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    7 November 2018

  1. Congressional report says insulin market benefits drugmakers and insurers, not patients. You can download the full report. See also Congressional Diabetes Caucus Releases Report on Insulin.
  2. Increasing Insulin Affordability: An Endocrine Society Position Statement. (PDF)
  3. Supply chain transparency needed to combat soaring insulin costs.
  4. Some Patients With Diabetes Turning To Black Market For Insulin.

    31 October 2018

  5. Physicians group urges FTC to monitor insulin pricing.
  6. To fight high drug prices, Utah will pay for public employees to go fill prescriptions in Mexico.

    19 October 2018

  7. Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson sues insulin makers.

    3 October 2018

  8. ADA Settlement with KinderCare Ensures Access to Child Care Programs for Children with Diabetes.
  9. Your child has type 1 diabetes, and the school won't enroll her.

    26 September 2018

  10. Kentucky’s Diabetes Emergency Task Force Holds First Meeting.
  11. Insulin prices could be much lower and drug makers would still make healthy profits.

    19 September 2018

  12. Beyond the Books: Parents plan to sue district in battle over accommodating diabetic son.

    12 September 2018

  13. While not specifically related to diabetes, The Secret Drug Pricing System Middlemen Use to Rake in Millions explores the impact of Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) on drug pricing.

    5 September 2018

  14. While not specifically related to diabetes, The Secret Drug Pricing System Middlemen Use to Rake in Millions explores the impact of Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) on drug pricing.
  15. 22 August 2018

  16. Why a patient paid a $285 copay for a $40 drug.
  17. Americans rationing insulin as prices skyrocket.

    15 August 2018

  18. Biosimilars for insulin: a cost-saving alternative? Free full text available in PDF format with registration.
  19. Mom Fighting to Save Daughter: Big Pharma Can’t Hold You Hostage.

    8 August 2018

  20. JDRF response to UK Government’s reassurances on insulin supplies during European Union exit.
  21. Spending On Prescription Drugs In The US: Where Does All The Money Go?
  22. Q&A: What's behind the growing scrutiny of insulin prices?
  23. Family fighting high cost of insulin.
  24. Kansas City college student describes the copay that almost killed her.
  25. Spiking Insulin Costs Put Patients in Brutal Bind.

    25 July 2018

  26. Senator Collins Receives Trailblazer Award from JDRF.

    27 June 2018

  27. Skyrocketing insulin prices provoke new outrage.
  28. The Insulin-Pricing Machine.

    20 June 2018

  29. Patient Groups: Uphold Health Care Law As Congress Intended.
  30. High insulin costs have diabetes patients, doctors scrambling for answers.
  31. AMA Urges Federal Action to Respond to Insulin Price Hikes.
  32. Federal Intervention Needed on Insulin Prices.
  33. $344,000 paid in central Arkansas jail-death suit.

    16 May 2018

  34. Senate Hearing on Insulin Pricing. See also Congress Investigating Expensive Insulin–You Can Help by Signing Petition.

    9 May 2018

  35. Cost of Insulin for 13-Year-Old New Gloucester Boy More Than Triples Overnight.
  36. Va. Company Sold Poorly Trained Diabetic Alert Dogs: Lawsuit.

    2 May 2018

  37. Mississippi Man Blames Medtronic MiniMed for His Wife’s Death.

    18 April 2018

  38. Thanks, Sen. Hatch, for all your work on the Special Diabetes Program.

    4 April 2018

  39. Why We Should Prioritize Access-related Advocacy.

    28 March 2018

  40. Diabetes Discrimination at Child Care Centers Gets Slapped.
  41. Out-of-Pocket Costs for Insulin Are a Problem. Litigants in Case Disagree on Who Is at Fault.

    21 March 2018

  42. DPAC helps explain the FDA Drug Approval Process.

    14 March 2018

  43. Medicare should permit its beneficiaries who use continuous glucose monitoring to view the readings on their smartphone.
  44. Working Group Airs Concerns about Access to Diabetes Care.
  45. The De-List: How Formulary Exclusion Lists Deny Patients Access to Essential Care. (PDF)

    7 March 2018

  46. Drug transparency bill ignores role of insurers.
  47. EMA Accepts Regulatory Submission for Forxiga in Adults with Type-1 Diabetes.

    28 February 2018

  48. Emergency Prescription Refill Bill Signed Into Law.
  49. Injections a sticking point in schools for students with diabetes.

    14 February 2018

  50. CNN Exclusive: California launches investigation following stunning admission by Aetna medical director.

    7 February 2018

  51. Combating Type 1 diabetes requires long-term funding. See also Congress needs to finish the job and renew the Special Diabetes Program.
  52. Medtronic Fails to Quash Claims Over Teen’s Diabetic Shock.

    31 January 2018

  53. Diabetes research at risk due to funding lapse, groups warn.

    24 January 2018

  54. How Insulin Became Unaffordable.

    17 January 2018

  55. Colorado state representative introduces new legislation aimed at making insulin pricing more transparent.

    10 January 2018

  56. State Rep. Dylan Roberts plans to introduce bill to bring transparency to insulin prices in Colorado.
  57. Diabetes Shouldn’t Bankrupt You.
  58. Parents agonize over their kids' health as funding for children's insurance program remains in doubt.

    27 December 2017

  59. Did your prescription drug change? This may be why.
  60. The De-List: How Formulary Exclusion Lists Deny Patient Access to Essential Care.
  61. Formulary exclusion lists make it harder for patients to get prescriptions.

