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  1. This is a cry for help. I'm 13 years old, and I think I might be dying because of my diabetes. My mom stopped helping me control my disease when I was 11 because she thought I was mature enough to handle it myself, but she was wrong. (30 Nov 2000)

  2. My 13 year son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a few months ago. However, he gets colds on and off. Is any decongestant that he can take that won't raise his blood glucose too much? (30 Nov 2000)

  3. My 15 year old daughter had blood in her urine at her last doctor's visit. Two weeks later, on a repeat sample, there wasn't any blood, it showed 4+ sugar and 1+ ketones. How can she be spilling sugar (is 4+ a lot?) when her diabetes is under pretty good control? What about the ketones? (30 Nov 2000)

  4. My four year old daughter was diagnosed with diabetes insipidus (DI). What happens regarding this early onset of DI? I would like the much needed information to better help her development with this diagnosis. (30 Nov 2000)

  5. Do you think any of about the various dietary supplements that are being marketed right now will be helpful in controlling blood sugar? (30 Nov 2000)

  6. I would like to know what fruits and vegetables a person with diabetes cannot have because they are loaded with sugar. (30 Nov 2000)

  7. I am interested to know when the Therasense FreeStyle meter is likely to be marketed in the UK. (30 Nov 2000)

  8. My five year old son is always asking for a drink and urinates a lot. He had a glucose tolerance test, and I have been told he might have MODY diabetes. I have no idea what that is. Can you help? (30 Nov 2000)

  9. I'm concerned about my son and my community because my son has been recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. My community is booming with children with type 2. A lot of doctors here don't know how to treat children with type 2. When are we going to have more information about type 2 diabetes in children? (30 Nov 2000)

  10. My three month old son's urine has that distinct smell of my five year son's (who has type 1 diabetes). Any reason for alarm? (30 Nov 2000)

  11. My sister was told that her son has water diabetes. She would like more information about this. (30 Nov 2000)

  12. Our doctor said the hospital will not do an HbA1c through the fingerstick method, although he admits that it is less threatening. I cannot find a lab that will do the HbA1c with the finger blood. Would you know of any in my area that I can try? (29 Nov 2000)

  13. Could you please list all foods with no carbohydrates? (29 Nov 2000)

  14. My daughter has three children and had gestational diabetes with all three. What are the odds they will develop diabetes? How careful should we be with their diet? (29 Nov 2000)

  15. What test should I press for if any? Could it be my insulin levels contributing to my symptoms? Should I just be thankful for some relief and just wait until something else happens? (29 Nov 2000)

  16. My 35 year old friend was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes after a trip to Egypt. Her doctors think she may have contracted the virus here. How is the virus transmitted, and what are early symptoms? (29 Nov 2000)

  17. I am 39, eight months pregnant with my fourth child, and weigh 173 pounds. I'm going in for a three-hour glucose test because my one- hour test was elevated. Having had low blood sugar most of my life, how can it be, that all of a sudden my levels are high? (29 Nov 2000)

  18. I am now 18 weeks pregnant and had gestational diabetes with my first son two years ago. Out of curiosity, I checked my levels one hour after eating, and it was 120 mg/dl [6.7 mmol/L]. Do you think this is high? (29 Nov 2000)

  19. I have a family who has a young child with diabetes that is unable to get Medicaid to pay for the test strips the child uses daily. Do you know of any sources for such help or can you tell me who to talk to with Medicaid to change this policy? (29 Nov 2000)

  20. I am 29 years old and have been diagnosed with diabetes for a year and one-half. My fasting insulin is 3.4. My hemoglobin A1c decreased from 8.9% to 7.4% after taking Glucophage for the last three months. Could this mean my insulin level is okay and I might be type 2? (29 Nov 2000)

  21. My eight year old son was diagnosed with type 1 six months ago. Do you have any information on how a cocktail of NPH, Regular and Humalog works? (29 Nov 2000)

  22. I am 30 years old and have had type 1 for 12 years. If I found I had a clot in my retina, can I prevent it from developing further? Can it spread even if my HbA1c is maintained at around 6.5%? (28 Nov 2000)

  23. My five year old niece was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a week ago. She and her mother (my sister) are not coping at all well. I know it is only very early stages yet, but would appreciate any helpful tips that would help my niece to adjust more smoothly and perhaps with less tears from both mother and child. (28 Nov 2000)

  24. I stopped taking "the pill" about two weeks ago and I have been having a lot of blood sugars in the 50s and 60s [mg/dl; 2.8 mg/dl and 3.3 mmol/L]. Do you think it's hormone related? (28 Nov 2000)

  25. I have two teenagers with type 1 and I would like information on whether or not insulin pumps are a good choice for adolescents. My children's endocrinologist doesn't want to help me get these items. He says we can get the same results with four injections a day. (28 Nov 2000)

  26. My husband has had type 1 diabetes for 11 years now. We are done having children. Are there risks associated with a vasectomy? (28 Nov 2000)

  27. My two year old daughter was diagnosed five months ago with type 1 diabetes. Short of avoiding family get-togethers and parties, I am not sure what to do to avoid difficult situations for our little one. She isn't quite old enough to understand why all of the other kids are eating goodies and she can't. Do you have any tips on surviving the holidays? (28 Nov 2000)

  28. My five year old son has been on a pump for the past two years. Recently, my son's endocrinologist refused to renew a prescription for EMLA cream and stated that there were some concerns about long-term use. Are there any adverse effects to long-term use? (28 Nov 2000)

  29. My 15 year old daughter has type I diabetes. My hobby is genealogy, and in my search, I have found a strong history of type 1 diabetes. We also have a strong history of heart disease. Are there any studies linking the genes that cause type 1 to the genes that cause heart disease or is this just one of those fluky things? (28 Nov 2000)

  30. My two year old son was diagnosed at 15 months. He usually gets one shot a day and is having fluctuating blood sugars. We have discussed these concerns with his doctors, but never get an answer. They deal with adults primarily and not children. (28 Nov 2000)

  31. For the last month, my three year old grandson has been very thirsty and frequently goes to the restroom. Because of the family history, he had a urine test, and it was negative. If this test is negative also, is it still possible he has diabetes? Is there another test that could be done instead of the urine test? (28 Nov 2000)

  32. My eight year old daughter is drinking all the time. She and weighs 128 pounds and hasn't really lost any weight. She is always feeling unwell and tired. Last year, I took her to the doctor and had her tested for diabetes, but the test came up negative. I just don't know what to do. Should I take her back to her doctor? (27 Nov 2000)

  33. I am 16 years old, have type 1 diabetes, and am currently on Synthroid. If I forget to take my pill, will it make my sugar levels higher the next day or two? (27 Nov 2000)

