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Diabetes News in the Popular Press

    13 November 2018

  1. [New!] This pediatrician will be the only female doctor serving in Congress (she has type 1 diabetes).
  2. [New!] The Good News About Diabetes.
  3. [New!] Diabetes advocate shares personal journey to inspire hope.
  4. [New!] How medical devices like pacemakers and insulin pumps can be hacked.
  5. [New!] People with type 1 diabetes 'missing out on life-changing glucose monitors'.
  6. [New!] Dakabin teen goes in to bat for diabetics over glucose monitors.
  7. [New!] Unexpected gift from ESPN star boosts fundraiser for 10-year-old with type 1 diabetes.
  8. [New!] Ron Powlus III embracing life and football with Type 1 Diabetes.
  9. [New!] Mum's horror as daughter almost ends up in life-threatening coma after doctors told her it was 'just a virus'.
  10. [New!] The Cost of Living: The skyrocketing price of a lifesaving medication.
  11. [New!] Protesters take anger over insulin prices to drug makers, some bearing children’s ashes.

    7 November 2018

  12. Diabetics are hacking old insulin pumps to make them smarter — here's what happened when I tried it.
  13. Parents question nurse’s treatment of student with diabetes.
  14. What the diabetes community wants you to know.
  15. Rising insulin prices put squeeze on Oklahomans with diabetes.
  16. Karlen opens up on Type 1 Diabetes.
  17. The $250 Biohack That’s Revolutionizing Life With Diabetes.

    31 October 2018

  18. Open-Source Artificial Pancreas Technology Lifts the Burden of Type 1 Diabetes. (Free Medscape membership required)
  19. Cases of Type 1 diabetes diagnosed after the age of 30 are frequently not identified and may be misdiagnosed as Type 2 diabetes.
  20. Type 1 diabetes won’t stop Vancouver woman from running New York City Marathon.
  21. Rugby player with type 1 diabetes in FreeStyle Libre mission.
  22. Diabetics ration insulin because of escalating cost.

    24 October 2018

  23. Discovery, Interrupted: How World War I delayed a treatment for diabetes and derailed one man’s chance at immortality.
  24. Type 1 Diabetes Often Misdiagnosed in Adults.
  25. Mother believes daughter’s diabetic testing machine is being used by others at her school.
  26. Diabetes can’t stop from reaching the top – proved by children with diabetes.
  27. Cambridge Girl Writes Book to Help Sister, Raise Awareness About Type 1 Diabetes.
  28. Athletes with Type 1 diabetes find support system.
  29. 10-year-old Chesapeake boy gets wish of meeting Ed Sheeran fulfilled.
  30. Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan wants her Type I diabetes to help raise awareness.
  31. Welsh rugby star celebrates international recall after type 1 diabetes diagnosis.
  32. INPUT and JDRF announce charity merger.

    19 October 2018

  33. These Pewaukee parents knew nothing about diabetes before their baby was diagnosed with it. Now they're teaching others.
  34. Athletes with Type 1 diabetes find support system.
  35. Summit Academy defensive lineman doesn't let diabetes diagnosis stop him from standout senior season.
  36. New Face finalist Alexis Cook isn't letting Type 1 Diabetes stop her.
  37. Our love was a stack of pancakes covered in butter, maple syrup and whipped cream. And then it wasn’t.

    10 October 2018

  38. DIY diabetic systems.
  39. Type 1 diabetes often misdiagnosed in adults.
  40. Class about Type 1 diabetes has a twist: All the students are living with the disease.

    3 October 2018

  41. From Super Bowl champ to patient ambassador — Kendall Simmons on his battle with diabetes.
  42. 89-year-old diabetes patient thrives on insulin for more than 8 decades.
  43. House candidate runs across Ohio to fight rising drug costs.
  44. Dozens of marchers protest insulin prices, ask for transparency from Eli Lilly.
  45. Mom Warns Parents After 2-Year-Old Dies from Undiagnosed Diabetes: 'Become Aware of the Signs'.

    26 September 2018

  46. Family receives airport apology after daughter told her medication would make plane crash.
  47. Chicago Public Schools manager advised nurses to cut back on services for diabetic kids.
  48. Pennsylvania girl with diabetes dies after blood sugar drops during sleepover, family says.

    19 September 2018

  49. UnitedHealthcare gives 20-year guarantee to boy’s insulin coverage after Inquirer article.
  50. Diabetes Patients Are Hacking Together the Tech They Need. Doctors Are Just Tuning In.
  51. Diabetes: Livesaving Insulin Is Cripplingly Expensive—but DIY Drug Makers Could Be About to Change That.
  52. FMCSA Drops Exemption Process for Insulin-Treated Diabetic Drivers.
  53. Ravens rookie tight end Mark Andrews inspires fellow Type 1 diabetics to follow their dreams.
  54. Teddy bear helps families deal with type 1 diabetes.
  55. Muhammad Ali fights and wins to become first UK boxer with type 1 diabetes. See also Muhammad Ali to become first British diabetic boxer this weekend after battle to obtain licence.

    12 September 2018

  56. Some diabetics making tough choices as insulin prices spike.
  57. Boy, 3, saves diabetic mother’s life after her blood sugar levels crash.
  58. Users Create DIY Hack Of Diabetes Management Devices.
  59. Louisville donor provides $500K gift to UofL for type 1 diabetes research.

    5 September 2018

  60. 5 Things I’m Sick of Hearing as Someone With Type 1 Diabetes.
  61. Families ride the roller-coaster of type 1 diabetes.
  62. 15-year-old with Type 1 diabetes is ‘drafted’ by Vanguard University volleyball team.
  63. Students with chronic conditions face a stiff burden.
  64. Manchin speaks with family who suffers from a pre-existing condition.
  65. Rising cost of insulin a challenge to many diabetic Kansans.
  66. Insulin's High Cost Leads To Lethal Rationing.
  67. 29 August 2018

  68. Playing football with diabetes just part of the game for Decatur fullback.
  69. For Cubs pitcher, tickets to raise money for juvenile diabetes research are personal.
  70. Students teach kids how to manage Type 1 diabetes at Camp Conrad Chinnock.

