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  1. My five year old has become so opposed to his blood sugar testing that it is a physical fight to test him. I have tried all the "test Teddy/Mummy/Daddy first" routines, threats and bribes, all to no avail. Is there anything to help explain it to him? What can I do next? (31 May 2003)

  2. Should my sister take her insulin and other medications in the morning before she has fasting blood tests done like a lipid profile? What if the person is taking pills for diabetes, instead of insulin, should they take them in the morning before the test is done? (31 May 2003)

  3. My blood sugar levels are either too high or too low, and recently, they are becoming too low in the morning, but if I reduce my insulin, they are too high. What approach should I adopt so that my blood sugar levels are controlled when I take less insulin? (31 May 2003)

  4. My 11 year old daughter has diabetes, my sister just had a baby, and is choosing not to immunize, and I am very disturbed by my sister's decision. Will it possibly jeopardize my daughter's health to be around an unimmunized child? Since diabetes appears to be in my family's genes, how can my sister's choice of not immunizing her daughter affect her daughter if she does one day develop diabetes? (31 May 2003)

  5. I know insulin cannot be taken orally because stomach acid will destroy it, but what if it was taken with proton pump inhibitors? (31 May 2003)

  6. We were having problems with the infusion set clogging and recently switched insulin brands in our daughter's pump. This has helped to solve this problem, and we have been usually getting three good days of control with each infusion set. If the control is good and the site looks good, can you go any longer than the recommended three days for the site? (31 May 2003)

  7. I am 44 years old, overweight, and I have PCOS. Four months ago, my fasting blood glucose was within normal range, my insulin level was 45, my A1c was 6.2%, and my C-peptide was normal. I was told I have type 2 diabetes. put on metformin twice per day and told to cut back on carbohydrates. Do I really have diabetes? Should I be checking my own blood at home? (31 May 2003)

  8. My wife is taking pre-mixed insulin in the morning, NPH at bedtime, and metformin twice per day, and this morning she awoke with a high sugar reading and was very weak, and on previous occasions, she has experienced low blood sugar readings. What should we do when she experiences high blood sugar to lower this quickly? (31 May 2003)

  9. My doctor suggested a medication to stimulate the pancreas to produce more insulin. but I am afraid that this medication could cause an already damaged pancreas more problems. The diabetes education nurse has suggested an injection of insulin at bedtime to correct the high sugar readings in the morning since my sugar levels are within normal limits at other times of the day. (31 May 2003)

  10. My 14 year old daughter is eating all her meals and snacks, but she is miserable because she is still very hungry between meals. She is not overweight; in fact, she is underweight at this point by about 15 pounds. Are there any foods my daughter can eat between meals besides vegetables? (31 May 2003)

  11. My seven year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes five months ago, and, while we limit snacks, we don't really monitor meals. Our doctor says that at this stage it is not really necessary. Is there a limit of the number of carbohydrates per day that I should allow my child? (31 May 2003)

  12. What vitamins are okay for someone with type 1 diabetes to take? (31 May 2003)

  13. My son's 19 year old girlfriend takes insulin. I am very concerned about her drinking alcohol. I realize she shouldn't be drinking because of her age, but I know she is, and I'm very concerned about her health. (31 May 2003)

  14. Two days ago, the doctor told me that I had diabetes. He did not say what type, but I am assuming type 2. Since he did not put me on any type of medication, I assumed that he wanted me to go on a diet which is just common since. However, when I asked his nurse for a diet sheet for diabetes, she gave me a sheet that gives me a choice of 1200, 1500, or 1800 calories. (31 May 2003)

  15. My son uses a pump which works well for him, but we plan to spend a week in Hawaii soon and we are concerned that he will be off the pump most of the day as it is not waterproof. We are considering switching to Lantus with Humalog for the vacation. Please help. (31 May 2003)

  16. Why is my fasting blood sugar higher? What kind of risk may I encounter with damage to internal organs if I continue to exist with these sugar levels? Do you believe I can eliminate my problems with exercise (walking four miles per day) and no medication? (31 May 2003)

  17. What's a good way to get my son to try to use his stomach for shots? (30 May 2003)

  18. My son's doctor want him to change to Lantus, but he plays a very high level of hockey. When he plays, we reduce his bedtime NPH significantly and leave his morning NPH the same. Are you finding that children involved in active sports reduce their dose of Lantus like this? (30 May 2003)

  19. I am 5 feet 4 inches tall, weigh 140 pounds, I exercise two hours every day, and I am on a 1800 calorie diet. I want to lose about 20 pounds, and I don't understand why I am not "skinny". Could my diabetes be the reason I am not losing weight? Can you give me any information that could help me lose weight safely and stay gone? (30 May 2003)

  20. My daughter has been diagnosed as failure to thrive. They did the diabetes test which was negative and showed she has fructose overflow in her urine which would be okay except when they looked at tests when she was three months old, her urine tested positive then too, and she was solely breast fed back then. How likely is it to have a negative test but still have diabetes? (30 May 2003)

  21. My 12 year daughter, who has diabetes, has just been diagnosed with scoliosis and may require back surgery. What are the increased risks as this type of surgery is serious and will force her to be inactive for up to a year? (30 May 2003)

  22. My father in-law became dehydrated, was hospitalised for nine days, and they suggest he may have to have his pancreas taken out. Is this possible without having huge complications? (30 May 2003)

  23. My boyfriend has type 1 diabetes, and we've been having trouble with sexual intercourse. There' are moments when he can't have orgasms any more, and its like it shuts off. He is really depressed doesn't want to talk about it so I am really concerned. Why is this happening? What should we do? (30 May 2003)

  24. I have had type 1 diabetes for 37 years, and recently, I have been experiencing numbness in my hands. I started tracking when this occurred and started noticing that whenever my blood sugar dropped, my hand or hands got numb! Is this a documented symptom of hypoglycemia or something rare/unique? (30 May 2003)

  25. I started testing my blood sugar about a week ago, and I changed what I eat and, and it has gone down to normal. Should I still go to the doctor to see if it is diabetes? Could it be managed with diet alone? (30 May 2003)