  34. Are there schools specifically for children with diabetes in Central Florida? (27 Nov 2000)

  35. Before I knew what was wrong with me and went in to the doctor, I had delusions. The doctor did all kinds of tests and all that was found was diabetes. Do you think that this is normal? (27 Nov 2000)

  36. My 15 year old daughter was just diagnosed with hypoglycemia. Do you feel that she needs to be on a strict diet for hypoglycemia or can we monitor the amount of sugar that she eats and cut down on the sugar and eat more frequently? (27 Nov 2000)

  37. My 14 year old daughter has just been diagnosed with high blood sugar, and she is 50 pounds overweight. The doctor said this can be controlled by diet and advised vegetables and fruit. What types of food she should be eating? (27 Nov 2000)

  38. When someone with type 2 diabetes loses one kidney how will that affect the remaining kidney? (27 Nov 2000)

  39. I am 48 years old and have had type 1 diabetes for the last 25 years. For the last on year or so, I find that my underwear gets torn near my penis. Is it because my urine is acidic? (27 Nov 2000)

  40. I was recently diagnosed with having gastroparesis. Could you please give me a complete and comprehensive explanation about this complication and perhaps some information on nutrition? (27 Nov 2000)

  41. My 13 year old son has been on insulin for four months. He has had a blood test which showed that he has MODY. They have taken him off insulin and put him on tablets, new to us in the United Kingdom. Have you tried this? What are your results? (27 Nov 2000)

  42. I am 32 years old and was diagnosed with type 1, but I am not insulin-dependent right now. I take oral medications. Explain why I am type 1? (26 Nov 2000)

  43. My husband was experiencing dizziness, fatigue, and inability to concentrate. Finally, his doctor said that he has hypoglycemia and suggested a change in my husband's diet. The doctor said that my husband was to no longer have carbohydrates, and he is to eat every two to three hours. Where can I locate a diet with some realistic food directives? (26 Nov 2000)

  44. This past year, my four year old son was diagnosed with hypoglycemia, growth hormone deficiency and cortisol deficiency. He also has chronic abdominal pain that appears to increase for a few days prior to a hypoglycemic episode. Do you know of any link? Do you have any ideas or suggestion for further evaluation or treatment? (26 Nov 2000)

  45. Twelve years ago, my 31 year old husband was diagnosed with type 1 following an accident that crushed is pancreas. We're planning to start a family, but he is worried he could pass this down. Is it possible, since it does not run in his family, that his diabetes was caused by the accident? (26 Nov 2000)

  46. Since diabetes (more times than not) leads to heart disease in child or adult, why do these recipes use oil or margarine when it could be substituted with baking spray, applesauce, or totally omitted? I just don't understand. (26 Nov 2000)

  47. I have had type 1 diabetes for 35 years and have recently been diagnosed with cheiroarthropathy. I am seeking information regarding treatment for limited joint mobility. Will the stiffness go into a remission? Other than physical therapy, what is the treatment for this? (26 Nov 2000)

  48. I am a 21 year old who wants to get married but is worried because may partner has type 2 diabetes. I am concerned about my child getting it. Is that possible and what are the statistics? (26 Nov 2000)

  49. If the pancreas is able to regenerate itself, why can't it resume production of insulin or be stimulated to produce insulin in type 1 diabetes? (26 Nov 2000)

  50. My 13 year son weighs 110 pounds and has had diabetes for five years. At bedtime, his blood sugar is in the normal range, but he is high in the morning and spilling ketones (small). Obviously, his blood sugar is dipping low sometime during the night. However, his doctor feels that his insulin dose is correct for his weight. Any thoughts? (26 Nov 2000)

  51. I'm a 43 year old male, diagnosed five months ago with type 1. I appear to have some residual islet cell function at this time and have many questions. (26 Nov 2000)

  52. I can't seem to find any information about people with diabetes who decide to pierce body parts. Are there any other people with diabetes who have gotten their tongue pierced? Is there a safe time? What would happen if I did get my tongue pierced? (23 Nov 2000)

  53. My 13 year old daughter has always had pretty good control, but she has been hospitalized with ketoacidosis twice in the last two months. They tell me her hormones are causing this, but do not offer me a solution as to how to avoid this again. (22 Nov 2000)

  54. My 12 year old daughter has had diabetes for two years. During the last two months, she has become angry. She has lied about her high blood sugars, has lost 10 pounds and was hospitalized with the flu. We don't know what to do to help her get through this. (22 Nov 2000)

  55. How many "sugar-free" type foods should be incorporated into an eight year old's daily diet? I realize they won't have the impact of regular sugar food items, but should they be consumed every snack or mealtime? (22 Nov 2000)

  56. My eight year old daughter weighs 165 pounds. She has been tested for diabetes and her labs were abnormal. I am looking for a food list and diet sample to go by. I do not know anything about proper diet for a child. (22 Nov 2000)

  57. I am going to the USA. Can you recommend a natural product (food or medicine) for diabetes? (22 Nov 2000)

  58. During the third hour of a five hour glucose tolerance test, I had a reading of 50 mg/dl [2.8 mmol/L] which triggered a low blood sugar attack. At the same time, my insulin level reading was 3. Why or how were my blood sugar and insulin both low at the same time? (22 Nov 2000)

  59. I am taking care of a family with nine children, five of whom have a rare mutation in an insulin receptor causing extreme insulin resistance and huge problems with controlling diabetes. Do you have experience with IGF-1 or insulin sensitizers? (22 Nov 2000)

  60. My 17 year old son is and has had diabetes since the age of six. He is healthy, active, and his diabetes has been in good control. He is in the hospital at this time for acute pancreatitis. Does the acute pancreatitis have anything to do with his diabetes? We also have an daughter, age 18, with diabetes. Should we be watching for this with her? (22 Nov 2000)

  61. My 13 year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 at the age of seven. The doctor put her on 2 units of NPH every morning. Her regular physician said to discontinue the insulin. After years of fighting lows, we did stop it. Now, several years later, she continues to test her sugars on a regular basis. What damage do the 120-150 mg/dl [6.7-8.3 mmol/L] readings do to her body, if any? (22 Nov 2000)

  62. My 12 year old daughter recently had her yearly eye exam and got a new eyeglass prescription and for the first time, contact lenses. She has been saying she sees a dot that comes and goes in her vision. Is this a symptom of something? For what should I have her checked? (22 Nov 2000)

  63. Our daughter was diagnosed at the age of seven and a half months old with type 1 diabetes. Would this make her one of the youngest in Canada or North America? What is the percentage of children diagnosed at this age? (22 Nov 2000)

