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  1. My three and one-half year old son has been diagnosed with ketotic hypoglycemia. What exactly is ketotic hypoglycemia? What else should we be doing for him? (31 Oct 2000)

  2. My doctors have told me that it may take up to a year to get my blood sugars back under my normal control since I had the baby. Is this true? I certainly never expected it to be this difficult after the baby. Does breast feeding have anything to do with it? (31 Oct 2000)

  3. What effect does diabetes have on a unborn during the last trimester when the glucose has now become a problem? (31 Oct 2000)

  4. Last year, she went on the pump. We are having trouble with the site coming off during the night. I have tried covering the site with Op-site, but my daughter says it itches. Any suggestions? (31 Oct 2000)

  5. There is quite a bit of talk these days about the use of islet cell grafting and pancreas transplants as a cure for diabetes. Even when successful, the recipients of this type of therapy must take immunosuppressant drugs for the rest of their lives. What is the risk of cancer and opportunistic infection, which I know is increased when taking these drugs? Is it worth trading diabetes for possible cancer? (31 Oct 2000)

  6. In a 13 year old girl, does stress raise blood sugar levels? Are mood swings related to blood sugar levels? (31 Oct 2000)

  7. I have heard that there is a patch soon to be released. Would a fifteen month old be a candidate? (31 Oct 2000)

  8. My five year old daughter seems to exhibit some symptoms of diabetes. Recently, sugar was found in her urine. Her blood sugar was normal. What conditions cause sugar in the urine but normal blood sugar? (31 Oct 2000)

  9. Is there any other company manufacturing beef insulin other than Novo-Nordisk and Eli Lilly? (31 Oct 2000)

  10. Every meal was a battle trying to get him to eat more or denying his request for more. Recently, I have begun giving him his injection immediately after he finishes eating, based on the carbs he ate. His doctor says this is wrong, but can't really explain why. Why must he be given his shot before he eats? (30 Oct 2000)

  11. I have just received brochures about the Morinda root and the Noni nectar. They claim to be able to help blood sugars, and reversal of diabetes. Where can I find information to help refute these claims? (30 Oct 2000)

  12. I am the mother of an almost seven year old girl, diagnosed this summer. I read about the push to have school personnel trained to give glucagon. Why fight for this? It seems much better to fight for full time school nurses. I don't want teachers to dread having my daughter in class because of her diabetes. (30 Oct 2000)

  13. I had a miscarriage a few months ago and now am about four weeks pregnant. At about the same time, for both pregnancies, my blood sugars have gone over 200+ mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L]. My control before pregnancy was great. My blood sugar was very rarely over 140 mg/dl [7.8 mmol/L]. Is this due to insulin resistance? (30 Oct 2000)

  14. I had my annual exam and showed very high levels of sugar in my urine. I had not eaten any sweets for days. They sent me down to the lab for a diabetes test. They said I did not have diabetes, but never clarified if I should be doing anything about the sugar in my urine. Should I be tested again? (30 Oct 2000)

  15. Food labels list dietary fibers, sugar, and sugar alcohols. What's the difference between them? Should I treat the grams in the sugar-alcohol like the sugar grams? (30 Oct 2000)

  16. My 11 year old son becomes very ill if he has to skip a meal. In addition, he is painfully thin and urinates frequently. Should I have his glucose levels tested? (30 Oct 2000)

  17. My 11 year old son has had diabetes for four years, is now on multiple injections, is not in great control. His doctor is recommending the pump. I don't know why this scares us so, but how do we know that a pump is right for us? What can we expect when we start this? (30 Oct 2000)

  18. I would like to teach a diabetic diet to a seven year old. Do you have information or a plan that would help to make it understandable and user friendly? (30 Oct 2000)

  19. I have been on a low carbohydrate diet for about a month. My blood sugar readings have dropped centering around 125 mg/dl [6.9 mmol/L]. I have cut my medications in half. Do the presence of ketones affect the readings that appear on blood glucose monitors? (30 Oct 2000)

  20. I am a 27 year old female and have just been diagnosed with pseudohypoglycemia and am looking for ways to control the symptoms. I do not have diabetes of any kind. (30 Oct 2000)

  21. How can I best prepare a Halloween punch called Witches' Brew so that all clients can enjoy? We have senior citizen clients with all types of diabetes. (24 Oct 2000)

  22. Most of the information on non-invasive blood testing advances and products seems to be very dated. What is the latest information on research, advances and products in this area? (24 Oct 2000)

  23. My seven year old daughter has been having "episodes" of hypoglycemia attacks for the past four years. Although never officially diagnosed as hypoglycemia, we feel it is inherited. Her pediatrician is recommending that she be tested in the endocrine department of the children's hospital, even though she just had an entire round of normal blood and urine tests. (24 Oct 2000)

  24. I have been diagnosed with acute pancreatitis. So, I will need insulin eventually. Will my pancreas ever come back? If yes, how long will it take? (24 Oct 2000)

  25. My 18 year old daughter suffered a stroke three months after she started to use birth control pills. She has had diabetes since age ten, and does a great job of self-management. What happened? (24 Oct 2000)

  26. My dermatologist decided to do a few tests. The tests showed an abnormal glucose of 56 mg/dl [3.1 mmol/L]. My mother has diabetes mellitus. What does this mean to me including the fact that low sugar count showed on my test? (24 Oct 2000)

  27. I periodically check blood sugars on my 19 month old twins. I have found on several occasions that one twin has an elevated sugars. These readings have been sporadic, and we have not had a high reading in at least a month. Could this be considered honeymoon? (24 Oct 2000)

  28. I just want to know an algorithm for insulin dosage adjustment for the basal-bolus schedule. Is the 0.6 units per kilogram of body weight right? (24 Oct 2000)

  29. I am 12 years old, have had diabetes for seven years, and have eczema. It never seems to get any better even with medication. My blood sugar has been running from 50 to 400 mg/dl [2.8 to 22.2 mmol/L]. Do you think that my diabetes has anything to do with my eczema? (24 Oct 2000)

  30. What are the dangers of lowering your blood glucose level rapidly, aside from hypoglycemia? I've heard that doing so can cause retinopathy. Is this true? Although I generally have good control, I have occasional highs, which I counteract with lispro insulin. Is this a bad idea? (24 Oct 2000)

  31. My daughter recently tried the new CGMS. We saw that her sugar rises on it's own (without eating food or glucose) when she's been low, and then can stay high for a long time, in spite of correction boluses. I have a lot of questions about rebound hyperglycemia. (23 Oct 2000)

