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Chat with Nicole Johnson, Miss America 1999

Nicole Johnson, Miss America 1999, and Mr. Food joined us for a special chat on Tuesday, December 9, 2003 to discuss food and the holidays

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Moderator   (server) Tue Dec 09 08:03:26 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Our chat with Nicole Johnson and Mr. Food about Cooking for the Holidays starts at 9pm Eastern.

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:00:24 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Hi Everyone!

Laura 21 yrs old dx'd 8 yrs ago Pumping  ( Tue Dec 09 09:00:49 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Hi Nicole

MLC mom of rachel 4 dxd april 28 ,03  ( Tue Dec 09 09:02:41 PM GMT-05:00 2003
hi nicole

MLC mom of rachel 4 dxd april 28 ,03  ( Tue Dec 09 09:02:52 PM GMT-05:00 2003
hi laura

Laura 21 yrs old dx'd 8 yrs ago Pumping  ( Tue Dec 09 09:03:09 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Hows Everyone doing? Ready for the Holidays?

Mike Stoker (OH) CWD Staff  ( Tue Dec 09 09:03:29 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Hello Everyone

Laura 21 yrs old dx'd 8 yrs ago Pumping  ( Tue Dec 09 09:04:00 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Hi Mike. How are You?

MR. FOOD   ( Tue Dec 09 09:04:24 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Hi, Everybody! It's Mr. Food here! I'm so happy you're all taking time out of your busy holiday schedules to join Nicole and me here tonight.

Howard   ( Tue Dec 09 09:04:26 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Good evening

Brenda H.   ( Tue Dec 09 09:04:34 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Hi everyone. Is everyone planning on eating healthy over the holidays? LOL

Brenda H.   ( Tue Dec 09 09:05:11 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Mr. Food--I like to bake, but I have never used Splenda. Have you tried cooking with it yet?

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:05:35 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Well, I am certainly glad to be back on-line with my friends at CWD

Laura 21 yrs old dx'd 8 yrs ago Pumping  ( Tue Dec 09 09:05:52 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Hi Mr Food,Howard and Brenda Smile 

Brenda H.   ( Tue Dec 09 09:06:31 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Nicole, are YOU cooking more now that you are married and have kids around?

MR. FOOD   ( Tue Dec 09 09:06:34 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Yes, I've cooked with it, and, of all the sugar substitutes on the market, I've found it works best in baking.

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:06:35 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Brenda - I will respond briefly - I love cooking with Splenda, but also use real sugar - it is OK if you count your carbs. Splenda does taste great though.

Laura 21 yrs old dx'd 8 yrs ago Pumping  ( Tue Dec 09 09:07:14 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Nicole. Off topic But Congrats on your Marriage to Scott Baker ( I Live near Pittsburgh ) and Love WTAE

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:07:22 PM GMT-05:00 2003
So, I am sure you all saw the cookbook from Mr. Food and I on the advertisement....

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:07:40 PM GMT-05:00 2003
I am actually cooking pork tenderloin out of that book right now for a TV show tomorrow

swanny   ( Tue Dec 09 09:07:55 PM GMT-05:00 2003
hello everybody Wink 

MR. FOOD   ( Tue Dec 09 09:07:56 PM GMT-05:00 2003
I prefer eating smaller portions, and using "the real thing" (sugar) instead of substitutes.

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:08:08 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Thanks so much Laura - I am sooo happy! Scott is doing most of the cooking right now. :-) For our show

Brenda H.   ( Tue Dec 09 09:08:11 PM GMT-05:00 2003
My neighbor has asked me to try a cheesecake with Splenda as it would then be reduced carbs; is this true?

swanny   ( Tue Dec 09 09:08:45 PM GMT-05:00 2003
so nicole...what show are you doing tomorrow?

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:09:07 PM GMT-05:00 2003
In addition to the pork, we are making the Green Beans from the book to go with it. Nutty Green Beans. :-)

Howard   ( Tue Dec 09 09:09:11 PM GMT-05:00 2003
What a great night for a chat. Mr. Food, What is your best tip to get me through the holidays?

MR. FOOD   ( Tue Dec 09 09:09:45 PM GMT-05:00 2003
I believe it is -- but I always recommend checking with your physician or R.D. re: nutritional analyses.

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:09:54 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Well, my husband and I are taping a Healthy for Life segment on cooking for his television station -- he is a news anchor in Pitt - ABC... it is a really great opportunity to teach people about diabetes and healthy choices.

Brenda H.   ( Tue Dec 09 09:10:12 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Howard, I think the best thing is to go to a deserted island where there are only the basic foods to survive!  Grin 

MR. FOOD   ( Tue Dec 09 09:10:44 PM GMT-05:00 2003
It's better to be satisfied than to having constant cravings, so I recommend moderating portion sizes to get you through the holidays healthy!