  26. The doctor said my son's high blood sugars could be caused from his arms being used too much. Is this your opinion? (30 May 2003)

  27. While we have no difficulties with operating the pump and are in general pleased with it, the infusion sites drive us crazy. We seem to experience "site failures" at least one out of every five changes. Is this unusual? (30 May 2003)

  28. I will be taking care of my neighbor's 30 year old daughter who has Down syndrome and takes insulin after her four wisdom teeth are removed. None of the doctors will do this in the hospital so she will be cared for at home. Do you have any suggestions for diet during the first 48 hours after surgery?. (30 May 2003)

  29. My boyfriend has had several amputations due to diabetic ulcers, and I read an article that said that topical oxygen therapy is effective in 90% of diabetic ulcers, but the doctor had never heard of it and was quite dismissive. I would be extremely grateful if someone could advise me where my boyfriend could have this treatment. (30 May 2003)

  30. I started on Lantus six weeks ago and had great blood sugars the last week, but I take it in the morning rather than at night. I love one injection per day after 48 years of many a day. I am concerned because everything I read about Lantus says night injection. Why? Is morning okay? (30 May 2003)

  31. The other day, I wasn't thinking and pushed the Humalog (I had just drawn) into the NPH (relatively full vial). I discarded the NPH and opened a new vial. Would a small amount Humalog make the NPH unusable? If so, is it due to a chemical reaction that "ruins" the NPH or just the effect of diluting the NPH? (30 May 2003)

  32. I have had diabetes treated with pills or almost three years, and I really haven't had a lot of problems until recently. Does diabetes cause excessive sweating, and feeling on edge and awful every other day? (30 May 2003)

  33. I am having a problem getting the school nurse to follow doctors directions about my son's diabetes management. I have written everything down for the school nurse, and I have had the doctor's office send her the same thing I have given her, but she still doesn't follow directions. (29 May 2003)

  34. We were asked to participate in a study to evaluate my daughter's ability to make insulin. The consent form said the study is designed for children who did not have acidosis at the time of diagnosis.How can I tell if she had acidosis? Is DKA the same as being acidotic? (29 May 2003)

  35. I have got lots of mouth ulcers, and I have asked my dentist what he thinks it is. He said it is because of the enzymes in my mouth not breaking down the food properly, and my mouth absorbs the acidic food. He said to stay away from the acidic food and I have, but I still have them. (29 May 2003)

  36. The benefit from Lantus, for me, is that it's action is more predictable than other long lasting insulins, but the promise of "once a day" dosing wasn't realized. (29 May 2003)

  37. About a year ago, my 17 year old daughter was diagnosed with type1 diabetes prior to which, she began having unusual behavior problems first, and a couple of months later, she exhibited the classic symptoms. I believe her behavior and crazy eating patterns were a result of pre-diabetes, but her doctors cannot say for sure. I feel guilty that I was not able to help her and that her problem was medical. I am just looking for answers. (29 May 2003)

  38. My son's school had an ice cream party, and since he his sugar was about 300 mg/dl [16.7 mmol/L], I decided to give him some insulin and let him have some. His teacher, whose husband has diabetes, decided to give me her two cents about doing what I did. Was I wrong for doing that? (29 May 2003)

  39. All of a sudden, my 14 year old son, who has type 1 diabetes, has a large appetite which I try to cover with more insulin, but his readings are still way out of whack. We had to move to three shots a day. I know he's going through puberty, but how long will we have these high readings? How much damage is it doing to him? (29 May 2003)

  40. My five year old daughter appears to be overweight, so I am putting her on the diabetic diet. How many calories should she have? I would like her to eat this way because it is healthier than what she has done. (29 May 2003)

  41. My daughter is on twice daily injections of NPH with Humalog. Since Humalog peaks at two hours and is gone by three, is it necessary to give a morning snack? If the bedtime number is high, is it necessary to give a bedtime snack? (29 May 2003)

  42. My 28 year old daughter has had type 1 diabetes for 14 years, and since leaving home, she has paid less and less attention to her diabetes care and her health in general. I don't know what else to do and am scared to death of the consequences she faces. Can you give me any advice? (29 May 2003)

  43. The other night at dinner and I went hypoglycemic pretty badly, but my wife did help me. What if I am somewhere alone with the baby? My fear is that the baby will not have any information, and I will walk away or not know where I am. Should I have some information on the baby or should I wear something on me as to what to do? Any suggestions? (29 May 2003)

  44. I take Glucophage at bedtime and do eat for two to three hours beforehand. I check my blood sugar before I take my medicine, again immediately after waking in the morning, and find that my blood sugar has risen while asleep. Is it normal for blood sugar to rise while sleeping? (29 May 2003)

  45. Have there ever been any studies done where the sex of a baby increases the risk of the mother developing gestational diabetes? (29 May 2003)

  46. My daughter has never had great control, even though she is on multiple daily injections. She weighs only 26 kilograms (57 pounds), seems to produce ketones really easily, and can go into DKA really fast. Could there be an underlining problem with her kidneys that is making her become dehydrated faster and produce ketones so quickly? Would a pump help? (29 May 2003)

  47. I am interested in getting an insulin pump for our 11 year old daughter, and I am working with our diabetes team, but they will not recommend any particular pump company, and have left the decision up to us. I have information on all the pumps. Do you know of any web site that would tell of any known problems with any of the pumps? (29 May 2003)

  48. I have had diabetes treated with pills or almost three years, and I really haven't had a lot of problems until recently. Does diabetes cause excessive sweating, and feeling on edge and awful every other day? (29 May 2003)

  49. My morning readings are high as well as my A1c. What should I eat every night before I go to bed to create the best conditions to find out the cause of my high readings in the morning? (29 May 2003)

  50. One of my students has symptoms consistent with diabetes and his mother insisted on a glucose tolerance test, but the boy refused to drink the solution. The doctor is now telling her that there is nothing to be done because there is no other way to diagnose diabetes. There has to be another way to solve this problem.What else can she do? (28 May 2003)