  32. I am worried that my son may have diabetes. He has shown a few signs including severe itching of the bum and also an increased thirst. Could this be an early indication? (23 Oct 2000)

  33. For the past two months, my four and a half year old daughter has been showing many of the symptoms of diabetes. I took her to our doctor who did a urine test for diabetes, it came up negative. He said that they only do blood tests in adults. Is this correct? If so, are urine tests accurate? (23 Oct 2000)

  34. I would like to know how reputable this company is and how well their claims stand for this nutritional supplement. (23 Oct 2000)

  35. My 17 year old daughter has had type 1 since age nine. She is considered to have "brittle" diabetes. She has an anxiety disorder and was bulemic. She spent the past three months in a clinic where she did well, but has lost weight since returning home. She is currently having ketones with normal blood sugar ranges and even a few low ones. (23 Oct 2000)

  36. My 12 year old son had type 1 diabetes for a about 14 months. Just recently, while giving himself in an injection, he complained of getting a metal taste in his mouth and some soreness at the injection site. Have you ever heard of this before? (23 Oct 2000)

  37. My son has had type 1 diabetes for one year now. Why, when I test him one and one-half to two hours after eating dinner, is his blood sugar about 150 mg/dl {8.3 mmol/L], and then, about three to four hours later, in the 200s mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L]? (23 Oct 2000)

  38. I am 16 years old and have always been a "vegetarian". I feel tired all the time, I'm moody, my hands and feet get very cold at times, and I find that large amounts of sugar make me feel "sugar-brained" or "sugary" in the head, although low amounts of sugar when I'm tired seem to pick me up. Should I get myself checked? (23 Oct 2000)

  39. My 19 year old son was diagnosed with type 1 five years ago. He has not been to his doctor recently and has not tested his levels in some time. He recently told me that he experienced something that may have been a seizure of some sort. It has not happened since, but I know his sugar levels are not good because he is urinating so often. Is this diabetes related? (23 Oct 2000)

  40. I am 54 years old. Both my parents have diabetes. I am taking honey every day during breakfast. Is it harmful to me? Can it cause diabetes? (23 Oct 2000)

  41. Our 10 year old daughter was diagnosed six months ago with Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Antibodies were present, but she has no other symptoms. Our pediatric endocrinologist has put her on medication. Do you think treatment is of any benefit at this point? (23 Oct 2000)

  42. How concerned should I be about the shortage of flu vaccine this year, and what can I do about it? (22 Oct 2000)

  43. My six and one-half year old son was diagnosed at age five. He is in the first grade, very smart, and does his school work well, when he does it. Ten minutes of work can take him one and one-half hours. When pushed, he can do it quickly. His last hemoglobin A1c was 5.5%. Could this be related to his diabetes? Is this a learning disability? A brain thing? (22 Oct 2000)

  44. What artificial sweeteners are okay for use during pregnancy and what amount is safe? I like saccharin, but I have heard it is not safe during pregnancy. (22 Oct 2000)

  45. My 19 year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes three years ago. Her brother is now 25, and we used a meter to check some blood sugars on him. Is this an indication that he developing diabetes? Does what a person who does not have diabetes eat give them high blood sugars like they would a person who has diabetes? (22 Oct 2000)

  46. My nine year old nephew was diagnosed with diabetes when he was six. It seems that his pancreas is still producing insulin, and that his body isn't allergic to the insulin. The specialist is looking into the possibility of him having MODY. What ways are there to find out exactly what type of diabetes he has? If he does, in fact, have MODY, is this news good, bad, or indifferent? (22 Oct 2000)

  47. Does "brittle" diabetes have something to do with an unstable insulin-glucagon production? Do people with brittle diabetes produce a lot of insulin at certain times and other times lots of glucagon? (22 Oct 2000)

  48. My 31 year old sister-in-law had gestational diabetes. Her son was born with impaired vision. She is claiming that this is due to stress which raised her blood sugar during her seventh month. Is it possible that his impairment was caused by this? (22 Oct 2000)

  49. About six months ago, I discovered that my second child has diabetes. The range the doctors advised and my son's blood glucose levels are, mostly, different. What is the required range of glucose that a four year old child must not exceed? Is it advised to give extra insulin, if I find it very high? (22 Oct 2000)

  50. My six month old son was born prematurely and had hypoglycemia. I understand that hypoglycemia affects the development of the child. At present, he is growing like a normal child. Up to what age can hypoglycemia affect the development of my child? What preventive measures we should take to make him grow normally? (22 Oct 2000)

  51. Our three year old son was diagnosed with type 1 two months ago. He is not potty trained yet. Could the diabetes have anything to do with him not being interested in training yet, or is it just that he isn't ready? (22 Oct 2000)

  52. I think that these are symptoms of hypoglycemia, but what I am wondering is if this will go away with age or turn into diabetes. (22 Oct 2000)

  53. I know that it is widely recommended that people with diabetes do get flu shots. Is there any information available out there on why one would not get a flu shot, and is there a school of thought out there that recommends not getting the shot? Also, should I and other people around him get a shot, so that we don't put him at extra risk? (21 Oct 2000)

  54. My 16 year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 at age nine. She has a lot of anxiety problems. She was recently put on anti-depressants to help. I know that stress and anxiety can raise blood sugar levels, but can a person can get ketones too even if insulin is increased during these times? (20 Oct 2000)

  55. My two year old daughter's urine smells really bad. I have to get a sample from her, but I can't get one to give to the doctor. Can you help me find out what it could be? (20 Oct 2000)

  56. Our seven year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes three years ago. We were told that his body may still be producing insulin. He requires very little insulin compared with his height and weight. Can type 2 treatment be used for him? (20 Oct 2000)

  57. My three and one-half year old daughter has had three to four episodes of unexplained low blood sugars. During one episode, she was hospitalized, and we were told that her liver stores may have been depleted which accounted for lows. Could you explain this to us? (20 Oct 2000)

  58. My sister is 34 years old and has had type 1 diabetes for nine years. They say she has a 1:106 chance of having a Downs Syndrome baby. Are women with diabetes prone to having Downs babies? (20 Oct 2000)

  59. Why is a person with diabetic ketoacidosis more susceptible to fungal infections? (20 Oct 2000)

  60. My four year old daughter was diagnosed at three weeks of age with type 1 diabetes. The long term affects are what have me concerned since her readings run in the 400-500 mg/dl [22.2 - 27.7 mmol/L] range. What are the long term effects on children with diabetes? (20 Oct 2000)

  61. My 12 year niece was hospitalized and found out that her blood sugar level was 530 mg/dl [29.4 mmol/L]. Her father has been trying to lower her sugars by giving her insulin after her last meal. Is this method recommended? (20 Oct 2000)