Howard   ( Tue Dec 09 09:11:22 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Nicole, when will it air, I'd love to see it.

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:11:47 PM GMT-05:00 2003
So, I just finished writing an article about holiday's and stress -- food is certainly a stress factor during the holidays

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:12:29 PM GMT-05:00 2003
It has been tough for me for the last 10 years -- there is so much temptation

swanny   ( Tue Dec 09 09:12:33 PM GMT-05:00 2003
is there anyway i can get a copy of that article?

MR. FOOD   ( Tue Dec 09 09:12:34 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Nicole, I know you love the gingerbread cookies in our holiday cookbook. Have you made them yet for holiday gifts and snacking? You know, they're even great for decorating your tree!

Brenda H.   ( Tue Dec 09 09:13:21 PM GMT-05:00 2003
I recently read an article that recommended you eat an apple, I think, before attending a party with lots of food. I believe it said it curbs your appetite.

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:13:22 PM GMT-05:00 2003
My biggest advice is to eat before parties, stay away from the buffet, eat only once and load up on free foods and veggies. But, also make sure you have fun and eat a little dessert.

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:14:06 PM GMT-05:00 2003
The articles are on - along with tips on food, holiday schedules, etc.

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:14:51 PM GMT-05:00 2003
I love cooking treats for gifts.....haven't made them for the tree yet, but my kids and I have an appointment this Sunday to try Reindeer cookies - easy, easy, easy -- and in the book.  Razz 

MR. FOOD   ( Tue Dec 09 09:15:06 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Those are all really great suggestions! Speaking of gingerbread, did you guys know that ginger is loaded with health benefits?

Howard   ( Tue Dec 09 09:15:09 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Does you Holiday cookbook have recipes for just the Christmas or does it have ideas for the whole year?

swanny   ( Tue Dec 09 09:15:39 PM GMT-05:00 2003
nicole, how did you and mr. food start working together?

Brenda H.   ( Tue Dec 09 09:16:17 PM GMT-05:00 2003
What special benefits does ginger have? Is it better fresh or is "ground" ginger in a bottle acceptable?

MR. FOOD   ( Tue Dec 09 09:16:25 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Our holiday book has recipes for all year 'round -- in fact, it helps you make every day a holiday!

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:16:32 PM GMT-05:00 2003
well, Mr. Food and I met at a health expo about 5 years ago.,...when we met I mentioned that there should be a book for people with diabetes....and the rest is history.

swanny   ( Tue Dec 09 09:16:35 PM GMT-05:00 2003
mr. food, what is your favorite recipe out of the book

Laura 21 yrs old dx'd 8 yrs ago Pumping  ( Tue Dec 09 09:17:35 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Do you have Recipes for Sf Hard Tack Candy in the Book?

MR. FOOD   ( Tue Dec 09 09:17:58 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Ginger soothes unsettled tummies, reduces blood cholesterol, and lots more! Fresh probably has greater nutritional benefits than ground.

MR. FOOD   ( Tue Dec 09 09:18:49 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Sorry, Laura, we don't, but if you're a dessert lover, we have a great selection of them in here!

Brenda H.   ( Tue Dec 09 09:19:18 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Gee, I guess I am getting old, just remembering "Ginger Ale" soothing upset stomachs.

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:19:41 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Laura - I am not sure what that kind of candy is...

swanny   ( Tue Dec 09 09:19:53 PM GMT-05:00 2003
mr. food, can you tell us about some of your dessert selections that are in the book?

Laura 21 yrs old dx'd 8 yrs ago Pumping  ( Tue Dec 09 09:20:02 PM GMT-05:00 2003
I could live on Dessert if I had to LOL 

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:20:31 PM GMT-05:00 2003
I am with you Laura!

MR. FOOD   ( Tue Dec 09 09:21:05 PM GMT-05:00 2003
I love all the recipes in the book -- a few favorites are Greek Spinach Pie and Valentine's Veal. And what a crowd-pleaser the Festive Crab Spread is!  Wink 

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:21:09 PM GMT-05:00 2003
I love the Great Grape Crumble - in fact that is coming out in an article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette in the next few weeks....check it out online if you have a chance.

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:21:32 PM GMT-05:00 2003
My kids like the Strawberry Charlotte and the Brownies too!

Brenda H.   ( Tue Dec 09 09:21:32 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Laura, the only "hard" candy I know of is made by heating sugar and water, flavoring later, to extremely high temps, like 245, 280 deg. F, depending on how hard you want it to be. You would need to contact the makers of Splenda to see if it can be heated that high. Equal cannot as it breaks down into nasty chemicals!