  64. When my 20 year old son was told he would have to go on insulin, his doctor told us my son would be an excellent candidate for an insulin pump. Is any financial aid to patients who could better control their diabetes with an insulin pump? (22 Nov 2000)

  65. I am a freshman, pre-med biology major at a University in Florida. One of my goals in life is to become a pediatric diabetes specialist, and I have a lot of questions. (21 Nov 2000)

  66. I'm a 31 year old female who wishes to become pregnant. My HbA1c is in the normal range, but I still have some very high readings. I would like to know whether a few high levels now and then can affect a growing baby. (21 Nov 2000)

  67. I am currently 30 weeks pregnant and have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I was put on a special diet and now my blood sugars are back within the normal range. Could I have had diabetes early on and not known? With levels such as these, exactly how concerned should I be? I have not been able to sleep, and am worried that the stress may be doing even more harm! (21 Nov 2000)

  68. I have a problems with my periods, and I am wanting to have a baby. Have you ever heard of Glucophage making you more fertile? (21 Nov 2000)

  69. I am 40 years old and have had diabetes for five years. I am taking medicine. I am not satisfied with my sex life due to premature ejaculation and no erection afterwards. Please prescribe suitable medication and other steps to tackle the situation. (21 Nov 2000)

  70. My grandson's blood sugars are high. My daughter said that he could be getting sick. Could this cause it? He is on carb counting, but the doctor doesn't put a limit on the sugar content of the food, only the amount of carbs. Could this be why he runs so high? (21 Nov 2000)

  71. I am thirty years old,and have gestational diabetes for a second time. I am strictly following my diet, but it isn't working this time. I read somewhere on the on the Internet that the pills have been tested on pregnant women and are safe. Is this true? Which ones are safe ones to take? (21 Nov 2000)

  72. I am 27, my husband is 37 and has type 2 diabetes, diagnosed when he was 30. We have not yet tried to conceive, but plan to try within the next year. What are odds of having children with diabetes? Does diabetes cause any problems with conceiving? (21 Nov 2000)

  73. I am 26 years old, have had type 1 diabetes for two years, and I am planning to have a baby. I am scared because I am unsure if the use of NPH and Humalog insulin is safe during pregnancy. I am aware that different doctors feel differently about the use of Humalog. What is known about insulin and pregnancy? (21 Nov 2000)

  74. I am 27 years old, and I am in my 33rd week of my first pregnancy. My first non-fasting blood sugar was 160 mg/dl [8.9 mmol/L]. What is the likelihood (percentage) that I have gestational diabetes? (20 Nov 2000)

  75. Before I was diagnosed with diabetes about seven months ago, I went in to a psychosis for about one month. I would not tell anybody how I was feeling because I thought they would think I was crazy. I finally got so sick. I thought I was dying. Have you known of people going in to psychosis? (20 Nov 2000)

  76. I am a 15 year old female. I had a glucose tolerance test done. Mt blood sugar was 200 mg/dl 30 minutes after I drank the drink. it was at 200 mg/dl. The last time they took my blood it was 56 mg/dl. the doctor said this is normal. My biology teacher said this is not good. She checks my blood at school, and sometimes it can be high and sometimes it can be low. Should I ask for another doctor to look at the test? (20 Nov 2000)

  77. My 74 year old father has had diabetes for 10 years and was recently out on insulin. After injecting insulin and then eating, he has started hiccuping. He has tried several ways to prevent this from happening with no luck. Do you think the insulin is causing this? (20 Nov 2000)

  78. Our eight year old son was diagnosed almost a year ago. It appears his honeymoon ended about three to four months ago. However, he has never gone back to a nighttime injection. His control seems to be excellent. Are we possibly causing organ or even brain "damage" by not giving him any N at night? (20 Nov 2000)

  79. My wife has type 1 diabetes and is about to deliver twin girls within the next few weeks. She is curious if it is wise to keep the umbilical cord blood stored for later use in stem cell transplantation, if it is necessary, should our daughter(s) ever be diagnosed. (20 Nov 2000)

  80. I recently started carb counting, and I am looking for a software package. (20 Nov 2000)

  81. I am a 29 year old women with type 2 diabetes. My doctor told me to start a low carb diet, but didn't give me any help with it. Can you give me a food list for a low carb diet? (20 Nov 2000)

  82. My 56 year old mother has had diabetes for 15 years and has been on insulin for five to six years. Her kidney efficiency has slowly deteriorated. This has led to the problem of what doctors say is pulmonary edema. I am trying to collect information. (19 Nov 2000)

  83. In the early years, I was very religious, but over the last five to ten years, I've put diabetes on the back burner. Recently, I've become angry about my disease, thinking that it has prevented me from achieving certain goals. It has affected my perceptions in a negative way. I wonder how things may have been different without diabetes, and I yearn for a resolution to the problem. (18 Nov 2000)

  84. I have several questions that I am very concerned about. I have been worried for many months, and I really hope you can help me answer some of them. (18 Nov 2000)

  85. I am seeing conflicting messages about what type of fabric socks should be made from for people with diabetes. Some say cotton or wool socks are best, but a podiatrist says those are the worst. (18 Nov 2000)

  86. My 76 year old mother has diabetes. What effect, if any, does insulin have on the liver and kidneys? (18 Nov 2000)

  87. My brother has some symptoms of diabetes -- he is always hungry, thirsty, and he uses the restroom a lot too. He is six years old and weighs 50 pounds. Is he overweight? Should we get him tested for diabetes? I (his sister) have diabetes, and I have tried testing his blood sugar, but he won't let me or anyone else even come close to him with my machine. (18 Nov 2000)

  88. My 15 year old daughter was diagnosed on her 11th birthday. Four years later, she is still having trouble dealing with the fact she has diabetes. She has learned and mastered weight control by letting her blood sugars go high. Are there any centers in the country to send someone like my daughter to? (18 Nov 2000)

  89. My nine year old daughter has recently been diagnosed with type 1. What diet does she need to follow her so that the levels remain under control? What fruits can be given keeping the same in mind? Is it possible to avoid insulin and give pills? (17 Nov 2000)

  90. My 14 year old daughter has lots 46 pounds in nine months. She is not trying to lose weight. She's thirsty all time, hungry, weak, has blurred vision, and loss of concentration In addition, she has a vaginal discharge and skips periods. The doctor tested my daughter's blood sugar which was 130 mg/dl [7.2 mmol/L], so she ruled out diabetes. Should I check into this further? (16 Nov 2000)