  62. A friend told me that there were key indicators in sub-tests of the fasting test that most doctors do not look for that are indicative of a pre-diabetic condition. Are there any publications that I can turn to for information on these tests? (20 Oct 2000)

  63. I am 38 years old. I have had type 1 diabetes for 25 years. For the last few years, I have been having severe itching, predominantly on my back, and particularly on areas which have tight clothing. Is there anything related to the diabetes which could be causing the itching? If so, what is the most appropriate way of getting treatment for this? (20 Oct 2000)

  64. I have recently seen a short article that calls these two different hypos 'Adrenergic' and 'Neuroglycopenic'. Can you give me any information on what decides which type of hypo I will get and is the 'Adrenergic' type related to heat? (20 Oct 2000)

  65. If a patient is in good diabetes control and has had one successful pregnancy, would a physician have any hesitation with an additional pregnancy? (19 Oct 2000)

  66. My 10 year old daughter was diagnosed at age three with type 1. We get many conflicting answers from different sales representatives regarding which pump is the best. I know this is putting people on the spot, but which brand do you recommend? (19 Oct 2000)

  67. Our two year old has been drinking like crazy, is cranky as heck, and has fruity breath. I tested his fasting blood sugar on my husband's meter, and got a 173 mg/dl [9.6 mmol/L]. I hate to take him to the doctor when it isn't necessary, but I'd also rather take him when his diabetes is new, and not when he goes into a coma. (19 Oct 2000)

  68. My eight year old, diagnosed at age one, replaced Regular with Humalog three weeks ago. She complains of nausea and all over tummy ache. Is this a reported/common side effect? (19 Oct 2000)

  69. I am 29 years old and was diagnosed with diabetes 2 weeks ago. My doctor didn't put me on medication, only on diet and exercise for three months. I am overweight by 50 pounds. I am scared because my mother died of diabetes at just 46 years old. If I practice a healthy lifestyle will I be okay, and expect to live a normal life? (19 Oct 2000)

  70. My son has type 1 diabetes. Last night, I saw a show on television that referred to someone "abusing insulin" to get high/sex/etc. Now I'm nervous. Can insulin be "abused"? (19 Oct 2000)

  71. I was told by my doctor that my liver is showing deterioration from the diabetes. My lipid count is high. Does that mean they found high amounts of protein in my blood? I am looking for something that I might be able to do or take to correct or stop this. (19 Oct 2000)

  72. My daughter is 28 months old and has had several dizzy spells where she claims "the floor is spinning". She has had five episodes in the last six months that I know of. Diabetes runs in my family, and I am wondering if this could be related. (19 Oct 2000)

  73. His general control is very good, but of late, despite eating correctly and exercising, his sugar levels are very high. Is there anything we can do, rather than increase his insulin dose? (18 Oct 2000)

  74. I have recently switched from disposable syringes to an insulin pen. I have read of people reusing pen needles, but I am concerned by the manufacturer's warning. What general advice can you offer on the reuse of pen needles? (18 Oct 2000)

  75. For the past one to two years, I have been having nocturnal fecal incontinence on a frequent basis. My endocrinologist says it's probably diabetic diarrhea. What actually causes it? What I can expect in terms of fixing it? (18 Oct 2000)

  76. My 11 year old nephew lives in Russia and was diagnosed with type 1 a month ago. He is getting five insulin shots every day. After being on insulin shots for almost one and one-half months, is it possible for him to switch to the pills? Is it possible that he will overgrow the illness some day when he gets older? (18 Oct 2000)

  77. As a result of his prolonged bedridden state, he developed a sore on his heel, which has never healed. Now, they say that amputation below the knee is a real possibility. Would the use of medicinal maggots be of any use? (18 Oct 2000)

  78. I just had a three-hour glucose tolerance test done and would like to know the diagnostic criteria. (18 Oct 2000)

  79. Usually, I run about 80-150 mg/dl [4.4-8.3 mmol/L], but, with all the information saying that my sugars needed to be down prior to conception and the first nine weeks, I was wondering what kind of birth defects I might have caused. (18 Oct 2000)

  80. My nine year old son was showing low blood sugar levels 40 mg/dl [2.2 mmol/L] a year or so ago. He recently had a blood test that showed a low insulin level and a slightly elevated creatine level. The doctor wants to retest him in six months and suspects possible diabetes onset. How does the creatine figure in? (17 Oct 2000)

  81. I am 11 years old and would like to know if I have a chance of getting diabetes. I am always thirsty for water or something, always hungry, and I have blurred vision. I have all those symptoms, and most of my family has diabetes except my parents. (17 Oct 2000)

  82. My three year old son has had type 1 diabetes since he was two. I read something about a four-year-old with an insulin pump. I just want to know if it would be safe for my child also. Is it possible or even safe for that matter for a child so young to be on the pump? (17 Oct 2000)

  83. My son-in-law has diabetes and just underwent back surgery. He has been on three strong pain medications, and he has started being very confused and tripping really badly. It has been eleven days since he had surgery and he is still confused. His doctor says it is not unusual. What do you think? (17 Oct 2000)

  84. How does dehydration affect blood sugar results? (17 Oct 2000)

  85. Will there ever be a diet to cure diabetes like the one they have for epilepsy? The one for epilepsy controls the seizures. (17 Oct 2000)

  86. He's been doing his own shots for a year now and is pretty good at carb counting. I have always tried to work things out so that he participates in whatever he's interested in. Now he is attending middle school, and overnight trips and multi-night trips are scheduled during the year. I'm more worried about him getting low than high. Should I insist on being a chaperone or do I need to learn to let go a little? (17 Oct 2000)

  87. Is it healthy for have a nine year old with diabetes to have her levels jump very high then very low due to lack of proper supervision? (17 Oct 2000)

  88. I recently read that said that the average of blood glucose levels determined by the hemoglobin A1c test, not whether you have periods of highs and lows, determines the long-term complications. Is there any updated information on this? (17 Oct 2000)

  89. I am 35 years old and in my third trimester of pregnancy. My question is, is it safe to use "Equal" and if so how much? I really enjoy sugar and cream in my coffee in the morning. (17 Oct 2000)

  90. My 10 year old son has had diabetes for a year. Five days ago, we started the insulin pump, and his levels have never been better. However, we have some problems during the night. What would explain these high readings early in the night and not responding to insulin as he normally does? (16 Oct 2000)

  91. I'm an adult, black female, age 28, recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. What does my hemoglobin A1c blood test result mean? (16 Oct 2000)