Howard   ( Tue Dec 09 09:21:47 PM GMT-05:00 2003
I've tried it and it's awesome.

Daniel/FL pump  ( Tue Dec 09 09:21:48 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Hi Nicole

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:22:03 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Well - I made the stuffed mushrooms for Thanksgiving and everyone loved them!

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:22:10 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Hi Daniel

Daniel/FL pump  ( Tue Dec 09 09:22:10 PM GMT-05:00 2003
We met once in Erie PA  Smile 

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:22:30 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Champagne Turkey is awesome too - great for Christmas!

MR. FOOD   ( Tue Dec 09 09:22:43 PM GMT-05:00 2003
There's the creamy Chocolate Cheesecake (shown on the book cover), Elvis would love the Banana Peanut Butter Cake, and this time of year, I love making the Buttery Squash Roll. It looks really elegant and is just perfect for the holiday season. Smile 

Mike Stoker (OH) CWD Staff  ( Tue Dec 09 09:22:54 PM GMT-05:00 2003
test Message

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:23:19 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Hi Mike

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:23:53 PM GMT-05:00 2003
The cheesecake is great - that is my Dad's fav.

Brenda H.   ( Tue Dec 09 09:23:55 PM GMT-05:00 2003
What kind of squash? I like zucchini and yellow squash.

Mike Stoker (OH) CWD Staff  ( Tue Dec 09 09:24:02 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Hi Nicole - just making sure everything is working in the chat room

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:24:23 PM GMT-05:00 2003
I just got a new puppy - I think in the next book we need to have a recipe for pets.

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:24:37 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Skippy is barking at the screen right now

Laura 21 yrs old dx'd 8 yrs ago Pumping  ( Tue Dec 09 09:24:55 PM GMT-05:00 2003
The Bannana Peanut Butter Cake sounds Yummy. But I am not a big fan of chocolate Rolling Eyes 

MR. FOOD   ( Tue Dec 09 09:25:25 PM GMT-05:00 2003
It's made with frozen butternut squash and rolled with a cream cheese filling. It's AWESOME! Eek 

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:25:48 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Laura - there

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:26:16 PM GMT-05:00 2003
are lots of items without chocolate. I tend to like more fruity desserts....

MR. FOOD   ( Tue Dec 09 09:26:20 PM GMT-05:00 2003
You're in luck -- there's no chocolate in that peanut butter cake recipe!

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:26:47 PM GMT-05:00 2003
There are items that focus on Mint flavor, Fruit Tarts, Peach Pie, etc.

MR. FOOD   ( Tue Dec 09 09:26:48 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Hey, everybody, make sure you try the Beet Mashed Potatoes for adding color to your holiday meal!

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:27:09 PM GMT-05:00 2003
even Not-Fried "Fried" Ice Cream

Brenda H.   ( Tue Dec 09 09:27:18 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Well, I don't mean to be rude, but I doubt my kids or husband would eat it. Marissa, who is 16 and has Type 1, "might" try it. She is the only one of our 3 children who will eat salmon, asparagus, salad, etc. She does not like pizza, which is unusual for most teens!

Laura 21 yrs old dx'd 8 yrs ago Pumping  ( Tue Dec 09 09:28:07 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Brenda. I don't like Pizza either

swanny   ( Tue Dec 09 09:28:30 PM GMT-05:00 2003
I love cheesecake... are there any holiday cheesecake recipes in the book... something special to make my family think I can cook????

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:28:51 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Brenda - in our first cookbook there is a great Chicken Pot Pie - with only 1 layer of crust... our kids seem to love that.

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:29:04 PM GMT-05:00 2003
it is really easy to make as well

Brenda H.   ( Tue Dec 09 09:29:12 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Laura, I hear from other parents that pizza and Chinese food cause wacky high blood sugars. Marissa eats Chinese occasionally and I try to watch her carefully for the next 8 hours.

swanny   ( Tue Dec 09 09:29:21 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Nicole what's the name of the first cookbook?

MR. FOOD   ( Tue Dec 09 09:30:22 PM GMT-05:00 2003
That's fine -- we have so many great recipes in this and our other diabetes cookbook -- from Oven-"Fried" Drumsticks and Garlicky Shrimp to Eggplant Parmigiana, Penne Toss and loads more!

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:30:22 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Let me suggest a great appetizer -- Raspberry Brie -- only 3 ingredients: Brie cheese, Raspberry jam and almonds. - basically you just put the jam on top of the cheese and micro for about 1.5 minutes!