  51. My five and a half year old son will enter a town-run/sponsored camp. They have an EMT on staff, but they've informed me that 'technically' their guidelines say that they are not to administer medication, they will only supervise self-medicated children. Don't town or publicly sponsored activities have to provide more accommodation to children with disabilities? (27 May 2003)

  52. At about the age of three and a half, I noticed that he would eat and in an hour he was hungry again. If he did not eat promptly, his demeanor would drastically change to being weepy and emotional. Every time, food has relieved the symptoms. I know this in not considered low, but could be could this be a low for him? (27 May 2003)

  53. My 10 year old daughter uses an insulin pump, and her blood sugars have become much more consistent, but she has approximately four lows per week. Is this harmful? Is this is a lot of lows? Is the standard definition of a low below 80 mg/dl [4.4 mmol/L]? (27 May 2003)

  54. My five year old daughter has had type 1 diabetes for three years, and in the past few months, she has become emotional about having diabetes. What can I say to make my child feel better? Can you recommend any web sites/books to help with the emotional side of diabetes? can he stay without insulin? (27 May 2003)

  55. My four year old child was diagnosed as type 1 diabetes three months ago. After two months of four insulin injections daily, now he needs only two injection per day. Is this his honeymoon period? With an appropriate diet, can he stay without insulin? (27 May 2003)

  56. I have noticed lately that my daughter is now experiencing episodes of falling asleep at a drop of a hat, especially when we drive in the car, and she complains of headaches daily. We had her eyes checked extensively and everything was fine. She complained this morning about feeling light headed and would not eat breakfast. Should I have her tested for diabetes? (27 May 2003)

  57. My mother who has type 2 diabetes experienced hearing loss in one ear which her doctor said was due to a "mini stroke" caused by diabetes, and a neck pain around the base of her skull. Is her doctor correct about his diagnosis of these two situations? (27 May 2003)

  58. Can loss of bladder control be a symptom of diabetes? (27 May 2003)

  59. I have had type 2 diabetes for two years. Eleven years ago, I had breast implants because of breast cancer in my family, and I seem to remember something on the pre-op papers about the possibility of developing autoimmune problems. Is there any connection between developing type 2 diabetes and having breast implants? (27 May 2003)

  60. I was told by the pediatrician, not the endocrinologist, to withhold the fast acting insulin when her sugar is below 100 mg/dl [5.6 mmol/L], but I thought that this insulin was given to get her through the meal. Previously, I was told to prevent lows, not treat them by the endocrine team. I feel like I am getting too many opinions that contradict one another. (26 May 2003)

  61. My eight year old daughter, who has had type 1 diabetes for two and half years just had thyroid tests. I am concerned about these results and want another opinion as to what is going on. (26 May 2003)

  62. When giving an insulin injection, how long should you leave the needle in after inserting it? Is there any advantage to waiting before removing it? (26 May 2003)

  63. I am a 38 year old male, who has had type 1 diabetes for 35 years. I have retinopathy in both eyes, by so far no other major diabetic related problems. I do have a problem with maintaining my weight loss. I'm now injecting pre-mixed insulin twice a day, and my glucose levels have been a constant roller coaster ride. (26 May 2003)

  64. My daughter really loves soccer, but it is more of a struggle for me, and I've got to find a solution. My doctor did say to give same amount of insulin along with more carb. What is your opinion? (26 May 2003)

  65. My daughter who is getting over a stomach virus, and she seems back to normal, except for the redness of the skin (hands, face, bottom of feet), that goes away quickly, but then comes back. Is the redness caused by a diabetes related problem we didn't know about, or a reaction to her virus? (26 May 2003)

  66. When I go to bed at night, my blood sugar will be okay and when I get up in the morning, it is always higher. What causes my sugar to go up when I sleep? (26 May 2003)

  67. Last night, my daughter had her first severe low and seizure since being on the pump. I have several questions. (26 May 2003)

  68. What is the percentage of people in the world who have nesidioblastosis? (26 May 2003)

  69. I take insulin four times per day, my stomach looks like I am 10 months pregnant, and my blood sugar goes high every day. What kind of foods should I avoid? Is there such a thing as emotional diabetes? What is happening? (26 May 2003)

  70. My blood sugar doesn't have to get very low for me to start seizing, and I was told that I was producing more insulin than seen in a 700-pound person. Is there something I can do for this? Is there a reason why my body is producing so much insulin? (26 May 2003)

  71. My son broke his arm. Will having diabetes slow the healing process? Will the broken arm affect his blood sugar levels? (26 May 2003)

  72. I am a 17 year old boy who was born with nesidioblastosis, and the doctors decided to run some more tests including another oral GTT test, and they told me I needed to eat a lot of carbs and sugary food for three days before the test. What I am afraid of is that all the carb' and sugars will kill my pancreas (insulin production) for good. Is all this eating necessary for the test? (26 May 2003)

  73. Recently, I saw something on a news channel that said that people with diabetes type 1 have smaller brains, generally, but I didn't see any more on that topic. Is this true? Is this from some recent study stating this as a fact? (26 May 2003)

  74. It appears to me at least and to the other children, that too often the poor behavior and disregard is blamed upon the diabetes, rather than upon the behavior problem. I feel very badly because I can see that she does require special medical attention, but I don't think it requires always making an excuse for misbehavior, snappy remarks or just not paying any attention. (25 May 2003)

  75. I have had type 1 diabetes for 40 years. I work out regularly, and I am taking vitamin supplements. I am concerned because my recent microalbumin test was very high. Can taking vitamin supplements affect microalbumin test results? (25 May 2003)

  76. I have repeatedly told my son's doctor concerns of his breathing, dry skin, continuous colds and development issues since birth. He doctor knew my concern about diabetes since my husband has diabetes.The doctor put my son on steroids for his colds, etc. Were these all signs of the onset of diabetes? Could the steroids have brought it to the surface? (25 May 2003)