    22 August 2018

  71. For DIY ‘loopers,’ diabetes educators play important role.
  72. Novo Nordisk celebrating decade of Kimball partnership. See also IndyCar racer Charlie Kimball beating diabetes and opponents.
  73. The Future of OpenAPS with Dana Lewis.
  74. Pilots land in Prairie while advocating for flying with diabetes. See also T1D Duo Breaks World Record in Flight.
  75. Individuals with Type 1 diabetes in Houston should plan for emergencies.
  76. It’s a dangerous eating disorder that affects people with diabetes. So why haven’t you heard of it?
  77. New medical specialty needed to manage growing number of Americans with diabetes.

    15 August 2018

  78. Can CGM Be a Game Changer for Pilots With Type 1 Diabetes? Two Men on a Mission Say Yes.
  79. Rwanda: Team Novo Nordisk fights for respect, diabetes education with Lozano’s stage win.
  80. Chris Dudley Basketball Camp: A unique experience for kids with type-1 diabetes.
  81. New diabetes technology introduced first in Mid-South.
  82. Nitro teen not letting diabetes keep him off the football field.
  83. Wales rugby international Tyler Morgan diagnosed with diabetes.
  84. Annual tennis tourney aids in diabetes fight.
  85. Tandem Diabetes: Beneath The Numbers, The Story Is More Impressive.
  86. Insulin prices are skyrocketing, affecting families in SWFL.
  87. Rising Insulin Prices Push Woman to Buy Medicine on Craigslist.
  88. New Contact Lenses Could Help Patients With Diabetes Keep Vision Longer.

    8 August 2018

  89. The $250 Biohack That’s Revolutionizing Life With Diabetes.
  90. Driving with Diabetes: One Racer's Story.
  91. Dublin girl fights through diabetes to earn MMA black belt.
  92. 2 farmers, 2 tractors on an epic journey to Alaska, raising money for Type 1 diabetes research.
  93. Giving kids with diabetes a chance to go camping.

    1 August 2018

  94. Bioengineered human 'pseudoislets' aim to improve treatments for type 1 diabetes.
  95. Brexit: Millions of diabetes patients could be 'seriously disadvantaged' by insulin shortages if no deal reached. See also As someone with diabetes, I'm prepared to secure my own insulin supply before Brexit – because I don't trust the government to do it.
  96. World-class triathlete Ryan Jones doesn’t let diabetes slow him down.
  97. Stu Cowan: Canadiens' Max Domi inspired by fellow diabetic Bobby Clarke.
  98. In bid for diabetes market, Medtronic, among others, talking money.

    25 July 2018

  99. When insurers drop medications for cheap alternatives, the effects can be devastating for some patients.
  100. Mother shares the outrageous cost of insulin for her daughter.
  101. Experience: I built my own pancreas.
  102. UF doctors’ videos, book aid Type 1 diabetics.
  103. Saliva could provide a painless type 1 diabetes test for children.
  104. Labour MP claims postcode lottery is blocking type 1 diabetes technology access.

    19 July 2018

  105. Former ‘American Idol’ runner-up visits Fort Mill diabetes day camp.
  106. Kimball's Toronto car highlights Diabetes Canada partnership .
  107. What is on Theresa May’s arm, what are the patches for and is she a diabetic?
  108. Inhalable insulin provides alternative to needles for millions living with diabetes.

    4 July 2018

  109. Camp Nolohi focuses on children with diabetes.
  110. Transplant surgeon changed Type 1 diabetes treatment the world over.
  111. Ketogenic dieters strip pharmacies of life-saving tests for diabetics.

    27 June 2018

  112. Koala with Diabetes at San Diego Zoo Receives Help from New Technology.
  113. Liberty Twp. girl to be juvenile diabetes ambassador.
  114. Diabetes Patients at Risk From Rising Insulin Prices.
  115. Utah families with diabetic kids are going to extremes to afford insulin.
  116. Ravens rookie Mark Andrews refuses to be defined by diabetes.
  117. Hixson boy with type 1 diabetes gets a special Riverbend surprise.

    20 June 2018

  118. Kids with Type 1 diabetes become friends after chance encounter at rodeo.
  119. Fighting the stigma of diabetes: helping young people speak out about their disease.
  120. Texas officer buys groceries for man who had his stolen when he fainted outside.
  121. Why does my health insurer sabotage my efforts to manage my diabetes?
  122. Study: Almost half of diabetics skip medical care due to costs.

    13 June 2018

  123. New device makes life easier for family of diabetic twin toddlers.
  124. Cutting-edge tech makes diabetes management easier (and less painful) than ever.
  125. Diabetes 'technological wave' has too much upside to ignore: JP Morgan.
  126. NDP government to cover cost of insulin pumps for diabetic patients of any age.
  127. The medicine keeping her alive was also killing her.
  128. Diabetes hasn't stopped Charlie Kimball from chasing his IndyCar dreams.
  129. Chronic Illness and Tragedy Turn Teen into Pharma-fighting Advocate.
  130. Hochman: 'Diabetic Phenom' — that's Cardinals rookie Jordan Hicks.
  131. What it's like to live with Type 1 Diabetes at university.
  132. Needle-free: 10-year Study Shows Rare Diabetes May Be Treated With Tablets.

    6 June 2018

  133. San Antonio bodybuilder makes strides in her goals while living with Type 1 diabetes.
  134. International Welsh sprinter with Type 1 diabetes to inspire youngsters.
  135. Golfer with type 1 diabetes sets sights on next championship victory.

    23 May 2018

  136. Paying the price for insulin.
  137. Ex-UM QB Hewlett's golf event nears $1M for diabetes.
  138. Evamere Elementary School students stand out for smiles, selflessness.
  139. Novo Nordisk commits nearly $7 million for Minglin Ma's diabetes research.