Laura 21 yrs old dx'd 8 yrs ago Pumping  ( Tue Dec 09 09:30:34 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Brenda I thinks why I lost interest in it, just because I am always High afterwards

Howard   ( Tue Dec 09 09:30:43 PM GMT-05:00 2003
I have the first book and use it all the time. It's so darn easy and tasty. Grin 

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:30:57 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Mr. Food - my husband sends his regards -- we met because of Mr. Food 2 years ago!

Brenda H.   ( Tue Dec 09 09:31:27 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Mr. Food, are your books available at local stores or just on-line/via the ADA? I like to browse thru cookbooks before buying them.

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:31:28 PM GMT-05:00 2003
It was because of the Apple Crisp in the first book -- so we served that at our wedding in August.  Wink 

MR. FOOD   ( Tue Dec 09 09:32:08 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Our first book is titled "Mr. Food's Quick & Easy Diabetic Cooking" and it's even available in a Spanish-language version.

Brenda H.   ( Tue Dec 09 09:32:37 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Nicole/Mr. Food: for the Brie, do you use reg. Rasp. Jam? I started using all-fruit type jams when Marissa was dx'd in 1989 and find most reg. jams too sweet now.

swanny   ( Tue Dec 09 09:32:41 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Nicole - where can I find the Apple Crisp recipe?

MR. FOOD   ( Tue Dec 09 09:32:45 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Nicole, I've cooked up loads of things over the years, but who would have thought I'd cook up a romance for you guys!!  Eek 

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:33:19 PM GMT-05:00 2003
You can use whatever jam you feel comfortable with - I have used both the high sugar kind and the low sugar from Smuckers

MR. FOOD   ( Tue Dec 09 09:33:50 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Our books are available in select bookstores -- and you can usually ask store managers to order them from the ADA...BUT they're available online at, so why go elsewhere?! Smile 

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:34:39 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Mr. Food -- oooooo you are soooo good! :-)

The Apple Crisp is in our first book. - the Quick and Easy book.

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:35:53 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Laura - for the highs from pizza and can use a Square wave bolus and beat it. Have you tried that?

Brenda H.   ( Tue Dec 09 09:36:07 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Mr. Food, I have to tell you that I had to search high and low a few months ago for a recipe I'd seen you make on t.v. It was for something like Chilled Hot Chocolate. Our 13 yr. old loved it, but we misplaced the recipe and she made me spend lots of time looking for it on-line until I finally found it. It seems like one that people with diabetes could make using sugar-free cocoa mix, sugar-free ice cream. As I recall, you mix cocoa mix, milk, half and half, and vanilla ice cream in a blender for a shake.

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:36:37 PM GMT-05:00 2003
I give my regular basal rate and then give about 2 units of insulin right away and about 2 units over the square wave -- that is for 2 pieces of pizza.

Laura 21 yrs old dx'd 8 yrs ago Pumping  ( Tue Dec 09 09:36:38 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Never Tried it. I don't even think I know How.

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:37:57 PM GMT-05:00 2003
what kind of pump do you use?
I have the MiniMed right now and it has the option of 3 kinds of bolus'

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:38:39 PM GMT-05:00 2003
If you don't have that feature, you can give small bolus amounts every 30 minutes and get almost the same result - although you may want to check with your educator to confirm.

MR. FOOD   ( Tue Dec 09 09:38:53 PM GMT-05:00 2003
That recipe WAS on a show I did, so it's available online, but not in a diabetic version. Your substitutions sound good, so if it works, and it fits into your meal plan, give it a try.

Laura 21 yrs old dx'd 8 yrs ago Pumping  ( Tue Dec 09 09:39:07 PM GMT-05:00 2003
I have the MiniMed 508.

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:39:21 PM GMT-05:00 2003
You will probably want to ask how much time the pizza stays in your system -- meaning how long does it take for the fat to absorb, etc......typically this is several hours

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:39:44 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Oh - then you do have the feature -- look in the guide and see. Great!

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:40:04 PM GMT-05:00 2003
The square wave will help you during the holiday "grazing" too!

Laura 21 yrs old dx'd 8 yrs ago Pumping  ( Tue Dec 09 09:40:53 PM GMT-05:00 2003
I Graze all the time Grin 

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:42:04 PM GMT-05:00 2003
That is normal. I do too -- it is the hardest thing from me to control in my diabetes care.
Remember that 5-6 small meals - all with protein -- are very helpful in maintaining your levels.

MR. FOOD   ( Tue Dec 09 09:43:00 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Speaking of holiday grazing, we have lots of appetizers in our books that'll help keep you "in line" as long as you use moderation. There are Fiesta Quesadillas, Cheesy Pecan Grapes, Smoked Turkey Spread, and lots of other yummy party starters.

