 19 12:59:01 PM EDT 2003
Laura- how can I send a transcript of this chat??? I just got a wonderful idea to promote to my social studies teacher!! Maybe showing my teacher about IDYA I will get chosen for Washington D.C.???

erin IDYA,chat moderator!  ( Sun Oct 19 01:00:23 PM EDT 2003
All right i hope to get all of your responses on empowerment!

Lianna  ( Sun Oct 19 01:02:16 PM EDT 2003
If we go to the UN this is a derfinite topic we need to bring up!

Laura Billetdeaux IDYA Coordinator, Sam and Carolyn's mom  ( Sun Oct 19 01:02:55 PM EDT 2003
The chat will be posted probably by tomorrow afternoon. Then you can simply print it out or 'send the page' via email to your teacher.

Anja 19, Denmark  ( Sun Oct 19 01:03:24 PM EDT 2003
Any news on making Nov 14 Diabetes awareness day through the UN?

Laura Billetdeaux IDYA Coordinator, Sam and Carolyn's mom  ( Sun Oct 19 01:03:38 PM EDT 2003
Ah - the UN question (sorry, I didn't answer it when it was asked). That's not going to happen this year. We are looking for a foot in the door and corporate funding to make that happen. That was one of Clare and Kari's projects and I need to talk with them about it.

Glyki Saarland (Germany)  ( Sun Oct 19 01:03:41 PM EDT 2003
I agree with Laura B. -- great chat !!!

I also think we could integrate the empowerment issue with reaching kids/teens in Europe. What do you think, Anja?

I'm gonna have to go soon...

Lianna  ( Sun Oct 19 01:04:33 PM EDT 2003
Ok , cool! I honestly think this will put me ahead for Washington DC trip!

Laura Billetdeaux IDYA Coordinator, Sam and Carolyn's mom  ( Sun Oct 19 01:05:14 PM EDT 2003
I need to run now, too. Carolyn needs soup. Great chat today, everyone. Thanks for all the ideas and input. Erin, thanks for moderating! Smile 

Anja 19, Denmark  ( Sun Oct 19 01:05:16 PM EDT 2003
I'm not too into the conversation, Glyki - I'll have a look at the transcript and then give out my ideas...

Lianna  ( Sun Oct 19 01:05:34 PM EDT 2003
BYE everyone!

Anja 19, Denmark  ( Sun Oct 19 01:07:02 PM EDT 2003
bye Lianna!

Carolyn Billetdeaux  ( Sun Oct 19 01:07:45 PM EDT 2003
Bye everyone! Sorry I've been kinda off and on, but whenever the phone rings I get kicked off the internet in my room  Mad  Sounds like a great chat and keep up the good work!

Carolyn Billetdeaux  ( Sun Oct 19 01:07:53 PM EDT 2003
See ya in a week Erin!

Glyki Saarland (Germany)  ( Sun Oct 19 01:12:29 PM EDT 2003
sorry -- I was way for a moment -- see y'all later!!

Have I nice sunday -- for those of you who are still (mostly) looking FORWARD to it !!  LOL 

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