    16 May 2018

  140. A Mother's Day Message To Pharma: Lower Your Insulin Prices.
  141. Rally at Capitol brings attention to rising cost of prescription drugs.
  142. Dexcom's newest diabetes device can read your blood sugar without any blood, and it's a life-changer.
  143. Mom and daughter navigate Type 1 diabetes with innovative device.
  144. After Denver’s jail twice refused to accommodate a deputy’s diabetes needs, the city will pay him a $100,000 settlement.
  145. New look for Kimball at Indy.
  146. Indy notes: Daly partners with Lilly Diabetes for Indy 500, NASCAR race.

    9 May 2018

  147. Mark Andrews: Type-1 Diabetes Won't Be a Problem in NFL.
  148. From Type 1 diabetes diagnosis at 19 to Bellator debut at 27, Jordan Williams wants to inspire others.
  149. Mom takes on Lilly, high drug prices.

    2 May 2018

  150. Insulin Reaches Syrian Children with Diabetes.
  151. Challenges of Long-Distance Air Travel With Type 1 Diabetes.
  152. Kids and dog hailed as heroes for saving mom's life.
  153. Type I diabetes fails to deter Lady Comets.
  154. Passion for the games keeps young Aussie rules player going despite Type 1 Diabetes.
  155. Boys player of the year overcomes health scares.
  156. My doctor just suggested I travel from Red Lion to Mexico to get my diabetes medicine.
  157. Funding for biobank grows at UF for Type 1 diabetes research.

    25 April 2018

  158. Understanding the signs and severity of type 1 diabetes.
  159. I found out my daughter had diabetes when ambulance officers knocked on my door.
  160. The Risky Game One Doctor Plays To Help Patients Find Affordable Insulin.
  161. Sylvia Mare aims to be a positive role model for people suffering from health conditions.
  162. Titans GM Jon Robinson fights his biggest battle at his house.
  163. Albury-Wodonga pair receives Kellion Victory Medals from Diabetes Victoria for 50 and 70 years of living with diabetes.
  164. Focusing on her own health led ASU grad to health care degree.
  165. Extra Effort: La Crosse Logan High School senior is determined to help others.
  166. ‘Skyjack’ book signing happening tonight at Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore.
  167. Ms. America with a mission: Victorville native Brittany Wagner champions American Diabetes Association after winning national pageant.

    18 April 2018

  168. SUPREME COURT NOTEBOOK: Diabetes, decisions and justice math.
  169. Diabetes is not stopping this Brookline teen from running the Boston Marathon.
  170. When diabetes is your life, DIY on glucose monitors, pumps help.
  171. FDA approves AI-powered software to detect diabetic retinopathy.
  172. Red Mountain's Riley Pagel perseveres in football, baseball with Type 1 diabetes.
  173. PUMPD creates community for students with Type 1 diabetes.

    4 April 2018

  174. Diabetes: Our Nation's Most Expensive Health Condition.
  175. Dexcom wins FDA approval for next generation of glucose monitors for diabetes.
  176. Abbott invests in diabetes care start-up.
  177. Could a Vaccine Be the End of Type 1 Diabetes?
  178. Diabetics on the Margin: Celebrating Diversity Within the Diabetes Community.
  179. Swansea’s Miss Massachusetts Teen USA volunteers at diabetes center.
  180. Incoming All-American Cate Reese unfazed by Type 1 Diabetes.
  181. Camp Banting for children with diabetes reborn after threatened shutdown.
  182. Mark Andrews poised to make having diabetes into a positive as he inches toward NFL.
  183. Bison thrower Stroh thriving while dealing with diabetes.

    28 March 2018

  184. Dodgers reliever Scott Alexander gained strength from diabetes diagnosis.
  185. Challenged post player helps Baylor women to Sweet 16 again.
  186. Ian O’Riordan: Some drugs in cycling are a matter of life and death.
  187. 'Teddy Bear Clinic' helps children learn about Type 1 diabetes.
  188. Blind cavefish seem to ignore insulin without health consequences. See also Blind Cave Fish May Hold Secret To Treating Diabetes and Insulin resistance in cavefish as an adaptation to a nutrient-limited environment.

    21 March 2018

  189. New Diabetes Monitors Require Fewer Pricks, Less Guessing.
  190. Wolfscastle company, FRIO, helps with a world rowing first.
  191. Being 2-sport athlete with type 1 diabetes makes Alabama’s Keith Holcombe one of a kind.
  192. Theresa May: I rely on the NHS every day and I am eternally grateful to them.
  193. Sugarland: As Diabetes Rate Skyrockets, So Does Cost of Insulin.
  194. Providing Free Insulin and Blood Glucose Test Strips to Low-Income Families Improves Type 1 Diabetes in India.

    14 March 2018

  195. The Price They Pay.
  196. Cash-strapped diabetes sufferers to be hit hard as HBF no longer covers insulin pumps in basic policies.
  197. Just like everyone else.
  198. Batavia mom is raising awareness for Type 1 diabetes.
  199. First ever club set up for children with Type 1 Diabetes in North West.
  200. Low rates of kidney disease in adults with childhood-onset type 1 diabetes.
  201. Woman with type 1 diabetes unhappy at sharps box collection charge.

    7 March 2018

  202. Type 1 Diabetes Is No Longer Just for Kids.
  203. Boxing, running, dead lifts—diabetes doesn’t hold this Atlanta personal trainer back.
  204. Sugar and Summits: Hiking the Appalachian Trail with Type 1 Diabetes.
  205. Before winning a state title, Carmel's Riley Palm had to pin diabetes.
  206. Dangerous Trend: 40 Percent Of Young Women With Diabetes Suffer Eating Disorder.
  207. How two Northwestern grads are making childhood illness easier to 'bear': BTN LiveBIG.
  208. Meet Maggie Crawford.
  209. Major Medical Associations Feud Over Diabetes Guidelines.