  91. My daughter was diagnosed about four months ago. Up until recently, she was able to tell when she was "low" from approximately 90 mg/dl [5 mmol/L]on down. Now she can fall as low as 40 mg/dl [2.2 mmol/L] without feeling any signs. (16 Nov 2000)

  92. I am almost 18 years old and have had diabetes since I was 12. I'm starting to get worried about what could happen if I don't get my diabetes under control. Could you please offer some solutions that could help me out? (16 Nov 2000)

  93. My 15 year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes three years ago. She recently had a C-peptide test which shows that her body is producing some insulin, but very low levels. Her endocrinologist is now prescribing Glucophage along with her regular insulin regimen. (16 Nov 2000)

  94. I usually feel very fatigued in the morning and also about an hour after I eat lunch. I asked my physician if I possibly had some type of hypoglycemia. He told me to monitor my ingestion of carbohydrates and other simple sugars. He did not do any kind of blood sugar tests. My symptoms include severe headaches, shakiness (small tremors in hands), and inability to concentrate. (16 Nov 2000)

  95. I have had type 1 for 17 years and have switched from NPH to Ultralente. I am having problems with lows during the night. (16 Nov 2000)

  96. I have had a fair amount of hypoglycemia for about 10 years. I have lupus, secondary Sjogrens Syndrome, and I am hypothyroid. Recently, my fasting blood sugar has been around 130-140 mg/dl [7.2-7.8 mmol/L]. Is there any correlation among these conditions and getting diabetes? (16 Nov 2000)

  97. My 12 year old son has type 1 diabetes. For he last few days, he has had blood in his urine, and his pediatrician wants to run more tests on him. They are concerned it is his kidneys. What exactly are they concerned with? (16 Nov 2000)

  98. We have one son with type 1 diabetes and a family history of autoimmune disease. Recently, our two year old has had high blood sugars and a positive antibody test. Given the fact that he has already had many high blood sugars and a positive antibody screening, is it possible that he may not advance at all to diabetes? (16 Nov 2000)

  99. My 14 year old son is experiencing a lot of problems at school. He has trouble going to sleep and then he doesn't sleep all night. (15 Nov 2000)

  100. I am a pre-hospital care provider as well as an RN. I have come across a few patients with insulin pumps who are unresponsive and having a suspected insulin reaction. The emergency room staff as well as my co-workers are not very familiar with the pumps, and we don't want to do further damage to the patient. Is there information on handling a pump dependent patient who is involved in an accident and rendered unresponsive? (15 Nov 2000)

  101. My two year old son has had type 1 diabetes since he was 11 months old. Six weeks ago, we noticed he had a jaundiced appearance. Our son's doctor says that liver damage is occurring. If it is not hepatitis, what else could it be? Could this be related to the diabetes? (15 Nov 2000)

  102. My son, diagnosed with type 1 last year, was hospitalized a month and a half ago with DKA. At that time, we were told he is insulin resistant and now has tested positive for hyperthyroidism. Are these problems common in children? (15 Nov 2000)

  103. I have had a kidney disease since I was six. I have been on and off of prednisone for many years. Recently, I have recently been spilling glucose in my urine. Could this be type 1 or type2 ? How can you tell which one you have? Is type 1 worse than type 2? I really don't want to take insulin shots. What is a normal A1c? (15 Nov 2000)

  104. Can a hypoglycemic reaction cause or contribute to a stroke? Can sustained hyperglycemia cause or contribute to strokes? What is the relationship between strokes and tight blood glucose control? (15 Nov 2000)

  105. I am a 43 year old male with type 1 diabetes. I'm otherwise healthy with no complications and exercise at athletic levels. Until last year, I never had an experience with ketoacidosis that required ER attention. My endocrinologist said that I had concurrent DKA with lactic acidosis. Is this very common? (15 Nov 2000)

  106. My 10 year old child is suffering from diabetes and depends on insulin. He is also suffering from weight loss and looseness of the skin. I want your suggestions for an insulin free life. Can we go for pancreas drafting or transplant? Any other new invention? (15 Nov 2000)

  107. My 14 tear old son was diagnosed 15 months ago with type 1 diabetes by a doctor who told us there was no chance that his diabetes was reversible or temporary. This week, after new lab tests and following a month of very low blood sugars and no insulin, a different doctor told us that our son is producing insulin. Have you seen similar cases? (15 Nov 2000)

  108. Where is the research on us? Why can I find why a child gets diabetes and not a 20 year old? here is the research on us? Why can I find why a child gets diabetes and not a 20 year old? I am very frustrated, and am in need of answers, as to how and why I got diabetes at 23 and not at 15-18 or 5-7 or later in my life. (15 Nov 2000)

  109. My four year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes six months ago. He gets two shots daily. His doctor says that he is still in the honeymoon period. Is there anyway we can elongate this period? (14 Nov 2000)

  110. My three and one-half year old constantly asks for something to drink and urinates frequently. None of my other children ever drank so much nor were they hard to potty train. Should I have her tested and how would they test her? (14 Nov 2000)

  111. My six year old daughter recently changed from Ultralente to Lantus/glargine as her basal insulin. Is there any particular reason that the injection must be at bedtime? (14 Nov 2000)

  112. I got diagnosed with diabetes, and a friend has a tester called a [brand name of a meter]. How can I get one? (14 Nov 2000)

  113. Does my child, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes four years ago, need to watch his sodium intake? (14 Nov 2000)

  114. I have had a couple of high blood pressure readings. The endocrinologist was a little concerned about my microalbumin test. He didn't prescribe any medication, but said that if it is still that high in a year, he will prescribe ACE inhibitors. Can you suggest any dietary guidelines to lower microalbumin/blood pressure naturally? (14 Nov 2000)

  115. When I talked to this child's endocrinologist for follow-up, he replied that the DKA was the reason her HbA1c was elevated so high. Is that so? I thought it was a test of average glucose. Can you find any supporting documentation for his answer? (14 Nov 2000)

  116. My 16 year old niece was diagnosed with type 2 about two years ago. About a week ago, she developed migraines and began vomiting. She was admitted to a hospital diagnosed with ketoacidosis. She slipped into a coma and died four days later. I was told that it had nothing to do with her sugar level, but from what I read and hear, that is not true. (14 Nov 2000)

  117. My six year old son was diagnosed two years ago with type 1 diabetes. Around the same time, he began showing signs of geographic tongue, a rare disorder, the cause of which is unknown. I saw a reference to diabetes mellitus under possible causes. Could there be a relationship between my son's two conditions? (14 Nov 2000)

  118. My daughter is seven years old and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was four. Her pediatric endocrinologist feels that it is fine to have sugar. What is your opinion on this matter? (13 Nov 2000)

