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Ready to try out FreeStyle CoPilot for the first time?  

Here are the current capabilities of the System:

  • You will log-in by clicking the specified buttons on the right side of this page, either as a New User or as a returning Existing User (although you will probably want to bookmark the direct Log-In page if you become a regular User).

  • You may also log-in from here as a Health Care Provider (HCP).

  • In the future, you can also always access the log-in page from the main menu of the Children With Diabetes website at:, or directly through

  • When you click the New User log-in buttons, you are sent to a mini-registration page and, yes, we think you can complete it in 30 seconds or less.

  • If you are an HCP, you will need to click on
    “HCP Sign-Up” in the left menu to go to your registration screen.

  • You will choose a User ID and Password, which can be used again for as many times as you revisit the site.

  • The final step here is a legal requirement — click on the link at the bottom of this page and read the CWD CoPilot End User Agreement that appears in the pop-up window. When you click on the "I Agree" button at the bottom of the screen, the pop-up window closes and you can then click SUBMIT and your registration is complete.

  • A confirmation screen will then appear with a "Continue" button; clicking this button sends you to My Start Page. You will also separately receive a confirming e-mail message.

As a User/ Person with Diabetes, you will find
complete site navigation on the Start Page as
follows: (If you are an HCP, scroll down this page
for your navigation information.)

Left Side Menu:
  • Quick Status Report: click to immediately see a single page, multi-chart view of your diabetes control for 30 days counting back from the current date.

  • Upload from Device: click to go to a screen with images of the FreeStyle Tracker System and the FreeStyle Meter;click the image to go to the simple upload steps; follow these steps and then click "Begin Upload". An Uploaded Data Review page is then generated with your uploaded blood glucose data displayed; scroll down and click "Save" to accept the data into your record.

  • Enter Data Manually: click on individual subject Headings – Blood Glucose, Insulin/Oral Agents, Non-Diabetes Meds, State of Health, Food Intake, Exercise - to enter data; an Explain Glucose Reading screen lets you add comments; a Combined Entry screen lets you enter Blood Glucose, Insulin/Oral Agents and Carbohydate Grams without clicking between three separate screens.

  • Reports:
    • Status Report: same as Quick Status Report but with the ability to specify data formatting related to times and date ranges; click to go to a page where you can define these terms and generate the report for on-the-spot analysis, printing out, or faxing or e-mailing to a Health Care Provider with any comments.
    • Other Reports: offers option for Line Graph, Standard Day (Modal Day) Chart, Pie Chart, Diary List, 14 Day Average, Histogram, Logbook and Statistics overview for a choice of date ranges. Click to go to the screen where you define the desired time view, choose the type of report and then generate it for on-the-spot analysis, printing out, or faxing or e-mailing to a Provider with any comments.

  • Send e-Mail: gives you the ability to send an e-mail to a Health Care Provider without a Report attachment.

  • Log-Out

  • About This Program: describes all of the sections of the User's site and their features and functions.
Top Center Menu:
  • User Profile (optional)*: for adding information to what you submitted when you registered.

  • Set Preferences: for selecting your blood glucose target range; also for choosing your preference if you will be manually entering blood glucose readings, clicking on a range of numbers, or typing in the actual readings; also for specifying if, and how often, an e-mail reminder is sent to you to enter blood glucose readings in the System.

  • Health Care Provider Permission: for identifying Provider(s) who will be involved in your care and authorizing them to view and receive Reports produced from the data that you enter in the System.

  • Health Record (optional)*: for entering and saving additional information about your overall health.

  • Lab Record (optional)*: for entering and saving additional information about your lab test results.

* This is information that some Health Care Providers may want their patients to keep current in the System.
Top Right Menu:
  • These are links back to product information on the TheraSense website for the FreeStyle Blood Glucose Monitoring System, FreeStyle Tracker System, and the CWD CoPilot introduction page.


As a Health Care Provider using the System,
here is what you are able to do:

  • Log-In to the Health Care Provider site with log-in information that you define in registering on the System after a User / Patient has “Set Permission” for you to view their records online and/or receive reports run from their data by fax or e-mail.

  • Under View Reports in the left Menu, click on either Status Report or Other Reports to select the desired Report and enter the Patient’s name whose data is to be referenced. Or you can search a list of your Patients using the System and click on the specific name.

  • Fax or e-mail a Status Report or Other Report, with comments, to another Health Care Provider associated with the Patient.

  • Choose the desired time range, then click to generate the desired Report for analysis. If you have multiple Patients using the System, "Summary Report" is an option that lets you generate a Report that lists all of them with a 30 day recap of data which they have entered in the System.

  • Send e-Mail: gives the ability to send an e-mail to a Patient without a Report attachment.

  • Register Patients and Manage Patient Data: enables Providers to enroll Patients on the System themselves and insure that their required data is properly entered and maintained.

  • Log-Out.

  • About this Program: describes all of the sections of the Health Care Provider site and their features and functions.


Customer Service (toll-free): 1-888-522-5226
or by e-mail at