    28 February 2018

  210. Woman raises concerns over diabetes alert dog agency.
  211. Type 1 diabetes: A life-changing diagnosis.
  212. Roche's Sinking Diabetes Unit Looks Toward a Monster for a Boost.
  213. Thomy toolkit could make life easier for children with type-1 diabetes.

    21 February 2018

  214. CAFF - A mother and daughter face reality of living with Type 1 Diabetes.
  215. Rare Tumor Could Help Produce Insulin For Type-1 Diabetics, Study Shows.

    14 February 2018

  216. Insulin quality questions have diabetes experts scrambling.
  217. Edgewood senior says she won't let anything hold her back.
  218. Crossing for a Cause: Seville Grove man to cycle from Perth to Sydney for Telethon Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre.
  219. Valognes delivers first major success for Team Novo Nordisk in Dubai Tour.

    7 February 2018

  220. Having A Child With Diabetes Meant I Had To Step Up As A Parent.
  221. Diabetic girl returning to school.
  222. Adjusting to life as diabetic: 'The love for the game kept me going'.
  223. Basketball player Kelsey Lachowski not letting Type 1 Diabetes define her.
  224. I Had to Bury My 26-Year-Old Son Because He Couldn't Afford Insulin.
  225. Boy, 6, saves mum's life after she suffers diabetic emergency in their Brislington home.

    31 January 2018

  226. Cool Kid Sierra Thornburg uses love of horses to help kids with special needs.
  227. Man recognised for managing type 1 diabetes for 70 years.
  228. She has battled diabetes for five decades and now has a medal for her courage.
  229. EMT Crews Often Unprepared for Diabetic Crises.
  230. Woman claims SA hotel didn't follow required ADA regulations.

    24 January 2018

  231. Late introduction of gluten linked to higher risks of type 1 diabetes.
  232. 2017 Inventor: Kavya Kopparapu, 17.
  233. Izabel Goulart Shows "Love" for the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation Through Charitable Giving App Elbi.
  234. Isle of Wight man recognised for seven decades of coping with Type 1 diabetes.
  235. Woman with type 1 diabetes who treated hypo receives parking fine.

    17 January 2018

  236. Eric Paslay brings encouragement, guitar tips to Vanderbilt children's hospital.
  237. Diabetic middle schoolers welcome newcomer to their 'band of brothers'.
  238. Diabetes doesn’t deter this young Chesterfield dancer.
  239. Hawaii athlete with Type 1 diabetes helps raise $100,000 to find a cure.
  240. Baking relative supports three generations of Calgary family diagnosed with extremely rare form of diabetes.
  241. Stem cell implant trial aims to reverse Type 1 diabetes.
  242. Diabetics living longer but medical costs growing rapidly.

    10 January 2018

  243. Could Pitt genetic procedure allow people with type 1 diabetes to produce their own insulin? See also Gene Therapy Temporarily Reverses Type 1 Diabetes in Mice.
  244. Maine woman pushing Congress to cover Type 1 diabetes insulin pump.
  245. Noah’s March: 11-Year-Old Breaks a Record Walking for a Cure.
  246. To catch Apple, Fitbit invests in a company that makes a small patch to track blood sugar for diabetics.
  247. Diabetes device development is ramping up but reimbursement looms large.

    3 January 2018

  248. Freed From the iPhone, the Apple Watch Finds a Medical Purpose.
  249. Diagnosis doesn’t keep Mercer soccer player off the field.
  250. Diabetes inspires Calgary rapper to release new song, raise awareness.

    27 December 2017

  251. Beast Mode: Strasburg man appearing on Netflix series ‘Ultimate Beastmaster’.
  252. IndyCar video: Kimball on move to Carlin.
  253. Eleven-year-old's march for diabetes research comes to end.
  254. Oklahoma teens can learn to manage diabetes at retreat.
  255. A Sweet New Technology for Diabetics.
  256. U tests new transplant treatment for Type 1 diabetes.
  257. Peers may influence how well type 1 diabetes is managed.
  258. Diabetic transplant recipient: 'I couldn't ask for anything more for Christmas'.
  259. Twin Falls man celebrates Christmas after double organ transplant.

    20 December 2017

  260. Congress Quietly Abandons Its Help for Diabetic Kids.
  261. Redditch footballer aims to help people with diabetes overcome barriers to sport.
  262. Family finishes cross-country trek to raise diabetes awareness.
  263. Police give ride to diabetic teen in need of urgent medical treatment.
  264. Allhands: Burger King employee was (mostly) right to help a diabetic with ice cream.
  265. Immunotherapy, gene editing advances extend to Type 1 Diabetes.

    13 December 2017

  266. Fifty Years of Living With Type 1 Diabetes.
  267. My on air Type-1 diabetes nightmare.
  268. Adults Can Get Type 1 Diabetes, Too.
  269. Student, professor talk life with Type One Diabetes.
  270. You're Not Alone: RAF Corporal Recognised For Helping Families Coping With Type One Diabetes.
  271. Type 1 Diabetes Life.
  272. Teenage drinking and type 1 diabetes.
  273. First Humalog Copycat (Admelog) Approved by FDA. (Free Medscape membership required.)

    6 December 2017

  274. Doctors 'wrong to assume type 1 diabetes is childhood illness'. See also Why thousands of adults are being misdiagnosed with type 2 diabetes.
  275. The most important thing we've forgotten in healthcare.
  276. Mapleton family puts positive spin on daughter’s diabetes.
  277. Sue Ingham, of Taunton, wins Diabetes UK's Robert Lawrence medal after living with diabetes for 60 years.
  278. Journalist praised for recovering from hypo live on air.
  279. A startup looking to reverse type 1 diabetes just raised $114 million.

    29 November 2017

  280. This is what it's like to raise a child with type 1 diabetes.
  281. Your child is diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. These families have been there.
  282. Highs and lows of diabetes.
  283. 10-year-old helps bring awareness to Type 1 Diabetes.
  284. Oklahoma high school football player beating the odds against diabetes.
  285. Olympic Swimmer Gary Hall Jr. Talks Competing as a Diabetic.