  119. I thought that I heard about an insulin pen with which you could pre-fill the cartridge with your own mix of insulin. Is there such a pen? My son would like to use a pen, but mixes insulin. He doesn't want to have to inject twice. (13 Nov 2000)

  120. Is there a list of pump trainers anywhere, and how do I go about obtaining it? (13 Nov 2000)

  121. My boyfriend has type 1 diabetes. I have several questions that I am very concerned about. (13 Nov 2000)

  122. The doctor says my daughter is in ketoacidosis. Please explain how serious this is, what really causes it and what is going on with her body when this happens. (13 Nov 2000)

  123. My four year old daughter is a twin with type 1. She contracted it one week after receiving the MMR vaccine when she was one. My son is coming up for his second MMR vaccine and naturally we are concerned. Can the MMR vacination precipitate diabetes? (13 Nov 2000)

  124. Many people are suffering from diabetes and the number keeps rising in Hanoi. Could you please inform me of appropriate preventive actions against diabetes including diet? (13 Nov 2000)

  125. My 15 year old son was in relatively good control until entering high school last year. I feel as though he needs a complete overhaul. Because sports are very important to him, I'd like him to see someone who can relate to sports performance as well as his blood sugar control. (13 Nov 2000)

  126. Any new ideas for getting test strips for indigent folks with minimal income, no insurance, and who don't qualify for state medicaid? (13 Nov 2000)

  127. My 12 year old son has had type 1 diabetes for about two months. He lives with his mother and visits me overnight on weekends. I usually prepare one or two meals for him using high quality frozen dinners. Today his noon reading was high, and his mother indicated that she thought it was because I fed him the frozen foods. Is there validity in this concern? (11 Nov 2000)

  128. I am 29 years old, just found out that I am pregnant, and I have type 1. This pregnancy was not planned, and I am worried about the effects this will have on me and my unborn child. (11 Nov 2000)

  129. My nine year old daughter has had very severe migraine-type headaches nine times in the past three weeks since diagnosis. These have a pattern in the afternoon at about the time her Regular insulin is wearing off, and her NPH is almost at its peak. What causes this and how it can be prevented? (11 Nov 2000)

  130. I would like to know what products are out there to assist a patient with diabetes who is blind and has limited function of both hands. (11 Nov 2000)

  131. My three and one-half year old has had a terrible problem with body odor for a year. She also had a seizure last week. CT, EEG, and lab work were all negative. Do you think that there could be a correlation between the two? Do you think her seizure could have been caused by hypoglycemia? (11 Nov 2000)

  132. Ten years ago, I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia. I was then diagnosed with hypothyroidism and mild lupus. Recently, my fasting blood sugars have been around 130-140 mg/dl [7.2-7.8 mmol/L]. Could I be going into diabetes? (11 Nov 2000)

  133. In the long run, are diet drinks for children and adults with diabetes bad? (11 Nov 2000)

  134. Is there a genetic screen available to a member of the public who is married to someone with high risk of being a carrier for Wolfram Syndrome? If not, how long might the couple need to wait for such a test to become available? (11 Nov 2000)

  135. My daughter set a hospital record with her sugar level, when diagnosed last week. She was wondering what the highest recorded record is. (10 Nov 2000)

  136. I've found that oxygen deprivation causes many symptoms similar to those felt during hyperglycemia such as hindered eyesight, headaches, lightheadedness and hindered thinking. I'm intrigued that certain side effects caused by high blood sugar may be associated with hypoxia. (10 Nov 2000)

  137. What is the status on the development of a registry for type 1 diabetes? (10 Nov 2000)

  138. When will Lantus be available? (10 Nov 2000)

  139. My 12 year old son refuses to wear any type of jewelry or device that indicates he has diabetes. I've bought two necklaces and one bracelet. They've all been quickly "lost." Do you have any ideas on how to get him to wear some sort of discrete medical identification, without going to war? (10 Nov 2000)

  140. My son's pediatrician just called and said that he had a glucose reading of 187 mg/dl [10.4 mmol/L]. It was not a fasting test. He had not eaten breakfast that morning and ate some candy in the lab waiting room. What kind of effect would this have on his test? (10 Nov 2000)

  141. A recent article in a national diabetes magazine stated that for hemoglobin A1c lab test results to be accurate, the sample must be put into a centrifuge within 30 minutes. I asked our local lab about this, and they stated that their protocol specified within four hours. If 30 minutes is optimal, and the reading would have been 7.0%, what would the readings show (using the same sample) at one hour, two hours, etc.? (10 Nov 2000)

  142. How serious are the hypoglycemic conditions I've mentioned? Is there some thought to whether these problems with my children are genetic? Do they tie together in some way? Will I have to worry about my 12 year old developing any of these things? (10 Nov 2000)

  143. My five year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes six months ago. At his most recent check-up, I was told that he had a trace of protein in his urine. They said not to be concerned at this time, but that in older patients it could be a sign of kidney damage. Should I worry now? What should I do? (10 Nov 2000)

  144. I have been tested for hypoglycemia. They said that they couldn't find anything, but I had all the symptoms. What happens if someone with hypoglycemia has too much sugar? (9 Nov 2000)

  145. My three year old was diagnosed with type 1 eight months ago. Her team has told me to "get the carbs in" even if it means giving her candy or pop. This doesn't seem to be right. (9 Nov 2000)

  146. My five year son has had frequent urination for about a week, like every half hour. He likes to eat. I don't see a drop in his weight. I don't have a history of diabetes in the family. He had a urine test two days ago, and everything was normal. I am still worried. (9 Nov 2000)

  147. My mother has diabetes and recently heard about a new glucose monitor that's out on the market. She said it monitors your blood glucose level by putting a test strip on any skin area without using a lancet or needle. Have you heard of this? (9 Nov 2000)

  148. My 56 year old mother has had diabetes for 15 years and has been on insulin for five to six years. Her kidney efficiency of has slowly deteriorated. This has led to the problem of what doctors say is pulmonary edema. I am trying to collect information. (9 Nov 2000)

  149. I am 33 and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was 20. On a few occasions I have had seizures related to severe hypoglycemia. What toll could these severe episodes take on my body? Could these episodes affect my heart or brain over time? (9 Nov 2000)

  150. Our now 27 month old son was diagnosed a year ago at 15 months of age with type 1. What tests are performed to determine that he was actually type 1? Can a child that young be type 2? He has been honeymooning for almost that whole year, and we have many unexplained lows. (9 Nov 2000)

  151. My 22 month old son has a complex I mitochondrial disorder and is TPN dependent. We have had problems with his blood sugar, spiking high and then dipping low. They have suggested putting insulin in his TPN. Is this a good option as he does not have diabetes? We were told that diabetes is common in kids with complex I mitochondrial disorder, and these swings are indicative of developing full blown diabetes in the future. (9 Nov 2000)