    6 December 2017

  62. Could Your Health Insurance Be Costing You Money at the Pharmacy?

    29 November 2017

  63. Why childhood-onset type 1 diabetes impacts labour market outcomes: a mediation analysis.
  64. What the New National Diabetes Commission Will Try to Accomplish.
  65. Controversial Refiled Bill Creates Licensing Requirement For Florida's 'Diabetes Educators'.

    22 November 2017

  66. Impact of the 2013 National Rollout of CMS Competitive Bidding Program: the Disruption Continues.
  67. Measuring the Burden of Health Care Costs on US Families.

    1 November 2017

  68. Flurry Of Federal And State Probes Target Insulin Drugmakers And Pharma Middlemen.
  69. Several Probes Target Insulin Drug Pricing.

    25 October 2017

  70. JDRF advocates for all Canadians living with type 1 diabetes to be eligible for the Disability Tax Credit. See also Liberals accused of tax grab by clawing back disability credit for diabetics.

    18 October 2017

  71. AACE Celebrates Passage of the National Clinical Care Commission Act.
  72. Mum claims lives are in danger because schools are not fully aware of diabetes risks.

    10 October 2017

  73. Barring a schoolgirl from a school trip due to a type 1 diabetes appointment is discriminatory and unfair. See also Girl, 7, with diabetes is banned from school cinema trip because hospital appointment cost her 100% attendance record.

    27 September 2017

  74. Nevada's drug-pricing law faces new court hearing next month.

    30 August 2017

  75. New law aims to give peace of mind to parents of diabetic children.
  76. Did a School Illegally Expel Two Children for Type 1 Diabetes?

    26 July 2017

  77. Congress must extend critical federal funding for type 1 diabetes research.

    21 June 2017

  78. Nevada forces drugmakers to reveal insulin pricing, profits.

    14 June 2017

  79. Nevada bill would require insulin makers to post profits.

    7 June 2017

  80. New law lets schools help diabetic students.

    31 May 2017

  81. CVS, Abbott, Others Accused of Price Fixing Blood Sugar Tests.
  82. JDRF Campaign Targets US Healthcare Insurers in Type 1 Diabetes.

    17 May 2017

  83. White House says diabetics don’t deserve health insurance. See also I Will Always Defend My Friends, Trump’s Budget Director Thinks People Choose to Have Diabetes, Don’t Deserve Health Care, and Trump Official Says Diabetes a Preexisting Condition Not Worthy of Coverage.
  84. American Diabetes Association Extremely Disappointed and Saddened by Comments About People with Diabetes from White House Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney.
  85. American Diabetes Association Responds to Comments by White House Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney about People with Diabetes.

    10 May 2017

  86. Keeping my kids with diabetes alive costs thousands a year. Trumpcare terrifies me.

    3 May 2017

  87. New Virginia law relief for families involved with Type 1 diabetes advocacy.
  88. What the MacArthur Amendment Means for People with Type 1 Diabetes.
  89. A Secret Profit Formula Loved by Drug Middlemen Is at Risk.
  90. Calling PBMs (Pharmacy Benefit Managers) to the Carpet.

    26 April 2017

  91. Senator Bernie Sanders wants to know How Has the High Price of Insulin and Other Diabetes Medications Impacted You.
  92. Desperate Families Driven to Black Market Insulin.
  93. Mom charged with disruption says she just wanted insulin for son.
  94. Nevada Could Deal a Serious Blow to Insulin Manufacturers.

    19 April 2017

  95. Lilly Takes a Stab at Pricing Transparency, But Is It Enough of the Right Data?
  96. America Needs an Rx for Its Prescription Drug Prices is an editorial by Larry Smith and Larry Ellingson of the National Diabetes Volunteer Leadership Council. Both have served as the Chairman of the Board of the American Diabetes Association.

    12 April 2017

  97. The High Price of Insulin Is Literally Killing People.
  98. NHS risking people's health by rationing test strips, Diabetes UK says.

    29 March 2017

  99. Mitigating out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs.
  100. Wyden Introduces Bill to Increase Transparency of PBMs.

    15 March 2017

  101. The T1D Exchange and Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition (DPAC) urge families to Act Now to Protect Affordable Healthcare for People with Type 1 Diabetes.
  102. Price of insulin has many with diabetes concerned about survival.

    8 March 2017

  103. Opening Up the Black Box on PBMs (Pharmacy Benefit Managers).

    1 March 2017

  104. The bare essentials: ensuring affordable access to insulin.

    22 February 2017

  105. Lawsuit accuses drug makers of conspiring to hike insulin prices.

    15 February 2017

  106. Judge Upends Effort To Limit Charity Funding For Kidney Patients’ Insurance.
  107. Three families pull diabetic children out of PWC Schools.

    8 February 2017

  108. Dear Congress: Don't take my 4-year-old son's life-saving health care away.

    1 February 2017

  109. Patients vs. Pharma: Hagens Berman files complaint against 'Big Three' insulin producers. You can read the 169-page suit. See also Is Pharma Breaking the Law?

    25 January 2017

  110. Support for Saskatchewan children with diabetes varies from school to school.

    18 January 2017

  111. JDRF Encouraged by Medicare Decision to Take First Step Toward Coverage of Continuous Glucose Monitors for People with Type 1 Diabetes. The full CMS ruling is available as a PDF.

    4 January 2017

  112. Rising insulin prices causing stress for Abilene diabetics.
  113. Soaring cost of life-saving drug becoming burden for diabetics.
  114. Rising cost of insulin concerns patients and doctors.

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