  92. Why is it, when I am on four or more shots a day for my type 1 diabetes, and I am out of the home, I am questioned about what I am doing? What is the best way to answer questions in a professional way when they don't listen to your explanation that you have diabetes? (16 Oct 2000)

  93. My husband has a family history of diabetes. My son has always sweated profusely, has always been extremely thirsty, urinates very frequently, and drinks extreme amounts of liquids. About a year ago, he tested negative for diabetes. He is now five years old and has the same symptoms. We have noticed that he now has bags under his eyes and his sores take longer than "normal" to heal. Is it possible he might now have developed diabetes? (16 Oct 2000)

  94. My 12 year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 10 months ago. His control has been excellent until the past couple of weeks. We are all frustrated. (16 Oct 2000)

  95. My 10 year old niece was diagnosed 10 months ago with type 1. Her mother consistently counts the about of "carbs" she can have at each snack and meal, but I feel like she is not getting enough "real food". My sister-in-law rarely cooks, and seems to be content to give her pre-packaged foods. (16 Oct 2000)

  96. I have type 1 diabetes and I take an herbal supplement (Evening Primrose Oil). I noticed that it has a hyperglycemic effect on my blood sugars (200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L] increase for every 500 mg). I was wondering if taking such things would be a good idea when you are having severe lows due to sickness and have to eat a lot. (16 Oct 2000)

  97. My son has shown high levels of sugar in two urine tests which were days apart. I believe that my husband has renal glucosuria. The doctor wants to go through the "steps". How would you suggest we proceed to have this situation evaluated in light of the family history? (16 Oct 2000)

  98. Recently, whenever my blood sugar drops, I have noticed that I become a rude, quick tempered person and usually will say things that I do not mean. I feel terrible about it afterwards, but yet, during my hypo episode, I cannot help myself. Why is it occurring now when it never has before? (16 Oct 2000)

  99. My 32 year old pregnant daughter, who is due in 10 weeks, has just developed gestational diabetes. Her husband is saying it is all her fault. Is there any information on-line to ease her mind on the subject? (16 Oct 2000)

  100. I am 47 years old and last year I was diagnosed with type 2. I take Glucophage. I have no energy, and it is affecting my work. I just feel tired all the time. I am a mother of four, and this is hard for me. To top it off, my sex desire has left me, and my husband complains about it all the time. Is there any help for this? (16 Oct 2000)

  101. The doctor says that my body is insulin resistant, and he has termed my skin problem as Acanthosis Nigricans. Is the diagnosis correct? (15 Oct 2000)

  102. My pharmacist told me that he has just returned from taking a course to make his own insulin sprays. He has a lab and will begin making them in the new year. How effective are insulin sprays? What is your thoughts of these sprays? (15 Oct 2000)

  103. My brother was diagnosed a few years ago, and I felt like it would have been nice to have someone at the hospital to talk to -- for the whole family. I am interested in going back to school to get a Masters in Counseling. (15 Oct 2000)

  104. I'm 38 weeks pregnant and have borderline gestational diabetes. An obstetrician has told me that, because of the gestational diabetes, I should seriously consider a voluntary C-section if the baby is estimated to weigh over 8 pounds 13 ounces. Are there any statistics available on this issue? (15 Oct 2000)

  105. I've had insulin dependent diabetes since I was 12 years old. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for over five years. The doctor said that preliminary studies have shown that prolonged use of injected insulin has a negative effect on egg quality. Do you have an additional information regarding this? (15 Oct 2000)

  106. I'm an 18 year old girl who would love to go to Australia for a month. Is there any advice you can give me on how to prepare and take my insulin? How is it possible to get insulin from pharmacies there? (15 Oct 2000)

  107. My husband has just been diagnosed with diabetes at age 46. He also has hypertension. We follow a no fat, plenty of low glycemic index carbohydrate diet. Is this correct? (15 Oct 2000)

  108. I've read that alcohol can lower your blood sugar, and I don't understand how this works. Doesn't alcohol contain sugar? Can anyone explain this to me? (14 Oct 2000)

  109. My 11 year old daughter has had type 1 diabetes for a year and a half. For the past four weeks, she has been having dizzy spells not associated with the diabetes. We are curious as to whether or not the Lente could be causing these spells of dizziness. (14 Oct 2000)

  110. I am 26 years old, have had type 1 diabetes for 18 years, and am on a pump. I have always used my abdomen for injections. After a while, scar tissue began to build. I thought that after I began using the insulin pump, the scar tissue would begin to go away. However, as it turns out, it has gotten worse. What can I do to get rid of this "scar" tissue? (14 Oct 2000)

  111. Are you aware of specific cases in which the courts have concluded that schools are required to administer a child's insulin? (14 Oct 2000)

  112. I have gestational diabetes and was put on a diet that I seem to be unable to handle. I have cut down on my sugar and carbs and I have no energy now. What would happen to me and/or my baby if I do not follow my diet strictly? (14 Oct 2000)

  113. I am a 42 year old, type 2, diagnosed about eight years ago, not in control. I occasionally get an abscess that opens, drains, and then is okay. Is there anything that can be done once I notice the infection is starting so I don't have to go through the entire process? (14 Oct 2000)

  114. I have type 1. My blood sugar drops after taking amino acid supplements. Is this common? I also go through times when I need to eat 100s of carbs with my pump on a low basal. The next day I could need three times as much insulin. (14 Oct 2000)

  115. My problem is insomnia. As I lie awake in bed, I am sure to test my blood sugar to rule out a low. Outside of sleeplessness, caused by low blood glucose levels, is there a connection between diabetes and insomnia? Is there something I can do to get some sleep? (14 Oct 2000)

  116. In a seven year old, if a urine test shows no ketones or sugar, is it still necessary to do any blood work to rule out diabetes? (14 Oct 2000)

  117. My six old daughter was just diagnosed with type 1 three months ago. She was never a good eater until she lost the weight and became ill. Now that she has all her weight back, she is back to her, "I'm not hungry, I don't want to eat" habits. (12 Oct 2000)

  118. My 13 year old daughter was diagnosed with diabetes less than a month ago. She is on a carb counting diet. Yesterday, we went to the diabetes clinic for the first time, and the dietitian was frustrated with the variety of food I am giving my daughter. I thought the point of counting carbs was the flexibility it gives, and that as long as I keep the carbs within the specified range, my daughter could have a variety of foods. (12 Oct 2000)

  119. My mother is 58 years old and has had type 1 diabetes since she was 13. Her left wrist was hurting her months ago, and now it is frozen. No one can give her a diagnosis. Any suggestions? (12 Oct 2000)