  152. I just bought a FreeStyle meter and am very satisfied with it. Later, I saw a meter advertised that will test on thighs, chest, and abdomen. Can I do that with my FreeStyle as well? (9 Nov 2000)

  153. Does an insulin pen exist that remembers time and dose of insulin? (9 Nov 2000)

  154. I want to know why you think your site has any chance of helping anyone. I'm 15 and I got diabetes last year for Christmas. I hate it, and I am in a bad mental condition. I just don't care about anything anymore. I hate school and life. (8 Nov 2000)

  155. During a glucose tolerance test, my sugar levels were 103 mg/dl [5.7 mmol/L], 245 mg/dl [13.6 mmol/L], 230 mg/dl [12.8 mmol/L], and 130 mg/dl [7.2 mmol/L]. Ten minutes later, I crashed to 34 mg/dl [1.9 mmol/L]. Within two hours after eating, I crash so hard I feel as though I am dying. My doctors are confused. Please give me some insight. (8 Nov 2000)

  156. My seven year old daughter has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and an underactive thyroid. Is type 2 more dangerous for her than it is for an adult? She does not fit the type 2 "description". She is very thin, very active, and continues to lose weight. (8 Nov 2000)

  157. I have type 2 diabetes and recently stopped taking my medication until I see my doctor (I am trying to get pregnant). I had also had only a few hours of sleep, and had a very stressful day. When I arrived at work, I was accused of having alcohol on my breath, but had not been drinking. Could this be caused by my type 2 diabetes? (8 Nov 2000)

  158. I a 48 year old male who developed a rash. I consulted a dermatologist who finally diagnosed the problem as sugar. The fasting blood sugar was 118 mg/dl [6.6 mmol/L] and the post-prandial blood sugar was 170 mg/dl [9.4 mmol/L]. The post-prandial urine was 4+. Do I have diabetes? How do I control this? (8 Nov 2000)

  159. As we evaluate the option to allow my son to be randomized into the DPT-1 study, we struggle with two issues. First, are there other diabetes prevention studies we should be evaluating? Second is there info and advice on the psychological impacts of taking a healthy kid and putting him/her through lots of blood work, daily medications, and potential annual hospitalization? (8 Nov 2000)

  160. I'm now in the (approximately) 20th week of pregnancy and have several questions about glucose control. (8 Nov 2000)

  161. I have gestational diabetes and am currently battling asthmatic bronchitis. My blood glucose is quite a bit higher than it has been before I became ill. I've noticed these blood glucose spikes after every meal, and even a higher fasting blood glucose level. Any ideas why this would be so? (8 Nov 2000)

  162. My eight year old nephew has had many problems with hypoglycemia since he was 18 months old. He has difficulty focusing on written words, increased thirst and drinking, frequent urination, and, most recently, he has been falling asleep in school one to three times per day. Fasting glucose and fructosamine were normal. (8 Nov 2000)

  163. Recently, my ten year old daughter and eight year old son had glucose tolerance tests done. Although they were not diagnosed with diabetes, there was a significant difference in their glucose tolerance. Can you explain why this might be? (8 Nov 2000)

  164. My 10 month old daughter was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I understand that it takes a few weeks to regulate the insulin amount with someone so young, but her numbers are still relatively high (400-550 mg/dl [22.2-30.1 mmol/L]). I am very concerned about her growth being stunted. (8 Nov 2000)

  165. My dad has diabetes and has been diagnosed with "lipid necrosis at injection sites". Why does lipid necrosis occur? Does it have something to do with the type of anti-diabetic drug being injected? (8 Nov 2000)

  166. I have had diabetes for 15 years. Has anyone heard of a plant (called insulin) that is supposed to be good for diabetes? Someone recommended it, but I would like some more information. (7 Nov 2000)

  167. My four year old daughter recently has developed what looks like "wear" on her fingertips. Is this any type of known symptom for an illness? (7 Nov 2000)

  168. My 10 year old niece was recently diagnosed with elevated insulin levels. The doctor prescribed Glucophage. Isn't that used to treat diabetes? (7 Nov 2000)

  169. We would like to know answers to some questions about DIDMOAD. (7 Nov 2000)

  170. My son was born with nesidioblastosis and had surgery to remove 95% of his pancreas. Three years ago, he was diagnosed with diabetes. We have always had trouble controlling his blood sugars. This summer he was put on the insulin pump. The first several months he responded perfectly then his high blood sugars returned. Our doctor told us he is a perfect candidate for a transplant. Do you have any information? (7 Nov 2000)

  171. I am 19 and I suspect that I have diabetes. Recently, I have shown signs of diabetes. Last weekend, I smoked some cannabis and have felt "stoned" all week. I don't know how to get back to normal, and I don't wish my parents to know. (7 Nov 2000)

  172. I've read the information you have on the site concerning diabetes and school, and am still unclear as to who is required to do blood sugar testing in school. Do you have any info as to guidelines internationally, or in any other countries besides the US? (7 Nov 2000)

  173. Can you tell me why the pump is not at all popular in Australia? I saw one once and had it explained briefly to me. Is it a good alternative to injections for a very active teenager who engages in sports and motorbike riding. How does it work? (7 Nov 2000)

  174. My 20 month old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 11 months of age. We have had complete support from his doctors, but the insurance company has denied the pump four times, based on the fact that they do not give pumps to children under 13. (7 Nov 2000)

  175. Two healthy young men with no family history of diabetes and no other discernable risk factors have been diagnosed with type 1 in their twenties. The two men have only one thing in common: both were moderate users of marijuana. Could there be a link between marijuana usage and damage to the pancreas? Has anyone studied this? (7 Nov 2000)

  176. Our middle school has advised that in an emergency they will not inject glucagon into muscle. They say they are prohibited from doing so. Will glucagon work, albeit maybe not as effectively or as fast, if it is injected subcutaneously? (7 Nov 2000)

  177. My 13 year old daughter had 24-hour urines performed which showed elevated levels of protein. I made an appointment with a nephrologist who thinks she should be put on an ACE inhibitor. I am very concerned and have many questions I would like answered before starting her on this medication. (7 Nov 2000)

  178. My two year old grandson was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes three months ago. The number of injections he takes seems to vary a lot (He might take four shots one day, and, the next day one). My daughter-in-law calls a doctor daily to find out what to give him, but he still goes high and really low. (7 Nov 2000)