    22 November 2017

  286. The Weight: Caregiver Fatigue And Diabetes.
  287. Immune Checkpoint Found Lacking in Type 1 Diabetes.
  288. Group injects new life into camp for children with diabetes.
  289. Managing diabetes at school.
  290. Continuous Glucose Monitoring: Transforming the Lives of Canadians with Diabetes.
  291. New technology a game changer for Type 1 diabetes.
  292. Ottawa Preteen's Sugardrop Sweetwear Co. Fashionably Fighting Diabetes.
  293. Living with diabetes 50 years on.
  294. A spotlight on women.

    15 November 2017

  295. Westford resident receives medal for surviving 50 year with Type 1 diabetes.
  296. How Jordan Morris tamed Type 1 diabetes – and inspires future generations.
  297. Research underway to detect diabetes in children before it develops.
  298. ‘I am not diabetes’ - Rachel Portelli, Type 1 Diabetic .
  299. How these students at Corona’s Santiago High live with Type 1 Diabetes.
  300. Families pay thousands for service dogs they say misbehave in public.

    8 November 2017

  301. A Quest: Insulin-Releasing Implant For Type-1 Diabetes.
  302. Iconic Buildings To Go Blue For World Diabetes Day.
  303. Jennifer Stone And 6 Other Celebrities Who Have Type 1 Diabetes.
  304. Hartland woman's 3 children have diabetes. She won't stop raising money until a cure is found.
  305. On Henry, Hockey and Finding The Cure.
  306. Your milk may trigger diabetes.
  307. Liddy Huntsman: Type 1 diabetics face enough obstacles — don’t limit our treatment choices.

    1 November 2017

  308. Kids and diabetes: holiday travel tips for your child with diabetes.
  309. Brave youngster with type 1 diabetes who is allergic to insulin is first child in UK to be fitted with “DiaPort”.
  310. Diabetes Apps Increase User Engagement But Should Be Doing Just The Opposite.
  311. York High quarterback doesn't let diabetes keep him off the field.
  312. Quarterback keeps an eye on defenders and his blood-sugar level each Friday night.
  313. 15-year-old Canadian student develops EpiPen-like gadget for diabetes patients.
  314. Diabulimia: One of the most common eating disorders you’ve never heard of.

    25 October 2017

  315. Girl, 7, told she CAN go on school trip after ban over hospital appointment.
  316. Dear Abby: Grandma refuses to take boy’s diabetes seriously.
  317. Newbridge mum, Kathy Moore tells how her eight year old daughter copes with Type 1 Diabetes.
  318. Diabetic man hits out over NHS refusal to fund testing system that could change lives.

    18 October 2017

  319. Artificial Pancreas performs well in clinical trial.
  320. Patients face tough choices when a healthcare provider calls it quits.
  321. Lenny Kravitz rocked the Carousel Ball to $1.65 million raised for Type 1 diabetes.
  322. Maharashtra: 24 young adults suffering from Type 1 diabetes scale state's highest peak.
  323. No More Finger Prick. New Technology May Help with Diabetes Management.
  324. Will High-Tech Skin Put an End to Needle Sticks for Diabetes?

    10 October 2017

  325. ‘It is crippling’ — NJ diabetics struggling to afford insulin.
  326. Student Athlete of the Week: Griffin Floyd.
  327. Lawson researchers develop transition program to help young adults with type 1 diabetes move from paediatric to adult care.

    4 October 2017

  328. Teal Pumpkin Project: Alternative Halloween treats for kids with allergies, diabetes or other needs.
  329. Model predicts performance of glucose-responsive insulin.
  330. Boy Living With Type 1 Diabetes Excels on Baseball Diamond.
  331. Diabetes Ambassador Emily Wilson plans big adventure with Jerry the Bear.
  332. Why Bigfoot Biomedical’s CEO thinks the diabetes industry has a data problem.

    27 September 2017

  333. Highworth's Nate sets up Type 1 Diabetes group.
  334. The suicide note that told Megan's diabulimia story. See also Diabulimia: what it’s like to live with diabetes and an eating disorder and Everything you need to know about diabulimia, the dangerous mix of diabetes and an eating disorder. UK families can watch "Diabulimia: The World's Most Dangerous Eating Disorder" using the BBC Player.
  335. Ross Elementary raises more than 6K for juvenile diabetes research.
  336. Novo Nordisk extends sponsorship for two years.

    20 September 2017

  337. Growing Up With a Parent Who Has Type 1 Diabetes.
  338. Woodlands woman uses home to distribute diabetes supplies during Harvey.
  339. The designer who weaves clothes with her blood.
  340. Rising cost of insulin leads LI diabetics to take dangerous risks.
  341. Diabetes spikes among Mississippi children and no one knows why.
  342. The diabetic women risking blindness and even death by deliberately NOT taking their insulin to prevent weight gain as they are gripped by a terrifying eating disorder known as diabulimia.

    13 September 2017

  343. 'An escalating crisis': People with diabetes struggle to afford life-saving insulin. See also Protesters call on Eli Lilly to lower insulin costs.
  344. Student climbs Mount Kilimanjaro against odds.
  345. Summer of Service: 14-year-old spends summer in DC pushing for diabetes funding.
  346. Fitbit shares jump following a partnership with diabetes-tracking DexCom.
  347. What Is a Continuous Glucose Monitoring Device – and Can It Help Me?
  348. Software under skin helps save toddler.
  349. Fundraiser brings in heavy equipment to fight diabetes.
  350. Could modifying gut microbes prevent or delay type 1 diabetes?
  351. Prevalence of diabetes growing among VN children.