  77. I am experiencing unintended weight loss, and my blood sugars have been stable for at least a month. Is insulin the only answer? (25 May 2003)

  78. My 13 year old daughter has been more or less a "carbo junkie" even to the point of preferring to go hungry rather than eating protein or veggies. She was hospitalized for constipation, and her fasting glucose was high.She has also been prone to violent mood swings and has extremely dry skin. What questions should I be asking her pediatrician? (25 May 2003)

  79. We switched my son to Humalog before meals and Lantus, and I am concerned about his nighttime blood glucose levels. I obviously know that the very high blood glucose during the night is not good for his little body, but that is what we need to do to have him wake within normal range. Is it normal for 30 grams of carb to raise his blood sugar so high? (25 May 2003)

  80. What kind of infusion set is recommended for a less than two year old child? (25 May 2003)

  81. My wife who has had type 1 diabetes almost 30 years is well controlled on an insulin pump, and we would love to have our own child but don't want to put her life or health in danger. We are getting mixed answers from her doctors. What dangers are posed to a woman with type 1 diabetes if she becomes pregnant? (25 May 2003)

  82. I developed diabetes after giving birth to my son six years ago, and I am almost two months pregnant. I wish to seek advice on precautionary measures I need to take. Will appreciate advice as healthcare is limited in Samoa. (25 May 2003)

  83. My son had moderate to large ketones during a viral illness despite good glycemic control. We checked his blood glucose at two- hour intervals and they were okay. The ketones cleared with extra insulin and increased fluid intake. Were the ketones a result of improper insulin dosing or a direct result of the viral infection? (25 May 2003)

  84. Is there an insulin response after ingesting artificial sweeteners? (25 May 2003)

  85. My husband and his brother both have type 1 diabetes, and my 19 month old son was diagnosed last week. Are the chances still 6% that my three year old daughter will also be diagnosed? What can I watch for? Are there any tests to see if she will get diabetes? (24 May 2003)

  86. I am trying to get pregnant, and my last menstrual cycle started two months ago. This past weekend, I woke up with a high blood sugar and throughout the day, it went up and down which is very strange for me. I have taken a pregnancy test, but it was negative. Could my crazy blood sugars be very early signs of pregnancy? Did I take the test too early? (24 May 2003)

  87. My husband was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and started on Glucophage. However, his glucose levels were still very high, so the physician assistant put him on insulin in the morning along with Amaryl and the Glucophage. How does this treatment sound to you? (24 May 2003)

  88. My husband who has been drinking is neglecting to take his insulin. I just learned that he ran out of insulin and has not ordered it. His blood sugar is very high, and I am afraid he will go into a coma. I plan on calling his doctor first thing tomorrow morning. Should I take him to the hospital? (24 May 2003)

  89. Although my son eats regularly, he gets very agitated within a few hours of eating, is always hungry, and he seems weak and confused sometimes. (24 May 2003)

  90. About 22 years ago, my brother had a building fall on him, and about a month after that happened, he developed type 2 diabetes. Is it possible that the accident led to his diabetes? (24 May 2003)

  91. Do you know where I can find nutritious and healthy free recipes for three to five old children? (24 May 2003)

  92. I have cared for a developmentally disabled elderly lady with diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis for six years. During my assessment this morning, I noted that she had a rash that extended from her left shoulder blade, and under her left breast. The rash had several fluid filled blisters, and is very painful. I think she has shingles. What should I do? (23 May 2003)

  93. My friend's son, diagnosed about seven months ago with type 1 diabetes, uses insulin twice a day, and he suffers from these injections. Are there any types of medicines or pills to use instead of insulin injections? (22 May 2003)

  94. I feel that my less than two year old's body is too small to support the weight of a pump. Is it possible for her to use an insulin pump at night and then disconnect it during the day except to bolus for meals? (22 May 2003)

  95. Our daughter, who has type 1 diabetes and is on a pump, has an A1c of about 8%, and she is interested in going to a tanning bed. Other than the obvious concerns associated with tanning beds, are there any other things we need to know that could affect her condition before we make our final decision? (22 May 2003)

  96. Can diabetes destroy the tissues or ligaments surrounding the knees? (22 May 2003)

  97. It appears that the doses of NovoRapid I am taking with my meals lead to good post-prandial results, but the Lantus does not appear to be working at all. I do have advice to increase the Lantus dose until I get to an acceptable morning blood glucose, but the impact of the Lantus on my blood glucoses seems so negligible. Is this a normal experience? (22 May 2003)

  98. I have had type 1 diabetes for 43 years, and up until this year, I have had no side effects from the diabetes except for problems with keeping my blood sugar level. I take NPH and Regular in the morning, and often experience low blood sugar in the middle of the night, after the insulin has worn off, and then high blood sugar in the morning if I do not awaken in time to eat a snack. (22 May 2003)

  99. Yesterday, my husband's doctor sent him for a blood sugar test and the result was elevated. The doctor said he may have diabetes and should eat only white meat, vegetables, little sugar and return in a week. How do we know whether my husband does, in fact, have diabetes? What would be the course of action if we were living in the US? (22 May 2003)

  100. My 20 year old son is autistic and has had diabetes since birth, and lately it has become almost impossible to control his blood sugar levels. He has no idea he has diabetes so it's all the more difficult to handle. I take him to a diabetes doctor for regular check-ups, but somehow we cannot manage to control his sugar. Please advise. (19 May 2003)

  101. The endocrinologist gave me a prescription for metformin, but the thought of having to be on medication scares me, so I didn't take it. I followed the diet that the dietitian laid out for me and did the treadmill for 20 minutes five times per week. My sugar level came down and my weight just stayed the same. Can I continue controlling my diabetes by diet and exercise? (19 May 2003)

  102. The other day my husband informed me that the daughter of one of his clients had the same problem but never recovered after birth and had to use insulin from there on. Is this correct? What is the percentage of women who had gestational diabetes requiring insulin during pregnancy and had to continue with it?. (19 May 2003)