  179. Can type 1 diabetes be caused by a blow to the head or a brain injury? (6 Nov 2000)

  180. I am a 35 year old male with type 1 diabetes. I am on Humalog, Ultralente, Regular and want to go to India for three weeks. What alternatives do I have? (6 Nov 2000)

  181. I don't really understand the difference between hypoglycemia and diabetes. I know that over-medication can lead to hypoglycemia in people with diabetes, but if I have hypoglycemia, am I at a higher risk for diabetes? (6 Nov 2000)

  182. My daughter said she had a problem she has never had before. Her feet are sweating feet terribly, she is very thirsty, and she is tired all of the time. I'm most puzzled about the sweating feet. Are sweating feet a symptom of diabetes? (6 Nov 2000)

  183. I have two daughters with diabetes and am going through a custody battle. My ex-husband is using their diabetes as a weapon. (6 Nov 2000)

  184. I have had type 1 for four years. My father had a blood test that showed an alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency. My siblings and I have had this test done, and we all have this deficiency. Does this deficiency affect my diabetes? Do I need to do more tests? (6 Nov 2000)

  185. My mother who is 79 years old was diagnosed with diabetes about a month ago. She has had dry, itchy skin for years and has been to see a dermatologist. All he does is prescribe the same ointment each time. She scratches her her whole body until she tears the skin off. Is there something else we should be doing? (6 Nov 2000)

  186. An eight year girl was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. When should celiac markers be verified? (6 Nov 2000)

  187. I am 11 years old and have diabetes. Can I still produce insulin after a few years? (6 Nov 2000)

  188. We are shocked and find it unbelievable that all three of our children have come down with this disease in a nine month period. What are the chances of this? Do you have any other cases or research that would be beneficial to us in finding some answers? (6 Nov 2000)

  189. I am 29 years old and have type 2 diabetes. My blood sugars, at this point in time, run about 450 mg/dl [25 mmol/L] which I know is very high. I really want to have a baby, but my doctors say that won't happen until I get my blood sugars down. Is this right? Do you have any suggestions on how to get pregnant? (6 Nov 2000)

  190. When a blood test for diabetes was done on my son, the doctor said he had "no negative antibodies". Does this mean he is type 1 or type 1B or type 2? (5 Nov 2000)

  191. We are working with a family whose child was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of three months. Needless to say, he is quite unstable and the mother is checking blood sugars every four hours. Would you have any information on infantile diabetes (5 Nov 2000)

  192. My husband has type 2 The doctor put him on a no carb diet and said that, if he loses 15 pounds, my husband could get off all pills. So he lost 14 pounds, and his sugar went down. Then, he developed a lung infection and was given a steroid and an antibiotic. Now, his sugar shoots up high. Did the infection do this or the antibiotic? (5 Nov 2000)

  193. I have had type 1 diabetes for 37 years. I am now 47 years of age. Three years ago, I was diagnosed as having colon cancer. I had a friend who also had type 1 diabetes. She died from colon cancer the day before my surgery for the same type of cancer. Do you know of any connection between diabetes and cancer? (5 Nov 2000)

  194. I am 46 years old and have suffered from dyspepsia for more than 20 years. I have had a great improvement recently thanks to a new medication, but it seems that this improvement came with symptoms of diabetes. Is it possible that a suddenly more rapid digestion put an increased load on my pancreas? Is this a temporary adjustment or is it diabetes? (5 Nov 2000)

  195. My husband recently has had two seizures in the middle of the night. We are now seeing a neurologist who believes the seizures (particularly the second one) are not related to diabetes. Our endocrinologist thinks otherwise. (5 Nov 2000)

  196. My doctor found my glucose level elevated at my last physical, and now I think I might be pregnant. What could the complications be? (5 Nov 2000)

  197. What are the risks of pregnancy at an older age after long-term diabetes? I recently turned 37, have had type 1 since the age of 12, and hypothyroidism since the age of 11. I only married three years ago, and. five months later, I went into DKA. It has taken me years to get back to anywhere near normal blood sugar numbers. I went on a pump three months ago. (5 Nov 2000)

  198. My three year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 20 months of age. Our biggest problem is getting her to eat what we serve at meal time. She seems to be figuring out that she can get her way by carrying on, and then I'll give her what she wants. This doesn't seem to be fair to her brother since we make him eat whatever is served. Can you offer any advice as to how I can get my daughter to eat what is served? (5 Nov 2000)

  199. I am 34 weeks pregnant and I just had my glucose test done at the end of 33 weeks. I do not know why my doctor waited so long to test me, but I have gestational diabetes. I am going to see a dietitian. What help is that going to be when I am already so far along? Hasn't the damage already been done? (5 Nov 2000)

  200. I have heard about "the bag of hope" but I don't know what it is. I was wondering if you could fill me in? (5 Nov 2000)

  201. I have had diabetes for six years and had a high random urine test for microalbumin. I was also told that I have a urinary tract infection. They want me to collect a 24-hour urine sample. However, I asked if I should wait until the UTI clears up and was told that there was no connection between the UTI and elevated protein levels. I feel that this is very wrong information. (5 Nov 2000)

  202. My six year old old son has had type 1 diabetes for almost three years. I am interested in possibly switching from NPH insulin to glargine and have several questions. (3 Nov 2000)

  203. My daughter is one week old and they cannot find a reason for her seizures. Can an infant of a week old have diabetes? If so, can it be complicated by maltodextrin in the infant formula causing seizures? (3 Nov 2000)

  204. I am 39 years old and have several symptoms of diabetes. I also had gestational diabetes with both of my pregnancies and my father takes insulin, yet every time the doctors do a blood test for diabetes, it comes back negative. What should I do now? (3 Nov 2000)

  205. I understand people with type 1 diabetes are born with the susceptibility to develop the disease and it appears that something in the environment must trigger it. Can a dog bite cause the onset of diabetes? (3 Nov 2000)

  206. My 16 year old step-daughter passed away last week with what the doctors say is a very rare complication of diabetes. Her brain swelled, she went into a coma and never woke up. Could you please send me any information on this that you have? (3 Nov 2000)

  207. From, USA: Why is a person with diabetic ketoacidosis more susceptible to fungal infections? (3 Nov 2000)

  208. My 11 year old daughter was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about a year ago. She feels as if she is alone in this battle. Are there any pen-pals groups for the youth that are established? in Nov 99. It (3 Nov 2000)

  209. I am 20 years old have type 1 diabetes. My doctor has told me that I am beginning to become insulin resistant, therefore she put me on Avandia. Should I be taking a medication that is for type 2 diabetes? (3 Nov 2000)