    6 September 2017

  352. In Hurricane Harvey’s wake, endocrinologists, CDEs work together to meet diabetes supply crisis in Houston.
  353. How This Wearable Tech Is Changing The Daily Routine For People with Type 1 Diabetes.
  354. Sheyenne student Johnson trying to make most of diabetes diagnosis.
  355. Jordan Morris expands his Type 1 diabetes mentorship at USMNT camps.
  356. Good on the Canadiens for teaming up with organization for skaters with Diabetes.
  357. Larry Ott: Alexander Popiel shares special bond with Kimball.
  358. Inaugural Spa City Ride to Cure Diabetes set.
  359. Tour De Cure Offers Experience For All Athletes.

    30 August 2017

  360. Son convinces dad to quit job, walk across country with him to raise diabetes awareness.
  361. Reds' Adam Duvall excels on field as he keeps diabetes in check.
  362. How UVA graduate with diabetes became a US Open inspiration.
  363. Mission Viejo resident rides 4,205 miles for Type 1 Diabetes awareness.
  364. Fort Wayne native biking cross country for diabetes awareness.
  365. ConVal's All-State quarterback embracing a new challenge.
  366. Former Miss Idaho teams up with bicyclists to raise money for diabetes.

    23 August 2017

  367. Kettering apologizes for not allowing girl on water slide because of insulin pump.
  368. Diabetic sailor Adam Pereira heading home after trip across Atlantic.
  369. Gladstone man awarded for surviving 60 years of diabetes.
  370. Nick Haynes winning fight with diabetes.
  371. IBM aims machine learning at type 1 diabetes with JDRF partnership. See also JDRF and IBM piece together the puzzle of type 1 diabetes.
  372. In diabetes device era, parents still report substantial type 1 burden.

    16 August 2017

  373. Kettering mother says her daughter was not permitted on water slides due to insulin pump.
  374. 19 cyclists end in Rutherford after riding across U.S.
  375. Noah marches through Eagle County: 11-year-old walking across America to raise Type I Diabetes awareness.
  376. Mountain biker won't let diabetes get in the way as he crosses the 'Great Divide'.
  377. INHEAVEN bassist Chloe Little on being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.
  378. The CEO of the world’s largest diabetes drugmaker says insulin pricing will change — it will just be slower than expected.
  379. With an eye on the FDA, Lexicon and Sanofi line up more positive data on diabetes drug.

    9 August 2017

  380. First implants derived from stem cells to ‘cure’ type 1 diabetes.
  381. Camp for kids with diabetes serves as much-needed retreat.
  382. Camp Leo offers exciting, supportive place for teens with Type 1 diabetes.
  383. Kentucky offensive lineman refuses to let diabetes define, defeat him.

    2 August 2017

  384. Extraordinary Kids: Logan Merwin.
  385. Kid co-author: Providence boy with Type 1 diabetes contributes to USU study.
  386. Knox County camp assures kids with diabetes that they’re not alone.
  387. Camp Red Fox gives children with diabetes time to manage their disease.
  388. Man with type 1 diabetes raising awareness after criticism for injecting in public.

    26 July 2017

  389. Oldest diabetic summer camp in the country, based in Newbury Township, continues tradition.
  390. IndyCar driver Kimball manages diabetes.
  391. Las Vegas siblings visit DC in diabetes research funding quest.
  392. 'Fun, sun and family': Kids with type 1 diabetes find community at camp.
  393. 'The signs were all there': Teen speaks out about diabetes diagnosis.
  394. “Beyond A1C” Pinpoints Metrics That Matter to Patients for Future FDA Approvals.
  395. A preventive vaccine for Type 1 Diabetes to be studied in humans for the first time.
  396. WHISTL Labs will be Cyber Range for Medical Devices.

    19 July 2017

  397. Notes: Kimball's Toronto livery spreads diabetes message .
  398. 'American Idol' finalist Crystal Bowersox shares positive message, songs at Camp Tanager.
  399. Melbourne brothers, thought to be Australia’s longest surviving twins with type 1 diabetes, honoured.
  400. This 32-year-old Ironman competitor doesn’t let diabetes get in the way of love, fitness or work.
  401. Wiedmer: Ryan Seaberg an American idol for anyone with type 1 diabetes.
  402. Fayetteville teen to represent NYS advocating for type 1 diabetes research in D.C.
  403. Health Insurers Try Paying More Upfront To Pay Less Later.
  404. Summer camp for Chinese teens suffering from diabetes held in Shanghai.
  405. Ascensia inks deal with Dexcom to integrate ContourNext One BGMS into G5 Medicare offering.
  406. Wharton student with celiac disease helps kids with diabetes.

    12 July 2017

  407. Building community: Kejimkujik National Park camp provides safe space for teens with Type 1 diabetes.
  408. Type 1 diabetes: 'A simple test could have saved my son'.

    28 June 2017

  409. Insulin is too expensive for many of my patients. It doesn’t have to be.
  410. This Is What Happens When People With Diabetes Lose Medicaid.
  411. Bike Beyond stops in central Ohio, pedaling for type 1 diabetes awareness.
  412. Pleasant Prairie girl heads to Washington to be 'diabetic superhero'.
  413. Children with diabetes enjoy summer camp.
  414. This man has run forty half marathons to mark forty years of having diabetes.
  415. Tiny Device Helps Diabetics Monitor Blood Sugar Continuously & Discretely.
  416. Children with diabetes pose a special emotional challenge for parents and caregivers.

    21 June 2017

  417. Camp Ho Mita Koda for children with diabetes to re-open for two weeks in July.
  418. Diabetes camp educates, entertains.
  419. Newport man aims to be first Type 1 diabetic to row Atlantic.
  420. Ethan Explains Type 1 Diabetes.
  421. Type 1 diabetics talk about reality of decades of daily life with the condition.

    14 June 2017

  422. Beyond Type 1, A Global Diabetes Non-Profit, To Take Over Diabetes Hands Foundation's Core Programs.
  423. A double struggle for a family dealing with type-1 diabetes.
  424. Fremont student disciplined after poking others at school with diabetic lancet.
  425. Woman Charged For Failing To Manage Daughter’s Diabetes.