Brenda H.   ( Tue Dec 09 09:44:06 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Mr. Food, how do you get kids interested in trying new foods? We have a 9 yr. old son who eats only two meats, chicken (not just tenders either) and pork chops. His veggies are limited to corn and broccoli.

MR. FOOD   ( Tue Dec 09 09:46:09 PM GMT-05:00 2003
The best way is to keep offering it, and in lots of different forms and dishes! One that I mentioned before is Beet Mashed Potatoes. Adding grated carrots and zucchini to meat dishes helps too.

Connie (VA) Mother of Brooke, 5, dx'd 8/02  ( Tue Dec 09 09:46:14 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Hi all...joining in a bit late tonight

Laura 21 yrs old dx'd 8 yrs ago Pumping  ( Tue Dec 09 09:46:54 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Hi Connie Smile 

MLC mom of rachel 4 dxd april 28 ,03  ( Tue Dec 09 09:47:35 PM GMT-05:00 2003
hi connie

Connie (VA) Mother of Brooke, 5, dx'd 8/02, pumping  ( Tue Dec 09 09:47:44 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Hello Laura  Smile 

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:48:09 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Hi Connie - Hi MLC

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:48:28 PM GMT-05:00 2003
We are talking holiday food...

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:48:38 PM GMT-05:00 2003
and food just in general.

Connie (VA) Mother of Brooke, 5, dx'd 8/02, pumping  ( Tue Dec 09 09:48:39 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Hi MLC -- any ideas for bagged lunches? I'm going to meet with RD next week for ideas...but I'm seeking ideas

Connie (VA) Mother of Brooke, 5, dx'd 8/02, pumping  ( Tue Dec 09 09:48:59 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Hello Nicole Smile 

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:49:42 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Connie - if I can, let me suggest the small bags of carrots...those are a big hit at my house

Brenda H.   ( Tue Dec 09 09:49:43 PM GMT-05:00 2003
I guess we have always been lucky that Marissa is a good eater. When she was dx'd in '89, at age 2, we could give her insulin then feed her. Of course, as a toddler, there were times she'd just refuse to eat the meal I'd prepared so I'd offer her a bowl of cereal with milk. New insulins have since been developed and food battles are less of an issue for parents whose children have diabetes.

MR. FOOD   ( Tue Dec 09 09:49:48 PM GMT-05:00 2003
My grandchildren love taking soups in thermoses, and salads for school lunches.

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:50:01 PM GMT-05:00 2003
We are also now sending pop corn - low fat.

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:50:43 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Great suggestion Mr. Food -- our kids are also now into the Soup at Hand

Connie (VA) Mother of Brooke, 5, dx'd 8/02, pumping  ( Tue Dec 09 09:51:32 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Mr. Food, haven't tried it...but thought of it, does the soup stay warm enough..the problem with Soup at Hand is that they would have to have a microwave available, correct?

Brenda H.   ( Tue Dec 09 09:51:51 PM GMT-05:00 2003
I send hard boiled eggs with our youngest. He doesn't have diabetes, but sure is picky and this way we know he's getting some kind of protein in his lunch.

MR. FOOD   ( Tue Dec 09 09:51:54 PM GMT-05:00 2003
That's a great idea, but that particular product is very high in sodium and probably not a great option for most diabetic meal plans.

Connie (VA) Mother of Brooke, 5, dx'd 8/02, pumping  ( Tue Dec 09 09:52:22 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Nicole, thanks -- we do the carrots and it's great b/c Hidden Valley has small size portions of salad dressing..easy for the lunch box! Smile 

Laura 21 yrs old dx'd 8 yrs ago Pumping  ( Tue Dec 09 09:53:17 PM GMT-05:00 2003
I work at a Daycare Center and Some days for Snacks we Have Trail Mix. Cheerios, Cheez its, Raisin's and chocolate chips

Connie (VA) Mother of Brooke, 5, dx'd 8/02, pumping  ( Tue Dec 09 09:53:18 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Thanks for the idea, Brenda!

MR. FOOD   ( Tue Dec 09 09:53:24 PM GMT-05:00 2003
When we send soup to school with the kids, we use a thermos that we simply have to fill with hot water for 5 minutes then fill with hot soup. It ends up just the right temp., 'cause the kids can't use a microwave at school.

Brenda H.   ( Tue Dec 09 09:54:13 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Marissa takes peanut butter/cheese crackers, a piece of fresh fruit or "lite" canned fruit, a granola bar, and often carrots or yellow pepper strips. Sometimes she takes the dressing.

Ellen (FL) Zack 16, dx'd 02/1989, pump  ( Tue Dec 09 09:54:14 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Mr. Food do you have any suggestions for making potato latkes that are not greasy? The fat in the latkes tends to make my son's blood glucose levels rise very high several hours after eating them.