  103. My 11 year old African American daughter is overweight, always sleepy, urinates a lot, and has dark areas of her body. My cousin recently told me that the daughter of a friend of hers who had the same symptoms, was told that her body is making too much insulin, and she was put on medication. Does this mean my daughter has diabetes or is in the pre-stage? (19 May 2003)

  104. Recently, in spite of a high dose of oral medicine my mother's sugar level has risen to a high level, and she been advised to go on insulin. In time, will she be able to give up insulin and come back to oral medicine? She does have high blood pressure too. (19 May 2003)

  105. Do you have any idea when EMLA cream will be coming back on the market? (19 May 2003)

  106. Although there are guidelines in my state allowing for the administration of glucagon by a non-licensed individual, the school has yet to identify any responsible individuals to handle these issues if my son were to stay after school. Any suggestions? (19 May 2003)

  107. I am 27 years old, I am taking pre-mixed insulin twice per day, right now, my fasting blood sugar are low, and injections are inconvenient for me. Is there any oral therapy for me? (19 May 2003)

  108. Nine years ago, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and an enlarged thyroid. I was placed on Synthroid and was told I would most likely be able to stop taking this medication at age 17 or 18, but recently I was told that I will most likely need to continue until I finish college. Is there any reason that this hormone would be needed after growth has been completed? Is there any reason not to stop taking it? (19 May 2003)

  109. The last time anyone posted an answer about the glucometer watch was over a year ago. Do you have any more information about it? It sounds wonderful, but is it accurate enough to rely on it during sleep? (19 May 2003)

  110. We've switched to Mixtard in the morning, Actrapid before dinner, and Insulatard before bed, and from the time we started using this new regimen my brother's blood sugar levels are constantly high, even fasting. Should we increase the morning Mixtard or should we increase the evening Insulatard to combat the high fasting sugars? Also, how long does Insulatard's effect last? (19 May 2003)

  111. We have a seventh grade transfer student with type 1 diabetes, and in the records from her previous school. it states that she is able to manipulate her blood glucose monitor to give lower blood glucose readings. How could this student manipulate the monitor and results so they are lower than actual? (17 May 2003)

  112. Is there any computer program that can help me decide how many doses of insulin I should give my son based on his premeal blood glucose level, amount of carbohydrate in his meal, time of day, and activity level? (17 May 2003)

  113. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes two years ago, and I'm having a serious problem with something biting me. I have experienced bites throughout my life, like everyone else, but I'm thinking either I'm being bitten by invisible fleas, it's the wrath of God, or because of my diabetes, my resistance is low and I've developed severe allergy to bug bites. Have you heard of such a thing? (17 May 2003)

  114. Where are we in terms of finding a real cure for type 1 diabetes? Is it more likely that a closed-loop insulin pump will be ready before the stem cells research or the xenotransplantation? (17 May 2003)

  115. My daughter was diagnosed with autoimmune thyroiditis at the age of 14, fibromyalgia at 15, and now at the age of 17 she is experiencing daily unexplained undiagnosed hypoglycemic episodes that resolve with sugary food. Should she be seen by a doctor to be diagnosed for diabetes or hypoglycemia? What tests should I expect? (17 May 2003)

  116. What videos are available for children over the age of three? (17 May 2003)

  117. My grandson has been approved by the endocrinologist for an insulin pump. However, he has been told that he will have to go to a major medical center that's over 200 miles away to get his pump and instruction. Is an inpatient stay normally required to convert to the pump? (17 May 2003)

  118. They released my stepson from the hospital, and he has been eating the carbs that he is allowed, but ever since he got home, he has been having high blood sugar levels. They just put him on a routine the night before so he was eating regular until then, and he has been very tired. Could being back home and the stress from the parents being nervous have an effect on this? (17 May 2003)

  119. I have type 1 diabetes along with hypothyroidism, and I am 50 pounds overweight. I exercise regularly and eat at least 1300 calories a day, but I have not lost any weight so I am considering liposuction. Is liposuction safe for people with type 1 diabetes? (16 May 2003)

  120. I am a 19 year old diabetic who has had diabetes for 12 years. I started taking ballet dancing almost two years ago, and I have progressed to the point where my teacher is training me to dance in pointe (toe) shoes. Is this kind of work bad for my diabetes, as I know diabetes can make your feet extra sensitive? (16 May 2003)

  121. I have had type 2 diabetes for about eight years treated with pills. My A1c is usually about 6.6 to 6.9%, and I am concerned about a slow steady weight loss. In addition, no matter what I do, I am always exhausted.Should my doctor look for something, or is this just the course of aging? (16 May 2003)

  122. I am on Glucophage three times per day, but my morning readings are still high. Should I take a fourth Glucophage just before I go to bed to keep the medication in my system on a 24-hour basis? (16 May 2003)

  123. My three and a half year old daughter will hardly eat, and her blood sugar has been low lately. We had to give her glucose gel, apple juice, and gummi bears, but she hasn't been drinking the juice, or would have just a few gummi bears. What would be the best way to approach this problem? What else we could give her when her sugar is down like that again? (16 May 2003)

  124. I am a 56 year old white male with a family history of diabetes who had an elevated fasting blood glucose about two months ago. I went on a low carb diet, lost 15 pounds and 30 days later my fasting blood glucose was much lower. My doctor is not concerned, is not advising me to monitor my levels at home, and I am not scheduled to see him for another year. Do you think I should buy a self testing kit? (16 May 2003)

  125. Have there been any studies on the benefits of NovoLog as opposed to Humalog in pumps? Are there more skin rashes and injection site pain from the Humalog? Is less insulin needed when NovoLog is used in the pump? (16 May 2003)

  126. My son, who is in full-blown puberty has used an insulin pump since the age of eight, and in the last six months ago, he has had two episodes, both exactly the same, of extremely high blood sugar and ketones. Since this is very sporadic, could it be the result of extreme hormone surges in the pre-dawn hours, growth spurts, stress hormones? (15 May 2003)