  120. I am now 26 and have had type 1 since I was eight. I try hard to keep my diabetes under control. My HbA1c levels are under 7%, but I can't seem to get my fasting sugars down. They are inconsistent. Can you help? (12 Oct 2000)

  121. My eight year old son was diagnosed at age five with type 1. We recently went to an endocrinologist who said that he could have a different kind of type 1. She also said he was insulin resistant and that his thyroid was full. (12 Oct 2000)

  122. My three year old son was diagnosed with asthma when he was about 15 months old. I have noticed that he drinks a lot of fluids. He seems to pee a lot, but mostly at night. His thirst is always been put off as his having a dry throat from the asthma medications. (12 Oct 2000)

  123. He writes about possible triggers such as nitrosamine and a protein in cow's milk as other possible triggers of Type 1 diabetes. Where can I find more information on these two possible triggers? (12 Oct 2000)

  124. My five year old son has recently been diagnosed with Typeá1 diabetes. I have heard rumors about new medicines so he will not have to have shots. Is there any truth to this? (12 Oct 2000)

  125. I can not find any information on Internet about NovoRapid (duration of action, chemical structure, pharmacokinetics). Can you help me? (11 Oct 2000)

  126. What would cause insulin resistance in a 34 year old woman with type 1 diabetes that has been under control for four years? (11 Oct 2000)

  127. My 10 year old son has had type 1 for two years. Last year, the school was very hot. It made his blood sugars go up very high. This year the school is cold, and, again, his blood sugars are high. How does temperature change affect his sugars? Is this common or is everyone's body react differently? (11 Oct 2000)

  128. Our seven year old daughter has recently been dealing with fatigue. She has also had poor skin color, several skin infections, and her hair has lost its luster. She is also eating us out of house and home and has started drinking and going to the bathroom more. My husband's relative mentioned having her tested. We'd rather go with the least invasive/hurtful thing, and, if the urine will answer our questions, we'll stop there. (11 Oct 2000)

  129. I teach in a child care center where we have a young, undersized two year old with diabetes. We are are afraid the parents are not getting good advice from their doctor. Are they correct? Are we just over-reacting to chronically high numbers? (11 Oct 2000)

  130. Our nine year old daughter is going into fourth grade in our large public school district. We are requesting a certain teacher, who we personally know to be experienced, informed and knowledgeable about diabetes, but our request is not being honored. Do we have any rights to request a certain teacher? (11 Oct 2000)

  131. My 10 year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes three and one-half months ago. He is in his honeymoon phase. We have been having a problem lately with low lunchtime readings. How long is his honeymoon likely to last? (11 Oct 2000)

  132. My insulin doses are low enough to believe my pancreas must be producing something. I am curious whether or not I should get a C-peptide test. Do people, newly diagnosed with type 1, get C-peptide checked? (11 Oct 2000)

  133. I have what my doctor describes as "brittle" diabetes, and despite constant monitoring and adherence to diet, I can't control the huge variations in blood glucose. Would Ultralente be better than the NPH I'm taking now? (11 Oct 2000)

  134. My friend wants to know what precautions she can take if she and her husband, who has type 1 diabetes, should take with regard to seizures. (11 Oct 2000)

  135. I am a 42 year old, type 2, diagnosed about eight years ago, not in control. I occasionally get an abscess that becomes open, drains, and then is okay. Is there anything that can be done once I notice the infection is starting so I don't have to go through the entire process? (11 Oct 2000)

  136. Would it be possible to extract some of her own remaining "good" islet cells and either transplant them (in her liver's portal vein) or clone them for later transplant? If human stem cells can be differentiated into islet cells, could these then be transplanted into the liver's portal vein? (10 Oct 2000)

  137. My four year old, type 1, was diagnosed at age two. We have had real problems keeping his blood sugars in control. I have been very interested in the pump, but his endocrinologist insists he is much too young. (10 Oct 2000)

  138. My 12 and a half year old son has had type 1 diabetes for two years and really hates it. He's a loverly natured boy, but has changed very much since his diagnosis. We struggle every day with him. I was wondering if there are pancreas transplants or any sort of cure around the world. (10 Oct 2000)

  139. My mother has had diabetes for 32 years. She has maintained her sugar level fairly stable up until the last eight months. Since then, she has been experiencing extreme instability in her sugar levels notwithstanding a regular diet and insulin injections. What are the possible alternatives? (10 Oct 2000)

  140. I am a 17 year old who is at high risk of getting diabetes. I am the only person in my immediate family who does not have diabetes. I know that I should watch what I eat as early as now. What should my diet consist of? (10 Oct 2000)

  141. I have recently just been diagnosed with hypoglycemia, and I don't know what kind of diet I am supposed to be on. (10 Oct 2000)

  142. I have a 10 year old son with type 1 diabetes since age five. My youngest son is now six and appears to drink excessively, tire easily, and he even had an "accident" this morning which prompted me to test his glucose after breakfast. Should this prompt me to have him tested further? What kind of testing would be done? (10 Oct 2000)

  143. I have several boxes of pen-fills that I accidently put in the freezer. I found them six hours later, and I can't tell if they froze. Bubbles still moved, the solution was clear, and appeared no different than the others. Are they still usable? (10 Oct 2000)

  144. My 10 year old has had type 1 for eight and one-half years. In the last week, her pancreas has started to function again. How can this be? Is it a miracle? She has gone for 96 hours without an insulin injection. Her average blood sugar has been 75 mg/dl [4.2 mmol/L]. Unfortunately, she has had to be injected with glucagon four times in the last few days. How could this take such wild turn after all these years? (10 Oct 2000)

  145. My question is about the possibility of a connection between hypoglycemia and eating disorders. She is suffering from anorexia and exhibits many of the same behaviors with respect to eating as she did long before developing food issues (to our knowledge). Is there a way to pull a hypoglycemic patient who won't or can't eat out of that trap without using food? (10 Oct 2000)

  146. I am 15 years old, and I have had diabetes for about three months. How do I do a carb count? I have read up about it and I know that carbs turn into sugar, but I don't know how to count my carbs. (8 Oct 2000)

  147. My nine child is on the football team. At registration, we found out that he is over the weight limit by about five pounds. How can we safely get him within the weight limits without cutting back his calories? (8 Oct 2000)

  148. My six year old son's best friend was diagnosed several months ago with type 1. Where can I find information on a good diet plan for when he comes for overnight visits? (8 Oct 2000)

  149. What foods are slowly absorbed so as not to spike blood sugar levels for a middle-aged person with type 1 diabetes? (8 Oct 2000)