Connie (VA) Mother of Brooke, 5, dx'd 8/02, pumping  ( Tue Dec 09 09:54:24 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Exactly Mr. Food...that is our situation. I'll need to go get the insulated thermos! Sold on the idea!

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:55:07 PM GMT-05:00 2003
True on the soup issue -- the thermos is a great idea. We haven't tried that yet.

Brenda H.   ( Tue Dec 09 09:55:57 PM GMT-05:00 2003
I don't think our kids would want the hassle of bringing the thermos back home. I can see the mold in it now, 3 weeks in a locker. Eek 

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:56:07 PM GMT-05:00 2003
On the lunches - we also send apple slices and dried apple rings.

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:56:32 PM GMT-05:00 2003
We also do the pretzel Goldfish - lower in fat.

Connie (VA) Mother of Brooke, 5, dx'd 8/02, pumping  ( Tue Dec 09 09:56:48 PM GMT-05:00 2003
 LOL Brenda!

MR. FOOD   ( Tue Dec 09 09:56:53 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Try baking the latkes on a cookie sheet sprayed with nonstick vegetable spray -- and also spray the latkes before baking. Flip them and spray again before baking the second side. BUT be sure to use coarsely grated potatoes instead of finely ground, so they keep their shape. That should do it! Cool 

Laura 21 yrs old dx'd 8 yrs ago Pumping  ( Tue Dec 09 09:56:55 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Brenda LOL  . I always did that when I took Coffee and Hot Tea to School

Ellen (FL) Zack 16, dx'd 02/1989, pump  ( Tue Dec 09 09:57:13 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Brenda, looks like you need to invent the disposable thermos :-)

Ellen (FL) Zack 16, dx'd 02/1989, pump  ( Tue Dec 09 09:57:44 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Thanks, on what temperature please?

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:57:46 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Go Brenda!

Connie (VA) Mother of Brooke, 5, dx'd 8/02, pumping  ( Tue Dec 09 09:57:54 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Brooke could live on crackers and peaches if I'd allow her eat that everyday Rolling Eyes 

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 09:58:41 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Everyone - I am going to wrap up has been a pleasure talking with you. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and great A1c's in the spring!  Wink 

Brenda H.   ( Tue Dec 09 09:58:49 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Connie, I had to make a double batch of churros a few weeks ago for Kathryn (8th gr) to take to Spanish class. It was a huge, greasy mess (I did use healthier canola oil). Anyway, I put them in Rubbermaid-type container and didn't get the container back for over a week and I think it still had a couple of churros in it!

Laura 21 yrs old dx'd 8 yrs ago Pumping  ( Tue Dec 09 09:59:11 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Does Brooke like Peanut Butter? They Make it in Portable Tubes Like they make gogurt in

Connie (VA) Mother of Brooke, 5, dx'd 8/02, pumping  ( Tue Dec 09 09:59:25 PM GMT-05:00 2003
 LOL Too funny! Brenda

Brenda H.   ( Tue Dec 09 09:59:34 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Nicole, thanks for participating in our chat tonight It was a pleasure. Smile 

Laura 21 yrs old dx'd 8 yrs ago Pumping  ( Tue Dec 09 09:59:40 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Nicole. Have a Question. I tried to email you and I got it returned .

Ellen (FL) Zack 16, dx'd 02/1989, pump  ( Tue Dec 09 09:59:58 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Thank you Nicole...for everything you do. You're a wonderful role model.

Connie (VA) Mother of Brooke, 5, dx'd 8/02, pumping  ( Tue Dec 09 10:00:03 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Laura, yes but have to be careful of that -- there is one child highly allergic

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 10:00:29 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Oh - you can email me at
it says Email Nicole -- or

Connie (VA) Mother of Brooke, 5, dx'd 8/02, pumping  ( Tue Dec 09 10:00:37 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Nicole, thank you for all of your input. Thanks for all you do, what an inspiration!

MR. FOOD   ( Tue Dec 09 10:00:46 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Ellen, bake at at least 400 degrees so the latkes get really crispy! Keep an eye on 'em, though, or you'll have a few guys from the fire dept. joining you for Hanukkah dinner!

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 10:00:52 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Thanks Brenda - you are dear! My best to Marissa!

Nicole Johnson   ( Tue Dec 09 10:00:57 PM GMT-05:00 2003

swanny   ( Tue Dec 09 10:00:59 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Thanks Nicole and Mr. Food. The Cookbook sounds awesome and I can't wait to get it so I can start enjoying all of the yummy foods.