  127. I was told yesterday that my son has diabetes, and the pediatricians in this area will not see him until after he is evaluated by an endocrinologist which could take up to six weeks. I know nothing about diabetes and was given only a diet sheet. Can diabetes suddenly show up? How will I know his blood sugar levels from now until he gets in to see the endocrinologist? Is he in danger? (15 May 2003)

  128. My son drinks and urinates frequently, and his teacher informed me that he falls asleep in class daily even though he gets plenty of sleep during the night. There is a family history of diabetes on both sides. Should I have him checked for diabetes? (15 May 2003)

  129. Last night, a few hours after eating chocolate cake with frosting, my husband checked her blood sugar, and it was 390 mg/dl [21.7 mmol/L]. Could this be diabetes? Should I have my daughter seen as soon as possible? (15 May 2003)

  130. My daughter has scar tissue at injection sites, her specialist gave me some information on Insuflon, and I would like to know if you have any information (if the patient likes it, chance of infection, etc). I would just like a little more knowledge before calling the medical company. (15 May 2003)

  131. Anytime my daughter becomes anxious or agitated about something, she begins a cycle of high blood sugars along with moderate to large ketones in the urine, nausea without vomiting, muscle pain and mild shortness of breath for several days. Usually, she ends up in the hospital. How common is this problem? Do you have any suggestions or insight? (15 May 2003)

  132. My 49 year old brother, who has had type 2 diabetes for 11 years, has almost always had poor control and is now on insulin along with and oral medication (for less that a month). I am concerned about his lifespan and worry that he will not even make it until all his children have graduated from high school. I hope you can supply me with some incentive that will do the trick. (15 May 2003)

  133. My son, who has had type 1 diabetes for three and a half years, has developed necrobiosis. It started on his tummy above the belly button, now it is on his ankle and arm, and we think it might be on his cheek. It seems this necrobiosis is spreading, and we are getting worried and scared that it will keep populating our little boy's body. (15 May 2003)

  134. My 13 year old nephew always has sugars high enough to inject 30 units to NPH three times per day and sometimes she has to inject Regular insulin twice per day. Is this normal? (14 May 2003)

  135. Around this time last year, we had problems with my eight year old daughter urinating quite frequently. There was sugar in her urine, and her blood sugar was normal. Now it's starting again. Could this be diabetes? (14 May 2003)

  136. My mom was just given metformin to take twice a day by her primary doctor and she has concerns about the side effects before she will take any. I have several questions. (14 May 2003)

  137. My mother-in- law 's doctor told him he wanted her sugar to stay at 70 mg/dl [3.9 mmol/L], but my mother also has diabetes, and her doctor says it shouldn't be under 120-130 mg/dl [6.7-7.2 mmol/L]. What should the normal range be for someone who already has diabetes? (14 May 2003)

  138. I have had type 1 for 34 years and have severe retinopathy. I have had excellent control (A1c of 5.3%) for about a year, but my vision still seems to be getting worse. Before the catastrophe in my left eye, my A1c was about 7.5% for about four years, and prior to that, it was much worse. Is there any hope that my retinopathy might stabilize with good control, or is it too late? (14 May 2003)

  139. I have a non-proliferative retinopathy. I had a cataract, and a month ago, I had an ultrasound cataract operation on both eyes. After that, the doctor said to me that this operation causes progressing retinopathy in people with diabetes, and that he would recommend full laser photocoagulation. I have read many different opinions about laser. What do you think of it? What are the risks of that operation? (14 May 2003)

  140. I have a Palm Pilot and would like to know if there are any programs I can download that I have nutritional information for many foods when I am out and about with my five year old. (12 May 2003)

  141. The doctor would like to put my daughter on a additional shot of NPH at lunch time to try to prevent the hypoglycemia but to try to bring down her numbers in the afternoon and evening. What is your opinion on this? Will there be an overlapping of insulin? (12 May 2003)

  142. Since my daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, my employer has begrudgingly allowed me to work the day shift with only an occasional half day on Saturday, but, since my direct supervisor has retired, the Operations Director is telling me she will no longer accommodate my schedule. What can I do? (12 May 2003)

  143. Forty-one years ago, when I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, no mention was made of a honeymoon phase, and it was a difficult time. I went through with little help. When was the diabetes honeymoon period made known? Who coined the phrase? (12 May 2003)

  144. My son is using multiple daily injections, and I know that the Insulin pump offers the best control. Has there been a study comparing the A1cs of patients using Lantus and Humalog versus those on the pump? (12 May 2003)

  145. My daughter was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Out of nowhere, her blood sugar level was extremely high, and she was in DKA, practically in a coma-like state, and the doctors have informed us that ketoacidosis isn't something that takes time to appear. However, others have told me that it takes time for the pancreas to stop functioning -- maybe years. (12 May 2003)

  146. I have gained very significant weight on insulin, even though I exercise and would like to convince my doctor to take me off the insulin. A doctor once told me Glucophage could help me shed some pounds in addition to bringing down my glucose, and just recently it was added to my treatment. Does Glucophage really help a person with diabetes lose weight? (12 May 2003)

  147. I have had type 1 diabetes for about nine years, have been on my pump for about eight to nine months now, and I am considering switching from Humalog (pumping) to NovoLog (pumping). I am curious, and would like to know about, the relevant differences in the effect that this change might imply. (12 May 2003)

  148. My daughter had a blood level which was 90 mg/dl [5 mmol/L], and her doctor told me a normal level is 40 to 60 mg/dl [2.2-3.3 mmol/L], but her urine was negative. Why is her blood level high, but nothing is wrong with her urine? Should I be concerned with her blood level and practice a different diet for her or do nothing and stop worrying? (12 May 2003)

  149. My daughter has been diagnosed with non-ketotic hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia, and is on diazoxide three times per day to maintain normal sugars. I would like to obtain information on nesidioblastosis. (12 May 2003)

  150. I have type 1 diabetes along with hypothyroidism, and I am 50 pounds overweight. I exercise regularly and eat at least 1300 calories a day, but I have not lost any weight so I am considering liposuction. Is liposuction safe for people with type 1 diabetes? (11 May 2003)