  150. For the past month, my eight year old daughter, who has diabetes, has had repeated urinary infections. This has now subsided, but for the past two weeks she has had stomach pains, and, since yesterday, she has had diarrhea. Her doctor only seems to be interested in prescribing painkillers and creams, but we would like to know what is causing this. Any ideas? (8 Oct 2000)

  151. Many times during the honeymoon period, we believed and hoped he was misdiagnosed. I have often wondered if we had never told him he had diabetes and had not convinced him he had it, if he might have gotten better. Is the honeymoon period the time it takes one to mentally kill off what little cell producing ability one has? Did we convince my son having diabetes? (8 Oct 2000)

  152. His parents informed me that he becomes depressed, has great difficulty sleeping, and generally lacks confidence in his abilities, using his illness as an excuse to get out of things. Is there any advice/support I can give him? (8 Oct 2000)

  153. My nine year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 19 months. He is growing slowly and his bone age at this time is five years. Is this due to his diabetes? Is it possible that he may need a growth hormone? How will this affect his blood sugars? (8 Oct 2000)

  154. My brother-in-law has diabetes. He has heard of a shot available only in Canada for the treatment of diabetes. Can you give us more information? (8 Oct 2000)

  155. I received a mailing from a company claiming that they produce a natural formula that restores normal pancreatic function by regenerating beta cells. within the pancreas. Does this have merit in possibly curing diabetes? (7 Oct 2000)

  156. Since she was six months old, my three year old daughter has run 106 temperatures about every six months. She constantly potties and always needs a something to drink. Last week, we took her to the emergency room for the same problem, and they said she had a high glucose level. Her doctor sent her to the children's hospital, and it was 131 mg/dl [7.3 mmol/L], yet they said they can't figure out what's wrong with her. Should I be concerned? (7 Oct 2000)

  157. My eight year old son has been putting on weight for the past year. He does go to the bathroom frequently, but I can't really say that he drinks frequently. He is always hungry. Also, diabetes runs in his father's side of the family. Should I just be encouraging the kid to exercise more and eat less, or do you think I should investigate the diabetes possibility? (7 Oct 2000)

  158. Can you give me some suggestions me on the usage of alternative medicines in reducing the blood sugar levels? (7 Oct 2000)

  159. My 11 year old son has had type 1 diabetes for five years. His control is sub-optimal, with large variation. How much insulin does a child, of a certain age and weight, need to lower his sugar by a certain amount? Also, aside from waking hourly every night to test his sugar, is there a practical way of telling how often he's low at night? (7 Oct 2000)

  160. My five year old son has always sweated terribly, and is always hungry and thirsty. Diabetes does run in both sides of the family, and my son was a two pound preemie at birth, approximately 11 weeks early. I am very nervous about his health, as he is always wanting sugar and he tires very easily. (7 Oct 2000)

  161. Is there any research to support that giving multiple vaccinations at one time to infants can potentially lead to diabetes? Would it be better for an infant with a history of diabetes in the family, to receive one vaccine per week instead of all at once? (7 Oct 2000)

  162. My 20 year old daughter has had type 1 diabetes for a year and one-half. Recently, she had a severe sugar low which included unconsciousness and seizures. We are trying to acknowledge that she is an adult. How do parents help here? How dangerous are lows with unconsciousness and seizures? (7 Oct 2000)

  163. My eighteen year-old daughter, with type 1 for eight months, has had occasional problems with nighttime lows. She is leaving for college soon. Is there a method of alerting others to severe hypoglycemia during the night? (7 Oct 2000)

  164. I have type 2 diabetes and chronic fungus infections. Is there a connection? (7 Oct 2000)

  165. I am 39 years old and have type 2 diabetes. Seven months ago, I was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis and NASH. Will diabetes rule me out of a liver transplant? (7 Oct 2000)

  166. My son, who is 25, has had type 1 diabetes since age nine. Our primary care physician spoke of the research program yesterday. At this time my husband's mother is very close to expiring. Could she be a cell donor for him? (6 Oct 2000)

  167. Can you tell me about the CHIP program that Blue Cross/Blue Shield has? (6 Oct 2000)

  168. My three year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about three months ago. Some days, it is so hard for us to get our son to eat. What do I do about a picky eater? (6 Oct 2000)

  169. We have been using the abdomen for injections on my six year old son for about six months. One of our friends started doing them for her five year old son. The nurse practitioner told her they were not to do shots in the stomach under any circumstances as it is dangerous for children. Is it dangerous for young children to do injections in the abdomen? (6 Oct 2000)

  170. His vision is changing constantly because of his fluctuating blood sugars. He actually needs glasses when he is high, but when he's average, he doesn't. This is affecting his school work. Is there anything, besides tighter control, that can be done? (6 Oct 2000)

  171. My daughter is four years old and has been complaining of not feeling well. She's been listless one day and extremely hyperactive the next. Today, I checked her blood sugar level and she was 19.2 mmol/dl [346 mg/dl]. Should I be concerned and get her checked out? Is it likely that she has diabetes? (6 Oct 2000)

  172. Periodically, I have suffered with hand cramps. Recently, I had a severe one in my left hand. I do take calcium. No doctor seems to know the answer. (6 Oct 2000)

  173. My nine year old son seems to many of the symptoms of diabetes, except that he is overweight. His doctor dismisses talk of the boy having diabetes, but has agreed to test his blood sugar levels over a day. I feel my son is not a well boy. Is my doctor right? Could the child have diabetes? Maybe type 2? (6 Oct 2000)

  174. My seven year old niece was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. We are devastated. I found an advertisement for Lantus (insulin glargine) which needs to be injected once a day. Do you have any feedback on its effect? Is there really no way of curing this problem? (6 Oct 2000)

  175. I received a call from my doctor stating that my hemoglobin A1c was 7.8%. and anything over 5.7% means you have diabetes. I am 24 years old, with no family history of diabetes, in good shape, and have no symptoms. My fasting blood sugar was 82 mg/dl [4.6 mmol/L]. Is this one test evidence enough to diagnose me with diabetes or should I be asking for other tests to be preformed? (6 Oct 2000)

  176. My 12 year old is severely autistic and has type 1 diabetes. About a month ago, his glucose readings started fluctuating wildly. His doctors tell me that he is in the range, but, since he can't tell me if he is low, the whole situation is very frightening. Why were his numbers so easy to control previously? (6 Oct 2000)

  177. I am 22 years old. I consistently have hemoglobin A1c readings in the 5-6% range. However, my blood sugar readings have been very erratic over the last couple of months. Is the hemoglobin A1c test merely an average and not a reflection of my overall control? (6 Oct 2000)