  210. I am 22 years old and have had diabetes for 16 years.I just took a 24 hour urine test and received a result of 4.2 mcg/min. I have read that one becomes a suspect for microalbuminuria at 7 mcg/min. (3 Nov 2000)

  211. What is the actual process of how diabetes affects the cell -- the genetics behind the disease? I am African-American and I know that it affects our race tremendously. (3 Nov 2000)

  212. My 9 year-old is on a pump. We have noticed that there are certain "sweet" spots on his abdomen for his catheter, while other areas we stay away from because of apparently poor absorption. (3 Nov 2000)

  213. I have had diabetes for three years. When I turned 21, they cut off my help, and my income is very limited. Do you know of a health insurance plan that is or doesn't cost much that I would be able to get on? (3 Nov 2000)

  214. Her school is built on a steep incline, and, therefore, her activity level depends on how far she must walk between classes. Her school has told her that she cannot carry a glucagon kit, and, even if she did, no one would administer it "no matter what". Is the glucose gel or tablets sufficient in an emergent situation? (2 Nov 2000)

  215. When I walk a lot, my hands get swollen and hurt a little bit. It appears that I am retaining water. Is this a sign of possible problems with my kidneys, etc.? (2 Nov 2000)

  216. My nine year old has diabetes and was also diagnosed with H. pylori 10 months ago. After numerous treatments, he is still experiencing constant nausea. He has been tested for gastric emptying twice with negative results. He missed 65 days of school and all summer vacation, even when we went away. Any ideas? (2 Nov 2000)

  217. I am 18 years old, and, about three to four weeks ago, began experiencing excessive thirst and hunger, but kept losing weight. The doctor did a urine test that was negative, and told me not to worry. My grandma is a nurse and tested my sugar level and urine which were not normal. How can I call my doctor, and say I think he could have been wrong? (2 Nov 2000)

  218. She is concerned about what low carb or freebie foods she will be able to eat once she gets her palate expander and then braces that will follow. After talking with her orthodontist, our typical "fun" low carb foods, such as popcorn, peanuts, almonds and pretzels, will not be allowed. Do you have any suggestions for "fun" freebies or low carb snack foods? (2 Nov 2000)

  219. My ten year old son never seems to get enough to drink and he eats constantly, but is still only 52 pounds at age 10. He has started going to the bathroom a lot. He was checked years ago for diabetes because of the frequent drinking, but it was negative. Can you tell me any other signs? Should I have him checked again? (2 Nov 2000)

  220. My 18 year old daughter was diagnosed at age 13 and has been rebelling against diabetes for almost a year now. At one point, I discovered she had not taken her insulin for almost three months. I think she needs professional counseling. How and where can I find her the help she needs? (2 Nov 2000)

  221. I am an active, slim, 39 year old who has had type1 diabetes for 20 years. During the last five years, despite good control, I have developed extreme sensitivity to temperature on my knees and feet. I have no loss of feeling or stiffness, but I suffer a dull but persistent ache, which greatly disturbs my sleep. Is this condition related to diabetes? What is it and can anything be done? (2 Nov 2000)

  222. My 11 year old little sister has type 1A diabetes, diagnosed two and one-half years ago. We have just been told she has Mauriac Syndrome and currently some kidney and liver damage. What is the ultimate prognosis? (2 Nov 2000)

  223. Is there a difference between a GAD test and a GAD antibody test? We are trying to determine if our nine year old daughter, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, actually has type 2 diabetes. (2 Nov 2000)

  224. My three year old niece has excessive thirst, clumsiness, seizures. After the last seizure, her sugar level was over 200mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L]. The neurologist can't seem to find a reason for the seizures. Is this a form of diabetes? (2 Nov 2000)

  225. My six year old son has type 1. My husband came up with what I thought was a great idea -- a continuous glucose monitoring system that gives feedback to an insulin pump thus creating a closed system (with adequate back up in case of malfunction). Does anyone know if anyone is working on such a device? If not, maybe someone should? (2 Nov 2000)

  226. My five year old son just started kindergarten, They are having the principal do his testing and checking to make sure he eats all his lunch. Twice last week he didn't eat part of his lunch. I am worried she is too busy to take on this responsibility. Do I have any legal ground to stand on? (1 Nov 2000)

  227. I had gestational with my first pregnancy, now i have been diagnosed with diabetes (supposedly type 2). I am starting on insulin since the pills aren't working for me. When I get pregnant again (in a few months), will I be able to use the pump? (1 Nov 2000)

  228. I am 35 years old and have had type 1 diabetes for six years. What symptoms would indicate a need for thyroid screening? (1 Nov 2000)

  229. I am being considered for the Edmonton protocol. They have told me I can never have children. Are new anti-rejection drugs being developed that target just part of the immune system? Do you think I will ever be able to come off these drugs if a better treatment arises? (1 Nov 2000)

  230. Can you give me some insight on the risks involved in a person with diabetes who is undergoing a liver transplant because of NASH? (1 Nov 2000)

  231. Over the past year, controlling his sugar levels has been a challenge, to say the least. He frequently screams with charley horse-like pain in his lower limbs. The physician told me that cramping can be a symptom of dehydration. How long after a high blood sugar would your body show symptoms such as cramping? Is there a way for me to determine whether or not this is related to his sugars? (1 Nov 2000)

  232. I have had type 1 diabetes for 32 years. I recently read an article on an herbal remedy called Gymnema. It says it helps lower the amount of insulin necessary and also helps with the effects of neuropathy. I haven't been able to find much research on it and was just curious. (1 Nov 2000)

  233. My 20 year old son has not been diagnosed with diabetes or hypoglycemia yet. He was ill and because of some of his symptoms, it was suggested that I take a fasting blood sugar test on him. It was 127 mg/dl. That evening he was at 44 mg/dl and shaking, sick to his stomach and light headed. Would you get an error in the reading if the person is anemic, since it is reading the sugar in red blood cells? (1 Nov 2000)

  234. I just had my urine tested for microalbumin and the result was 14.1 mg/dl. I have diabetes, and my hemoglobin A1c is 7.0 %. Should I worry about this result ? If so, what can I do to lower it? (1 Nov 2000)

  235. My 11 year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes six months ago. We've been doing pretty well up until now. Is there a specific safe amount of NPH according to the body weight and age of a child? What is the best range of blood glucose level to keep a child at? (1 Nov 2000)

  236. I'm a 23 year old Australian with type 1 diabetes. I am is set to marry a Canadian and move to Alberta. have taken a long, long time to come to terms with the disease and to undertake the responsibility for caring for myself. Consequently, when I set up home here permanently, I don't want to lose ground. So I am hoping for anything that might help me in moving my condition and starting my new life on the best possible foot. (1 Nov 2000)

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