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Frequently Asked Questions
CWD CoPilot System Basic Requirements
Usage Restrictions for the CWD
CoPilot System
Data Management with the CWD
CoPilot System
CWD CoPilot System
Basic Requirements
Q: What are the hardware and Operating System requirements for the CWD CoPilot System?
A: The CWD CoPilot System website may be accessed via any computer that can connect to the Internet.

For electronic data upload and report generation however, best performance of the CWD CoPilot System is achieved using a Pentium – based PC with an Operating System of Windows 98 or above. Performance will be slowed when there is lesser capability.

Electronic upload to the CWD CoPilot System is not currently supported using an Apple Macintosh computer.

Q: What are the Web browser and Internet connection speed requirements for use of the CWD CoPilot System?
The System was designed to be used with computers on which the Internet Explorer browser is installed. Use of Netscape Navigator is not currently supported. Internet Explorer can be downloaded to your computer from the Microsoft website at

Best Performance of the CWD CoPilot System will be achieved with an Internet connection speed of 56K or above. Performance will not be as good at a lesser connection speed.

Q: Are there any accessories that I need to have for uploading data to the CWD CoPilot System from the FreeStyle meter or the FreeStyle Tracker System?
  A: A FreeStyle Data Cable (SKU 15002 in the TheraSense product catalog at is required to upload to the System from the FreeStyle meter. Users of the FreeStyle Connect PC-Based Data Management System will have received this cable with their purchase of that System. No additional accessories are required to upload from the FreeStyle Tracker System.
Usage Restrictions for the
CWD CoPilot System
Q: May I sign up to use the CWD CoPilot System from outside the U.S.?
A: The CWD CoPilot System is hosted on servers in the United States and was developed to be in compliance with laws and regulations, including online privacy laws and regulations, in the U.S. only. It has been determined that additional development is required to insure that the System complies with applicable laws and regulations in other countries outside the U.S., including laws and regulations governing online privacy and the transmission of personal data over the Internet. Therefore, at the present time, only individuals who reside in the U.S. may register as either a User or Health Care Provider on the System.
Q: Are there any restrictions for signing up to use the System?
  A: A restriction to signing up to be a User is that the person registering must be at least 13 years of age. This is in conformity with the Childrens’ Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA).
Q: Is there a way that my child, can make use of the CWD CoPilot System?
  A: Yes. A parent or guardian may register for their child under the age of 13. To do this, on the User Sign-Up page, the parent or guardian can enter the child’s name and contact information but enter their own birth date. This will enable submission of the registration. (Please note that all content on the site is addressing the person entering data, generating reports, etc. as the person with diabetes. Don’t be confused if you are reading it as a parent acting as the User on the site on behalf of your child.)
Data Management with the
CWD CoPilot System
Q: Can I upload from more than one FreeStyle Meter to my account? From both a FreeStyle Meter and a FreeStyle Tracker System?
  A: Yes. For each CWD CoPilot System account, you are able to upload from more than one FreeStyle Blood Glucose Monitoring System. You could therefore upload data into a single account from a meter that you keep at the office, as well as one you have at home or one at school. You are also able to upload to your account from both a FreeStyle Meter and a FreeStyle Tracker System.
Q: Can my 2 children keep their data in the same CWD CoPilot System account using separate files?
  A: Each User must have their own account in the System. If you have two children with diabetes and want to have the System keep both of their records, then you must register for and maintain two separate accounts, each with a different User ID and Password. There is no limit to the number of CoPilot accounts in each household.
Q: Can I merge or import the data I have previously uploaded to the FreeStyle Connect Data Management System into the CWD CoPilot System? Can I merge or import from a competitive meter’s data management program?
  A: Currently, a User is not able to electronically merge or import data which has been previously saved into the FreeStyle Connect System into the CWD CoPilot System. The same is true of data that is stored in competitive data management programs.
Q: My doctor has my blood glucose test history and other health records stored on a software program in his office. Can he merge the data in this program into the CWD CoPilot System?
  A: At the present time, data stored in any of the variety of record-keeping software programs, used by physicians and other Health Care Providers, can not be merged with or imported to the CWD CoPilot System.
Q: How is data handled if more than one test was performed in one time period? Will it be displayed as multiple tests for a specific time and will all entries be calculated into the graphs and statistics?
  A: In each time period, only the most recent reading is displayed by the CWD CoPilot System. Similarly, only this reading is plotted on graphic reports and included in statistics calculations produced by the System. Remember that you can use the “Comments” block on the Uploaded Data Review page and also the Explain Glucose Reading screen, accessed via the left menu, whenever you need to make note of multiple tests in a time period.

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