  178. Our problem is that the doctor does not have anyone on call for her when she is away, as we found out over the weekend when my son went into severe DKA. (5 Oct 2000)

  179. The two meters seem to give very different readings at the same time, plus or minus 100 mg/dl[5.6 mmol/L]. Is that normal or am I doing something wrong? What is the difference between plasma-calibrated results and whole blood? (5 Oct 2000)

  180. I was told I had diabetes two days after school was out. Why do I get headaches all the time? Is it good to take aspirin every time? (5 Oct 2000)

  181. My 15 year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes eight months ago. Her close friends know she has diabetes. However, she does not like me to ask if she took her insulin or her blood sugar in front of anyone. She hasn't even told the people she works with she has diabetes. (5 Oct 2000)

  182. My son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last year. He is taking medications for his stomach, his thyroid, and depression. He has little energy and seems to have problems remembering and concentrating. I'm beginning to believe that he just has the wrong medications. Do you have any suggestions? (5 Oct 2000)

  183. My 14 year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes approximately one year ago. He has been wetting the bed and hiding this from everyone. He has had months of very high blood sugars. Is bedwetting a common problem when blood sugars are high? How can I best approach this without embarrassing him? (5 Oct 2000)

  184. My daughter is 13 and has been diagnosed for less than two weeks. She wants to consume the bulk of her calories from 2:30 pm until bedtime. Can she do this as long as her insulin covers the carbohydrates/calories? I'm afraid it will be nearly impossible to change her habits, but I will try if this detrimental to her health. (5 Oct 2000)

  185. My four and one-half year old daughter was diagnosed a year ago. Lately, her shots are painful. Not the actual injection, but after it, she rubs the site and says it hurts. Sometimes she has a raised bump at the injection site that goes away after a few days. Have you heard of this before? (5 Oct 2000)

  186. My 70 year old father has had diabetes for almost 20 years. Though quite thin, he is very active and in good general health. The only persistent problem is a discoloration around his right ankle, where it looks like permanent bruising. What could bring this on? (5 Oct 2000)

  187. I am 36 years old, and I've had type 1 diabetes for 27 years. I am currently in my second week of a high protein/low carb diet. I do 40 minutes of aerobic exercise at least four times a week. Instead of losing any weight on this program, I have actually gained five pounds! Why does this diet produce different results in a person with diabetes than in someone who does not have diabetes? (5 Oct 2000)

  188. My father, in his early 70s, has had diabetes for over 45 years and had a slight stroke two years ago. He now seems to have more hypos than normal and doesn't get the warnings he used to. What should he be doing to avoid this? (5 Oct 2000)

  189. What foods are slowly absorbed so as not to spike blood sugar levels for a middle-aged person with type 1 diabetes? (5 Oct 2000)

  190. I am in a small community and question my doctor's diagnosis that I am "diabetic", but with low sugar levels not high normally associated with diabetes. Is it possible to run extremely low sugar levels and still have diabetes? (4 Oct 2000)

  191. My seven year old daughter is a student. The Board of Education is refusing to provide funding in order for the school to hire a part-time nurse. They want my daughter to be responsible for drawing/dialing up her insulin and giving herself her shot. What can I do? (4 Oct 2000)

  192. I have type 1 diabetes. Can you tell me where I can find a good list and explanation of the meanings and significance of the battery of blood tests that I regularly undergo? (4 Oct 2000)

  193. Is there a meter that measures glucose level without the need of blood? (4 Oct 2000)

  194. My 21 year old son recently had an A1c of 6.9%. His doctor says that's fine, but my son wonders if it could be better. (4 Oct 2000)

  195. My seven year old was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was four. Recently, researchers successfully transplanted insulin producing cells into seven individuals, and apparently, every single one of them was cured. Could he be a candidate for this kind of procedure, or does a person have to be 18? (4 Oct 2000)

  196. My six year old son has had type 1 diabetes for the last three years. Recently, he has had episodes of low blood sugars. He was admitted to the hospital and found to have anti-insulin antibodies. His blood sugars are now in the 200-300 mg/dl [11.1-16.7 mmol/L] range. We are gradually increasing his insulin. Our endocrinologist and his partner have different opinions of what we need to do. Do you have any suggestions? (4 Oct 2000)

  197. My six year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes shortly before her second birthday. Recently, she has woken up with terrible headaches. This morning she was unable to use her left arm. It was as if she was paralyzed on the left side. She can function fine after an hour and the headache subsides by noon. Could this be from going low at night? (4 Oct 2000)

  198. I work with a four year old child with both Pervasive Developmental Disability (mild) and type 1 diabetes. I am trying to assist the parent with a program for toilet training, and am wondering how to handle the problem of frequent urination, especially when away from home? (4 Oct 2000)

  199. My daughter is seven years old. We are having a hard time getting her glucose reading under control. Most of quick foods that can be given to her for snacks contain carbohydrates. (4 Oct 2000)

  200. Can my son (type 1 for two years) use insulins from different manufacturers? (3 Oct 2000)

  201. I recently asked my general practitioner to sign a form for me to do a scuba diving course. He said that he did not know enough about the required criteria to do this. Can you help? (3 Oct 2000)

  202. My 15 day old newborn son has had low sugar since birth. My wife delivered 20 days before due date. He is on a intravenous drip, and the doctors are telling me that his body is unable to produce sugar and his sugar is low. What are the reasons for this? What is the treatment and the long term effect of this? (3 Oct 2000)

  203. My four year old grandson has had brittle type 1 diabetes with seizures for over two years. He now has chronic bowel problems. Is this bowel problem a spinoff of his diabetes? (3 Oct 2000)

  204. My son is 11 and was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I cry everyday because of this diagnosis. I feel like I'll never be able to leave his side. Is this normal and what do I do? (3 Oct 2000)

  205. My six year old son has type 1 diabetes. Ever since he started taking insulin shots, he's been clearing his throat a lot. He said it's itchy and he points to his hard palate. Has this anything to do with his diabetes or his insulin shots? (3 Oct 2000)

  206. I am a buyer of jam and am concerned I am not catering for people with diabetes. We currently offer reduced sugar jams, standard jams and jams made with grape juice rather than sugar. Are these jams suitable for people with diabetes? Is a jam made with sorbitol better ? (3 Oct 2000)

  207. I'm currently 16 years old and have had diabetes for 11 years. I'm looking into getting an insulin pump, but I would like to know approximately how long a pump lasts before it needs to be replaced. (3 Oct 2000)