    7 June 2017

  426. Growing up with diabetes.
  427. How Nicole Petit lives with diabetes. Part one: The diagnosis.
  428. How Diabetes Is Transforming People Into Real-Life Cyborgs.
  429. Award presented to Carroll athlete dealing with diabetes.
  430. Versailles teen continues mission to strike out diabetes.
  431. Usher Reveals Why He Missed the Manchester Benefit Concert: 'I Would Have Loved to Be There'. See also Usher Takes Son to Diabetes Camp, Misses Manchester Benefit Concert.
  432. 8-year-old saves diabetic mother in South Bend.
  433. Move over mice, canines may be next in line to study diabetes.

    31 May 2017

  434. Boxer Sugar Ray Leonard Hosts Pediatric Diabetes Fundraiser.
  435. How an elite athlete and type 1 diabetic observes Ramadan.

    24 May 2017

  436. Rising insulin prices have diabetics crying foul.
  437. Nevada bill could force Sanofi, Novo and Lilly to reveal their insulin pricing secrets.
  438. Diabetics: Roche says it can save you big money.
  439. Diabetic Alabamian built her own artificial pancreas, gives away plan for free.
  440. Eric Paslay Treats Pediatric Diabetes Patients to a Private Concert — and Compares Glucose Monitors!
  441. Diabetes just another challenge for IndyCar driver Conor Daly.
  442. Newton mom continues diabetes education eight years after son’s death.

    17 May 2017

  443. Insulin price hikes tell us a lot about what's wrong with drug pricing in America.
  444. Patients Beg For Pricey Drugs On Facebook Black Market.
  445. Denying Health Care to Diabetics Makes Just About Zero Sense.
  446. Mum's fury after diabetic son refused food at McDonald's despite sugar levels plunging.
  447. Former CBS3 Reporter Details Living With Type 1 Diabetes In New Book.
  448. How I Run 100-Mile Races with Type 1 Diabetes.
  449. What It Takes To Dance With Diabetes.
  450. Kilmarnock dentist raises thousands for type 1 diabetes with incredible ultramarathon effort.
  451. Transplant of Insulin-Producing Cells Offers Hope Against Type 1 Diabetes.
  452. Woman with type 1 diabetes still off insulin one year after cell transplant.
  453. Why This Miss USA Contestant Is Proudly Wearing Her Type 1 Diabetes Glucose Monitor During the Competition.
  454. Research facility will advance treatment of Type 1 diabetes.
  455. Eli Lilly raised prices on 9 drugs last week.

    10 May 2017

  456. Diabetes can't stop you from climbing Everest.
  457. Diabetes doesn't slow Kimball down.
  458. Roy athletes not dragged down by Type 1 diabetes.
  459. North Scott soccer player battles diabetes with continuous optimism.
  460. Kids with diabetes show a 'Kandu' spirit.
  461. Doctors turn to the power of peer groups to help diabetics.

    3 May 2017

  462. 'It's not a barrier in life' - Theresa May opens up on Type 1 diabetes.
  463. Adolescents with good type 1 diabetes control have better long-term health outcomes.
  464. George Canyon honoured for tireless work, advocating for those with Type 1 diabetes.
  465. Cyclist turns a death sentence into a race against diabetes.
  466. Nick Jonas Opens Up About His Type 1 Diabetes With Some Inspiring Words.
  467. University of Virginia Researchers Develop Artificial Pancreas to Control Type 1 Diabetes.
  468. Unique program normalizes diabetes for kids with type 1.
  469. Nonprofit raises funds for children with Type 1 diabetes.
  470. Milton father runs North Pole half-marathon for diabetic son.
  471. With a motor and a mentor, elite basketball recruit Cate Reese moves forward with diabetes.
  472. Heroic boy, 6, saves diabetic mum's life as she collapses at kitchen table after breakfast.
  473. Try Walking In A Type I Diabetic's Shoes.
  474. 2 Investigators: The Black Market For Diabetes Test Strips.

    26 April 2017

  475. Researchers discover technique that could lead to diabetes cure.
  476. IBM's Technology Predicts Diabetic Retinopathy with High Accuracy. See also IBM Machine Vision Technology Advances Early Detection of Diabetic Eye Disease Using Deep Learning.
  477. Brother, sister thrive despite Type 1 Diabetes.
  478. Young boy coming through Nashville on march across the U.S. for Type 1 Diabetes awareness.
  479. Oak Hills softball standout Sid McElroy is an inspiration to her teammates.
  480. Families who live with diabetes lament medication high costs.
  481. Point Walter camp provides help for children with diabetes.
  482. When Is It Safe to Drive With Type 1 Diabetes?

    19 April 2017

  483. Science May Have Found a Way to Reserve Type 1 Diabetes.
  484. Apple has a secret team working on the holy grail for treating diabetes.
  485. Diabetic teen thanks strangers for saving his life.
  486. Ten-year-old, family, explain life with Type 1 Diabetes.
  487. Fayetteville cyclist battles to become pro despite diabetes diagnosis.
  488. Salem toddler diagnosed with type 1 diabetes uses art to communicate.
  489. Young lacrosse star balances Type 1 diabetes with his sport.
  490. How Type 1 diabetes affects my abilities as a student.
  491. Patients Receive Lilly Diabetes Journey Award.
  492. 19-year old Georgia college student dies of diabetes complication.

    12 April 2017

  493. Camp Ho Mita Koda, oldest in nation, closed as Diabetes Partnership of Cleveland dissolves.
  494. Minecraft morphed into game to help kids and parents deal with onset of diabetes.
  495. Mountain Ridge pitcher Tommy Lowe battles elbow, diabetes on way back to the mound.
  496. Isle of Wight diabetes patient honoured with prestigious medal.
  497. McAllen Teen Opens Up About Living with Type 1 Diabetes.
  498. Horse racing license granted to teenager with type 1 diabetes.
  499. With same training, insulin pumps no better than injections.
  500. Tom Gaglardi announces $3 million gift to JDRF Canada.