  151. My 30 year old son, diagnosed with type 2 diabetes five years ago, is experiencing weight loss, and his sugar levels are higher. His doctor thinks he has been in the honeymoon period of type 1 and now wants to put him on Lantus. I am concerned that they did not correctly diagnose him and would like him to get a second opinion before he goes on insulin. Is this a common occurrence in people with diabetes? (11 May 2003)

  152. I have recently been told that my thyroid is underactive, and my TSH is 8.86 MU/L. I do not feel that bad, but my insulin requirements have increased in the last five months by about 25%. Does an underactive thyroid cause a person to require more or less insulin? (11 May 2003)

  153. My almost eight year old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 21 months old, has good overall health except for spurts of vomiting and dark, pigmented spots on his back. What could this be? (11 May 2003)

  154. I gained nine pounds in the last four months, and I wonder if the weight gain and some fluid retention is related to my prior thyroid and pituitary problems. Can an increase in diabetes medications cause weight gain suddenly? (11 May 2003)

  155. About four months ago, I had a virus and was diagnosed with what they said was type 1 diabetes. I have several questions. (11 May 2003)

  156. Both of my children were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 18 months and had received the new chickenpox vaccination at 15 months of age. I find it hard to believe it's a coincidence. Has anyone raised the question, or made a correlation between the chickenpox vaccination and the onset of type 1 diabetes? (11 May 2003)

  157. My husband has type 2 diabetes diagnosed about six months ago, and he is now on Amaryl and Avandia, but his sugar level is still high. In addition, has lost a lot of weight, and he is not fat. Why? (11 May 2003)

  158. Recently, I had a work injury which was diagnosed as a lower back injury (sciatica). I had an MRI and a EMG and the orthopaedic surgeon said that there was abnormal damage to the nerve on the left leg which be attributes to my sugar levels not being under control. Is my diabetes a contributing factor to my lower back pain and left leg numbness? (11 May 2003)

  159. Our boy is two and half years of age and is an IPEX kid, and I have several questions. (11 May 2003)

  160. I currently give my daughter Humalog based on a sliding scale and the amount of carb she wants at meal time, and most of the time she has good numbers, but I've recently been advised to give the same amount of insulin, no matter what the numbers are, and adjust the carb intake depending on numbers, and presently she's running high on the sliding scale. (11 May 2003)

  161. My seven year old daughter who has had type 1 diabetes since she was 23 months old, also has ADD. Throughout our "journey" we have had constant battles over shots. In order to help her, I went to bat for her with my insurance company for 12 long months to get her an insulin pump, but we are still having problems with her psychologically. Can you shed some light on this? (11 May 2003)

  162. I have gestational diabetes; I control it with diet, and my numbers are usually wonderful with an occasional high after lunch. Now that I'm in my ninth month, my levels have dropped, I find I can splurge more, do not have to follow my diet as closely as before, and my blood sugar stays within range. Is this something to be concerned about? (11 May 2003)

  163. While hospitalized for an episode of cyclic vomiting, my daughter had an elevated blood sugar. Since then, she completed a fasting glucose test, and her pediatrician suspects type 1 diabetes. What are your thoughts? (10 May 2003)

  164. I've taken him to see his physician and he says if it were diabetes, that he could not have symptoms for such a long time without becoming extremely sick, so there was no need to do any testing. Is it possible for a young child to have a "mild" case of diabetes? (10 May 2003)

  165. My 30 year old son, who has had type 1 diabetes since he was a year old, was diagnosed as being bipolar this last year, and his therapist suggested that there is a connection between diabetes and mental illness. Is this true? If so, where can I research it? (10 May 2003)

  166. What is the latest update as to the sensitivity and specificity of pancreatic antibodies insulin autoantibodies or combinations thereof to "best" establish a diagnosis of type 1A diabetes? What are the false positive and false negative rates? (10 May 2003)

  167. Pump supplies are so expensive that it's difficult to pay for them, even with insurance contribution. What are the risks involved with re-using them? (10 May 2003)

  168. I've taken him to see his physician and he says if it were diabetes, that he could not have symptoms for such a long time without becoming extremely sick, so there was no need to do any testing. Is it possible for a young child to have a "mild" case of diabetes? (10 May 2003)

  169. My friend is in denial of his diabetes, and his sugar levels fluctuate wildly. He eats beans, pasta. rice, breads and also drinks alcohol above what could be considered moderate. The doctor said if he did not go on insulin he would die in five years, but he refuses. (9 May 2003)

  170. I saw a product on the net called Injex which is used for insulin injection without a needle. It depends on the infusion of the insulin subcutaneously. Would you please advise as to the t safety of using this device? (8 May 2003)

  171. Can prednisone cause type 1 diabetes in a person who has no family history of diabetes? (8 May 2003)

  172. My mum, who had insulin treated diabetes, died a few years ago, and the day before she was complaining of a shortness of breath. Could this be do due to an overdose of insulin? What other explanation could there be? (8 May 2003)

  173. I am on Lantus with Humalog, and, for the last four days, my sugars have gone high, and I have a 'small amount of ketones. Do I increase my Lantus or my Humalog? (8 May 2003)

  174. What are the best selections of anti-depressants for a teenager with type 1 diabetes? I have heard that some of them may cause high sugar levels. (8 May 2003)

  175. My father had an elevated blood sugar reading and was diagnosed With type 2 diabetes. Ever since then, he has been doing his own blood checking three times a day, and the results are normal, but he has not drastically changed his eating habits or exercise. Is there a chance he was misdiagnosed? (8 May 2003)

  176. I am concerned about a nine year girl who is somewhat overweight and has a dark ring around her neck. I read somewhere that this is a sign of diabetes in kids. Can you tell me if this information is true? (8 May 2003)

  177. Some foods raise your blood sugar a lot. Other foods with the same amount of calories don't. I have seen the graphs in a book, but the authors do not show a long period of digestion for the low glycemic foods. There is no explanation given to explain why the same amounts of calories result in substantial differences in the total amounts of blood sugar created. Will you tell me why this is so? (8 May 2003)