  208. My two year old son has noticeable changes in behavior after ingesting refined sugar. He drinks a lot of fluids and urinates a lot during the day and at night. When I limit sugar he improves. Could he have some type of diabetes? Is he just highly sensitive to sugar? (3 Oct 2000)

  209. What would be some of the causes for a child with reasonably good blood sugars (150 mg/dl [8.3 mmol/L]) to be spilling glucose, but not ketones, in fresh urine samples? She is a type 1 diagnosed about six months ago, in good health, HbA1c down to 7.5%, and otherwise well. (3 Oct 2000)

  210. I have been taking Synthroid for five years now. My levels of medication keep going up. Does this increase of medication cause any type of infertility? Will I have trouble getting pregnant? (3 Oct 2000)

  211. I have what my doctor describes as "brittle" diabetes, and despite constant monitoring and adherence to diet, I can't control the huge variations in blood glucose. Would Ultralente be better than the NPH I'm taking now? (3 Oct 2000)

  212. She is on a strict doctor's diet of no salt, no fat, and no sugar and must lose 150 pounds to continue to live. Nothing tastes good or is appealing with these restrictions. Can anyone help? (2 Oct 2000)

  213. I am 21 years old, a senior in college, and I've had type one diabetes for almost three years. Last week, I began to notice an increase in my blood sugar level, and, now, I am in ketoacidosis. I am spilling 5+ ketones, 5+ sugar, am vomiting everything I eat, and I have no energy. What happened? (2 Oct 2000)

  214. My 4 year old son, if he could, would drink 24 hours a day. He was taken to the emergency room several times from the age of one to three because he was very lethargic. He was dehydrated, so they pumped him full of fluids, and sent him home. Hours later, he would be fine. He was never on any medication, and has been fine for close to two years. Now, he asks for drinks every half-hour, and when told "no," he will sneak it. (2 Oct 2000)

  215. My six year old son has had type 1 for two years. Two days ago, he had an episode that does not appear to be diabetes-related. The diagnosis was night terrors. Can you advise us as to what might have happened? Is it possible to go into a diabetic coma and then rebound on your own? (2 Oct 2000)

  216. I am 16 years old, and five months ago I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. My tests indicated high amounts of insulin and no antibodies. For over a week now, I have had severe stomach pain. Today my blood sugar was 121 mg/dl [6.7 mmol/L], and I had a moderate amount of ketones. At the time of my type 2 diagnosis, my doctor mentioned it could be a long onset of type 1. Could this be the case? (2 Oct 2000)

  217. I have suspected that my 16 year old daughter might be having diabetes symptoms for several months. For the past few months, she has exhibited symptoms such as excessive thirst, excessive urination, incredible fatigue, dizziness, vision changes. In the past week, she has lost almost 10 pounds, but has been eating. Her fasting blood glucose was 125 mg/dl [6.9 mmol/L]. (2 Oct 2000)

  218. His blood glucose is okay until the bedtime check, which is always high. I know this should mean taking another shot, and I do sometimes give him a sliding scale of Humalog, but the problem is that his blood sugar drops dramatically during the night. I know I need to get the nighttime numbers down, but I'm so afraid of him going way too low. (2 Oct 2000)

  219. I am 32 year old,and I have had diabetes for 20 years with no complications, except for slight albuminuria. One month ago, I had my eyes checked. Everything was fine, and I was told to come again in a year. Recently, I woke up, and my left eye was completely red. Is this a sign of retinopathy? (2 Oct 2000)

  220. My three and one-half year old son has been diagnosed with ketotic hypoglycemia. Our doctors said to feed him frequently, which we are. What exactly is ketotic hypoglycemia, and what else should we be doing for him? (2 Oct 2000)

  221. My child, almost 6 years old, has recently been approved by her endocrinologist to receive an insulin pump. We are very excited about this and are trying to educate ourselves as much as possible. Any ideas where we can look for more information? (2 Oct 2000)

  222. The Lilly pen does not seem to be as accurate or recommend function checks. Should I buy lispro 1.5 cartridges and put it into my old NovoPen 1.5? (1 Oct 2000)

  223. My doctor says it's okay to fly, but at the same time, he says I should not carry any heavy things, etc. So, I'm a bit confused. Doesn't the pressure in the aeroplane affect the eye? (1 Oct 2000)

  224. My 14 year old son has had type 1 for about four years and wears glasses for nearsightedness. He would like to try contact lenses. Which type is best suited for a person with diabetes? (1 Oct 2000)

  225. I am a 44 year old, type 1 diabetes at age 40. My glucose has been well controlled until about six weeks ago. Since then, I seem to stay high all day, and I have lost about 20 pounds during this period. (1 Oct 2000)

  226. My mother developed diabetes at age 25. I am 18 years old and have hypoglycemia. Are my chances greater of getting diabetes because of my hypoglycemia? (1 Oct 2000)

  227. What is the best way to treat the wound to avoid below knee amputation? How can we improve her blood circulation drastically now that she doesn't have much time left before the so-called gangrene spreads upwards? Finally, what kind of moral support can I offer her as she is totally down and keeps repeating that her 'time' has come, and death is just around the corner? (1 Oct 2000)

  228. My 11 year old, diagnosed at age five with type 1 diabetes, has always maintained pretty good control of her blood glucose (with my help of course) until now. Lately, she has been sneaking a lot of food and regular soft drinks. Her last HbA1c was 9.2%, and I'm really worried. (1 Oct 2000)

  229. My nine year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes seven years ago. We are currently living overseas and do not have access to a dietitian to review what his meal plan. What is a general diet for an active nine year old who weighs 62 pounds? (1 Oct 2000)

  230. How reliable is an insulin test and C-peptide test? Our daughter was hypoglycemic [down to 15 mg/dl [0.8 mmol/l] at some points) and had an insulin level of 51, 000 uu/ml with a C-peptide of.05. How reliable is an insulin test and C-peptide test? The parents have lost custody to this child because of the claim of exogenous insulin. (1 Oct 2000)

  231. My six year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I had a very hard time the first year of school with severe highs and lows. His control was good until school started again. Now, his morning readings are ranging from 300+ mg/dl [16.7 mmol/L] to 400+ mg/dl [22.2 mmol/L]. Could his readings be caused by some kind of stress? (1 Oct 2000)

  232. My four and one-half year old had a reading of 145 mg/dl [8.1 mmol/L] at 4 pm one afternoon. He has had blood in his urine for about six months now and on two urine tests had ketones. The pediatrician did a blood test (the one that checks the reading for the past month) and said nothing was abnormal. Should I have him re-tested? (1 Oct 2000)

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