Laura 21 yrs old dx'd 8 yrs ago Pumping  ( Tue Dec 09 10:01:32 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Ok Thanks Sooo Much. Tell Scott I said Hi. and Keep up the Awesome Work

Connie (VA) Mother of Brooke, 5, dx'd 8/02, pumping  ( Tue Dec 09 10:01:32 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Thank you Mr. Food!

MR. FOOD   ( Tue Dec 09 10:02:21 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Thanks for joining us tonight, Everybody! Have a great holiday season. You can reach me at, and find all my diabetic cookbooks, recipes and lots of unique gifts at! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Ellen (FL) Zack 16, dx'd 02/1989, pump  ( Tue Dec 09 10:02:31 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Mr. Food - do you have a "healthy" recipe for jelly donuts - another favorite at chanukah - "soofganiyot"

Brenda H.   ( Tue Dec 09 10:03:21 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Thank you for all the advice, Mr. Food and for being with us tonight. See you on the t.v. Smile 

MR. FOOD   ( Tue Dec 09 10:03:32 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Sorry, Ellen -- we have a recipe for those, but we couldn't make it a healthy one!

Brenda H.   ( Tue Dec 09 10:03:56 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Hi Ellen. Maybe you need to buy his cookbook!

Brenda H.   ( Tue Dec 09 10:04:21 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Ellen, what is used for the filling?

Ellen (FL) Zack 16, dx'd 02/1989, pump  ( Tue Dec 09 10:04:25 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Oh you do have a recipe for those? I'll have to check it out thanks!

swanny   ( Tue Dec 09 10:04:39 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Good Advice Brenda... I think we should all get one!

MR. FOOD   ( Tue Dec 09 10:04:53 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Good night, Everybody! MR. FOOD

swanny   ( Tue Dec 09 10:05:24 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Thanks again Mr Food... Goodnight Everyone!

Ellen (FL) Zack 16, dx'd 02/1989, pump  ( Tue Dec 09 10:05:42 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Good night Mr. Food

Brenda, I've always bought them at the local Israeli grocery store...but it's a basic deep fried jelly donut.

Connie (VA) Mother of Brooke, 5, dx'd 8/02, pumping  ( Tue Dec 09 10:05:52 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Goodnight everyone!

Brenda H.   ( Tue Dec 09 10:07:05 PM GMT-05:00 2003
I'm not a big jelly donut fan, but they do sound pretty good. Want me to check out some of my cookbooks to see how they make them? I'm sure Martha Stewart makes them from scratch. Grin 

Brenda H.   ( Tue Dec 09 10:07:54 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Ellen, you're such a computer expert, did you "Google" it and find a recipe?

Ellen (FL) Zack 16, dx'd 02/1989, pump  ( Tue Dec 09 10:08:13 PM GMT-05:00 2003
But of course :-).

Ellen (FL) Zack 16, dx'd 02/1989, pump  ( Tue Dec 09 10:08:39 PM GMT-05:00 2003
I sent one recipe to you Brenda

Brenda H.   ( Tue Dec 09 10:09:36 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Well, looks a bit too difficult for me to try, like croissants that I'd love to make some day. As if I have that much time.

patty   ( Tue Dec 09 10:09:50 PM GMT-05:00 2003
does anyone know how much having a parent with type 1 diabetes increases the chance of the child having it?

Brenda H.   ( Tue Dec 09 10:11:08 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Patty, try this page:
The Risk of Developing Type 1 Diabetes is discussed at:

Brenda H.   ( Tue Dec 09 10:11:41 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Ellen, I see the recipe you sent. Don't hold your breath waiting for me to make them and ship them to you! LOL 

Ellen (FL) Zack 16, dx'd 02/1989, pump  ( Tue Dec 09 10:11:41 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Patty I'm pretty sure there's something about that on this website

patty   ( Tue Dec 09 10:11:51 PM GMT-05:00 2003
thanks soooo much Brenda my husband is newly diagnosed with type 1 at age 31 and we have 2 kids

ms   ( Tue Dec 09 10:12:50 PM GMT-05:00 2003
hello everyone - i take it I'm coming in at the tail end?

Ellen (FL) Zack 16, dx'd 02/1989, pump  ( Tue Dec 09 10:12:53 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Come on Brenda, you manage to pack 36 hours into a 24 hour day  Grin 

Ellen (FL) Zack 16, dx'd 02/1989, pump  ( Tue Dec 09 10:13:47 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Hi you want to make some sufganiyot and send them here? LOL

Brenda H.   ( Tue Dec 09 10:14:11 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Patty, I am no scientist or medical expert, but I think there are other factors, not just genetics, involved in this disease. In our family, Marissa, 16, is the only person we know of with diabetes. Like Ellen's son, she's had it since 1989 and is doing relatively well. Hard to tell if some of her "attitude" is diabetes related or teenagerhood, if there's such a word!