  178. I am am 27 years old, have had type 1 diabetes for 14 years. I am also depressed because of my private life issues, and my doctor prescribed Amyzol twice per day. Is Amyzol an anti-depressive? Can it cause weigh gain? Can I get used to it, and have problems with quitting? (8 May 2003)

  179. My 11 year old son has had type 1 diabetes since he was a year old, and now I find it extremely difficult to control. His blood sugar is always high, but sometimes it comes down to normal, and I don't know why is this happening. Is this what is known as the peripheral insulin resistance that happens in adolescence? (7 May 2003)

  180. What does someone with type 1 diabetes do when they are uninsured and do not qualify for Medicaid? I am unable to afford supplies, let alone medical care. The saying in my family is, " Well, do we eat or does mom get new syringes?" (7 May 2003)

  181. My mother has just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and the family practice doctor prescribed Glucophage once a day. She started testing herself, and her blood sugars are still high. My concern, she has a pacemaker. What medication should she be on? (7 May 2003)

  182. My 79 year old step-dad, who has been on hemodialysis for almost three years, has been told that he is not allowed to have minerals, especially potassium and magnesium. Although, I understand that certain restrictions are needed in his diet, I don't understand why he is not allowed to take in any minerals. I have been taught are essential for good health and well-being. I would appreciate any information you can offer. (7 May 2003)

  183. I am 17 years old, I have type 1 diabetes treated with an insulin pump, and I'm in good control. Would getting a small tattoo on my back affect the pump site which is close to where I would get the tattoo? (7 May 2003)

  184. I agree that the idea of insulin glargine plus Humalog would probably be better, but the logistics of it seem impossible since school personnel will not administer insulin. That would mean t I would have to go to his school every day at lunch time, which is not possible. How do other people do this? Do they just wait until their kids are old enough to administer their own insulin? (7 May 2003)

  185. Is there any difference in blood sugar testing results if the finger is "milked" or squeezed, compared to if the blood drop comes out easily? If so, would it likely be higher or lower than the actual level? (7 May 2003)

  186. I currently take two insulin injections per day, and have heard many good things about pumps, and would really like to consider trying one. My biggest hang-up is that I'm an on-call firefighter as well, and I doubt the device could handle or is designed for such situations as what is encountered by the job. Is this something that can be easily disconnected/removed in these cases? (7 May 2003)

  187. During my first pregnancy, I had gestational diabetes, was put on insulin ( NPH with Regular at breakfast, Regular at dinner, and NPH before bed), and my blood sugar was under excellent control. However, I was on an extremely rigid schedule. Now I am pregnant again and have a toddler with type 1 diabetes, so it would be difficult. Are there any other insulins that are safe during pregnancy? (7 May 2003)

  188. One of my four year old identical twin girls was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes shortly before her second birthday, and my husband also has it. We are now expecting a baby, and I am interested in your opinion on cord blood banking and its future use in a cure for diabetes. (7 May 2003)

  189. How is Detemir different from the existing insulins? When will it be released? (7 May 2003)

  190. I am a residential worker in a youth home, and a 13 year old boy who lives with us was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about two months ago. This young lad is afraid that his blood sugar level will drop severely while in his sleep, he will go into a coma and never wake up. I've done my best to reassure him, but I have not found the words to soothe his anxiety. Can you help me to be of better support? (7 May 2003)

  191. I have had type 1 diabetes for eight years, and I recently have been having problems with intimacy. When my significant other ejaculates, my body rejects it. We've been trying to have kids for about four months and it just isn't working. Does this mean I can't have kids? Can you give me some advice? Can diabetes cause you not to have children? (6 May 2003)

  192. I suspect that my 30 year old, African-American daughter may be borderline or have diabetes. For the past three months, she has complained of bruises on the big toe on both feet in the toenail area. Do you believe this could be related to diabetes? (6 May 2003)

  193. The pharmacist wanted to know why we test our four year old's blood sugar seven to ten times a day. He seemed to feel that was excessive. How often do you think is "reasonable and necessary"? (6 May 2003)

  194. My 15 year old daughter is taking pre-mixed insulin, and about an hour and a half after having a good breakfast, she nearly always goes low. I keep hearing about the side effects of human insulin and wonder if I should ask to change her to animal insulin instead. (6 May 2003)

  195. My mother, who does not have diabetes, went to see a doctor about the pain in her hands and shoulders, and the knots on her hands. The doctor said since diabetes runs in the family and the symptoms she is having that she may be insulin intolerant. What exactly does insulin intolerant mean? (6 May 2003)

  196. Until I took Medrol, my blood sugars were reasonable, but they were significantly higher (as much as 40%) while taking this medication. I am worried that my excellent control (based just on diet and exercise) is now blown and I may have developed full-blown diabetes thanks to this medicine. Is that what has happened? (6 May 2003)

  197. My husband has been in poor control recently with an A1c over 8%. He actually was under perfect control until his prescription was switched from Glucophage to the generic metformin. However, the physician has merely added Avandia and a diuretic to his regimen. Why do most physicians now just add prescriptions rather than switching to see the effects? (6 May 2003)

  198. My son has been experiencing high blood sugars with moderate activity, but I thought that his sugar levels would go down with increased activity. I have been logging the blood sugar with activity and once in awhile it is low. How do I know if I should adjust his insulin for activity? Is it common for blood sugar levels to go up with activity? (5 May 2003)

  199. I know each case is different, but how long does it typically take for a LADA patient to require some type of treatment other than diet and exercise? How close are researchers to finding a way to prolong or stop the autoimmune process in these patients who seem to have a "window of opportunity" that is typically longer than a normal honeymoon in type 1 diabetes? (3 May 2003)

  200. My mother, who has type 2 diabetes, is taking metformin along with glipizide. Her blood glucose is somewhat elevated with an A!c of 8.1%/. She has mild hypertension and EKG changes without chest pain. Do you suggest she change therapy to insulin? (3 May 2003)

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