    29 March 2017

  501. Woman goes into diabetic shock, turns to Facebook friends for help.
  502. Athlete with Type 1 diabetes tells of marathon motivation.
  503. Boy walks 4,000 miles to help cure diabetes.
  504. Teddy Bear Hospital helps kids with type 1 diabetes.
  505. A hockey camp for kids suffering from diabetes.
  506. ‘Insulin Superheroes’ program reduces HbA1c in children.

    22 March 2017

  507. Colorado Springs family adapts to reality of Type 1 diabetes as, one after one, children are diagnosed.
  508. 11-year-old with diabetes excited to participate in Tour de Cure for third year.
  509. Kidnap Victim Brittany Diggs: Insulin Pump Aided Trunk Escape.
  510. Worried about losing insurance, people stockpile medications.

    15 March 2017

  511. 3 Generations Of Type 1 Diabetes, One Shared Struggle.
  512. Would-Be Doctor as Patient: Dealing with a Diabetes Diagnosis.
  513. Amherst athlete Elizabeth Carter fights diabetes, celiac disease.
  514. Diabetes Can't Stop A Warrior: 11-Year-Old Keeps Playing Basketball After Diagnoses.
  515. Royals pitcher Scott Alexander manages diabetes and basebal.
  516. East Texan shares what it's like living with Type 1 Diabetes.
  517. Diabetes Australia presents Kellion Victory Medal to Tallangatta resident Philip Waldron.
  518. Type 1 Diabetes: Liam’s Story.
  519. Webster City woman recognized for 50 years of surviving diabetes.

    8 March 2017

  520. Lilly Diabetes Becomes 'Official Diabetes Health Partner of NASCAR.
  521. Madrid's Nacho on diabetes: 'I was told my footballing days were over'.
  522. With diabetes under control, pitcher Dylan Covey tries to stick with White Sox.
  523. Stars owner Tom Gaglardi’s fight to cure diabetes is motivated by one thing, his son .
  524. Diabetes no match for Vikings' Muxlow.
  525. How a small device could change the lives of Type 1 Diabetics.

    1 March 2017

  526. New Device Helping Diabetics Track Blood Sugar Without Fingersticks.
  527. Ryan Reed survives multiple wrecks to win Xfinity Series at Daytona.
  528. Parents Think Teen's Growth Spurt Is Him 'Leaning Out' Until Mom Hears Him Call for Help to the Couch.
  529. 'I don't live by its rules' - Kendall Simmons' Wellness blog, living with diabetes.
  530. Lancers' Rylie Rucker refuses to be sidelined by diabetes.
  531. Dealing with diabetes distress.
  532. Fans help Edmonton man in diabetic emergency at Garth Brooks concert.
  533. Mum calls on Government to license new diabetes monitors to stop kids from pricking skin with needles.

    22 February 2017

  534. Despite Challenges, RaeLynn, Eric Paslay and Other Stars Don't Let Type 1 Diabetes Limit Their Dreams.
  535. The Other Diabetes.
  536. The smile that never fades.
  537. Type 1 diabetic Rebecca Johnson’s solo Rottnest Swim part of ‘life without limit’.
  538. Central Montcalm’s Libby Ledford doesn’t let type 1 diabetes control her life.
  539. Son’s Diagnosis Fuels Multifaceted Approach to Treating Diabetes.

    15 February 2017

  540. Hackers are sparking a do-it-yourself revolution in diabetes care.
  541. Diabetes and air travel: Ensuring security, promoting dignity.
  542. Real Madrid's Nacho Fernandez feared diabetes would end football dreams.
  543. Central Montcalm’s Libby Ledford doesn’t let type 1 diabetes control her life.
  544. Lakeville South Volleyball Player Shares Experience of Living with Type 1 Diabetes.
  545. 'Diabetes doesn't spell career death,' Limerick cyclist tells kids.
  546. Gustavus swimmer Peters doesn't let diabetes define him.
  547. EMA instructs warning about SGLT2 inhibitors to appeal on labels.

    8 February 2017

  548. Bionic Pancreas Passes Critical Science Hurdle; $12M from NIH moves ENG prof’s device forward.
  549. UVa testing artificial pancreas in adults with type 1 diabetes.
  550. Type 1 diabetes not a problem for Kalamazoo United freshman Brandon Murray.
  551. Diabetes has become one of America’s most expensive diseases.

    1 February 2017

  552. Final 2017 F150 Raptor Raises $207k for Juvenile Diabetes Research.
  553. All-diabetic cycling team taking part in Dubai Tour carry message of hope.
  554. Baylor freshman forward Lauren Cox’s battles go beyond the court.

    25 January 2017

  555. After Escape From Syria, Another Dangerous Foe: Diabetes.
  556. Study ties inflammation, gut bacteria to type 1 diabetes.
  557. Making delivery as sweet as possible for people with diabetes.
  558. These Penn Medicine researchers were just given $12 million to study diabetes.
  559. Children's Mercy Hospital Launches Innovative Diabetes Program.
  560. J&J Q4 sales up 1.7 pct, plans to divest diabetes care division.

    18 January 2017

  561. Campaigners urge research into type 1 diabetes to be top of agenda in Scotland.

    11 January 2017

  562. Artificial pancreas gives hope of easier management to Type 1 diabetics.
  563. The search for what triggers type 1 diabetes.
  564. Common virus may have role in type 1 diabetes.
  565. Families feeling financial strain of diabetes.
  566. Former Steeler Kendall Simmons' NFL career helped him manage life with diabetes.
  567. Type One diabetes campaigners at parliament.
  568. Schoolgirl undertakes epic cycle challenge to raise type 1 diabetes awareness.
  569. Toddler, 20 months, becomes youngest child in the world to receive blood from her own umbilical cord to stop diabetes - after it was stored to treat her sister for the same disease.

    4 January 2017

  570. Diabetes in the Digital Age.

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