Ellen (FL) Zack 16, dx'd 02/1989, pump  ( Tue Dec 09 10:15:16 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Pediatric Diabetes
Volume 4 Issue 2 Page 87 - June 2003

Genetic epidemiology of type 1 diabetes
Joel N. Hirschhorna,b,c

Abstract: Family and twin studies indicate that a substantial fraction of susceptibility to type 1 diabetes is attributable to genetic factors. These and other epidemiologic studies also implicate environmental factors as important triggers. Although the specific environmental factors that contribute to immune-mediated diabetes remain unknown, several of the relevant genetic factors have been identified using two main approaches: genome-wide linkage analysis and candidate gene association studies. This article reviews the epidemiology of type 1 diabetes, the relative merits of linkage and association studies, and the results achieved so far using these two approaches. Prospects for the future of type 1 diabetes genetics research are considered.


Corresponding author: JN Hirschhorn, Enders 561, Children's Hospital, 300 Longwood Avenue, Boston, MA 02115, USA. Tel: 6173558837; fax: 617-277-0496; e-mail:

Write to Joel Hirschhorn and request a reprint of his article.

ms   ( Tue Dec 09 10:15:25 PM GMT-05:00 2003
make them? na... easier to buy them.. but... it does sound tempting!! Can kill a person with diabetes you know? Wink 

Brenda H.   ( Tue Dec 09 10:15:40 PM GMT-05:00 2003
That's right, Ellen and I'm signing off to go mop the floor, iron, make a dress by hand sewing, chop the wood.  Grin  See you all later.

Ellen (FL) Zack 16, dx'd 02/1989, pump  ( Tue Dec 09 10:16:25 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Brenda, don't you have to plant some vegetables before you go to bed? Good night. Thanks for everything you do Brenda.

ms   ( Tue Dec 09 10:16:30 PM GMT-05:00 2003
the attitude... probably teenagehood, though highs and lows can have an impact (if you ask me)

Brenda H.   ( Tue Dec 09 10:16:42 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Even Mr. Food told Ellen he doesn't have a "healthy" version.

patty   ( Tue Dec 09 10:18:25 PM GMT-05:00 2003
thanks so much you guys I read that having a parent with type 1 increases from .5% to 5% for Caucasians

Judith   ( Tue Dec 09 10:18:49 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Patty, I have some stats for you. Just a minute...

Judith   ( Tue Dec 09 10:19:31 PM GMT-05:00 2003
The risk of developing Type 1 diabetes is:

General population 0.4%
Offspring of diabetic father 6.1%
Offspring of diabetic mother 2%
Offspring of diabetic mother more than 25 years old at birth 1.1%
Offspring of diabetic mother less than 25 years old at birth 3.6%
Offspring if both diabetic parents 30%

For More Information
Parental History of Diabetes in a Population-Based Study from Diabetes Care, Volume 19, Number 8, August 1996, Page 827.

Ellen (FL) Zack 16, dx'd 02/1989, pump  ( Tue Dec 09 10:19:33 PM GMT-05:00 2003
How's your husband doing Patty? How are you doing with the diagnosis? It is life altering for the family in many ways. I'm sure he appreciates your support.

Jeff Hitchcock   ( Tue Dec 09 10:19:50 PM GMT-05:00 2003
I'm going to shut down this room in a couple minutes, so please move to another room. I'll have a transcript up in the morning.

Judith   ( Tue Dec 09 10:19:54 PM GMT-05:00 2003
Article in Diabetes, January 2002, as reported in D Interview, April 2002: Results of a UK study of 1299 families. Risk was ascertained by measuring islet cell autoantibodies and other genetic markers for d. Sibs of those dx'd before age 5 had a cumulative risk of 11.7% of developing d before age 20. For kids dx'd ages 5-9, risk for sibs was 3.6; for those dx'd 10-14, risk for sibs was 2.3%. If the child was dx'd before age 5, parents had a cumulative risk of 5.9% of developing type 1 before age 40. For parents of those dx'd ages 5-14, the risk was 3.7%.

Judith   ( Tue Dec 09 10:21:21 PM GMT-05:00 2003
So you can "inherit" diabetes from your kids too.  Smile 

Ellen (FL) Zack 16, dx'd 02/1989, pump  ( Tue Dec 09 10:21:36 PM GMT-05:00 2003
There are some statistics here too:

Ellen (FL) Zack 16, dx'd 02/1989, pump  ( Tue Dec 09 10:22:21 PM GMT-05:00 2003
See you all in the Parents room

Moderator   (server) Tue Dec 09 11:28:31 PM GMT-05:00 2003
This room will close in five minutes. Please move to a new room.

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