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  1. I believe that type 2s can stop their medications after Roux-en-Y surgery only if they maintain a healthy diet, that they will need them if they eat "junk." Some have said the surgery is a "cure." Am I correct or are they? (30 Apr 2005)

  2. My twin sister and I are 20 and have had diabetes for 12 years. We have been on two different regimens with shots, but our endocrinologist wants us to try pumps. With good A1cs, I am comfortable sticking with shots. What would the advantage of a pump be? (30 Apr 2005)

  3. I have type 2 and take oral medications. Why is it that, sometimes, my blood sugar is higher in the morning than before bed? And, why does it go up after I exercise in the morning, without eating? (30 Apr 2005)

  4. My 16 year old experiences pain each time he changes his pump site. How can we ease the pain? (30 Apr 2005)

  5. Since having Fifth's disease nine months ago, I have had various symptoms, including increased thirst and hunger. My OGTT and A1c results were normal. Could I be a "smoldering" type 1? (29 Apr 2005)

  6. When on Sulfatrim for an infection, my daughter's blood sugars were very well controlled. In fact, I had to lower her insulin to prevent lows. Was this affect from the drug? (29 Apr 2005)

  7. Is there such thing as insulin overdose for pregnant woman? Is there an ideal amount of insulin recommended for pregnant diabetic woman? (29 Apr 2005)

  8. My boyfriend is on a pump and is taking Humalog. Does this take away his sex drive? (28 Apr 2005)

  9. How accurate is the A1c? Should I change my insulin regimen based on my current A1c, 8.4? (28 Apr 2005)

  10. Thirty-five years ago, I was diagnosed with type 1. Fifteen years ago, I stopped using my legs and arms for injections because of large lumps. I still have them. Is there anything I can do to get rid of them other than surgery? (28 Apr 2005)

  11. It is safe to say that I will not get diabetes because I suffer from low blood sugar? (28 Apr 2005)

  12. My daughter was recently diagnosed with type 1. Should I pursue finding a specialist to care for her? What can you tell me about ketone testing? (27 Apr 2005)

  13. My mom is in a diabetic coma. She is on a ventilator. What can we do to help her? (27 Apr 2005)

  14. I have a lot of sinus infections. Since most tests have been negative, I assume they are related to my diabetes. Is this possible? My fasting blood sugars are not that high. (27 Apr 2005)

  15. Is it true that the body continuously makes beta cells, but in a person with type one, they are destroyed as fast as they are made? (27 Apr 2005)

  16. My doctor wants me to have fasting blood sugars done, then possibly an OGTT since I've had random high blood sugars and increased urination. Could the higher blood sugars be related to any of my medications? (27 Apr 2005)

  17. I'm looking for a device that my grandson can wear that will monitor his blood sugar continuously. Is there such a device? (27 Apr 2005)

  18. Could you provide a guide for those of us who are sending our children with diabetes off to college, especially for those far from home? (27 Apr 2005)

  19. I watch a four year old whose diabetes is not well controlled. How can his blood sugars be controlled better? Were his recent hives from getting too much insulin? (26 Apr 2005)

  20. My 78 year old mother is following a strict diet and taking three different medications for her type 2. Could her diabetes be worsening because of her age? Do any of these medications contribute over time to the pancreas ceasing to work? (25 Apr 2005)

  21. When I was sick, my blood sugar was very high so the doctor put me on insulin. After a week, my blood sugars were fine and they still are. What type of diabetes do I have? (25 Apr 2005)

  22. Is my low TSH causing my hypoglycemia? (25 Apr 2005)

  23. Should my son need to switch back to NPH and Humalog from pumping, how do we figure out how much insulin to give him? Lantus is not available for him in Canada. (24 Apr 2005)

  24. A rheumatologist has said my daughter's fluctuating ANA levels are related to her diabetes. What should I ask at her next appointment with the rheumatologist? (24 Apr 2005)

  25. I have been taking extra insulin after breakfast and dinner to combat highs and I am gaining weight. Is the insulin making me fat? Could I have possibly developed type 2 diabetes? (23 Apr 2005)

  26. My monther-in-law was recently diagnosed with type 2 and is in denial. She is supposed to follow a certain diet and exercise. Plus, she is a heavy smoker. What happens if she still eats sugar? (22 Apr 2005)

  27. Can type 2 diabetes casue a pinched nerve? (22 Apr 2005)

  28. We have been giving our young son Lantus in the morning and NovoLog at meals. He is now waking with higher blood sugars. What could be causing them? Are they from a rebound or related to food he has eaten? (22 Apr 2005)

  29. If the pancreas of a person with type 2 stops producing insulin, does the person remain classified as type 2 or type 1? Is it common for people with type 2 to require insulin? (21 Apr 2005)

  30. Are there any sleepover clinics where my friend can learn how to take care of his type 2 diabetes? (19 Apr 2005)

  31. My 22 month old has started drinking large amounts. The doctor found glucose, but no ketones in his urine and a blood test was negative. Could the test be wrong? (17 Apr 2005)

  32. Is it normal for a nondiabetic person to have blood sugars on the higher end of normal (ranging from 120 to 163 mg/dl [6.7 to 9.1 mmol/L]) an hour after eating/drinking? Can dehydration cause ketones? (17 Apr 2005)

  33. I am 22 and take Amaryl and Avandamet. Despite exercise and healthy eating habits, I still have high blood sugars. Will insulin help me? Or, is there something else going on? (17 Apr 2005)

  34. My son has painful red-like blisters on his feet. What do I do? (17 Apr 2005)

  35. How will masturbation affect my blood sugar? (17 Apr 2005)

  36. Have you ever heard of diabetics getting false positive mononucleosis tests? (17 Apr 2005)

  37. My teen daughter, who has type 1, has been having problems with her periods. She recently had blood in her urine at the doctor's office. What could cause this? (17 Apr 2005)

  38. I have symptoms of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. How do I find out which type 1 have? Could it be caused by a metal plate in my jaw? (16 Apr 2005)

  39. My friend has type 2 and takes insulin. She is having terrible muscle spasms. Can they be caused by the diabetes or insulin? (15 Apr 2005)

  40. Could the withdrawal of methotrexate after long term use cause the diabetes? (15 Apr 2005)

  41. Last month, I had a miscarriage early in my pregnancy. I had elevated fasting blood sugars during the pregnancy. Did my diabetes affect the pregnancy? Can I get pregnant again? (15 Apr 2005)

  42. I read that the FDA approved Aventis' OptiClik insulin pen, which is designed to deliver Lantus, back in August 2004. Do you have any idea when it will be sold in the U.S.? (15 Apr 2005)

  43. Since she has had nine seizures since her diagnosis with type 1 nine years ago, my daughter will have an EEG done. What will they be looking for? Could an anti-seizure drug help if her blood sugar goes low? (15 Apr 2005)

  44. My daughter often has an unusual burning feeling on the outer portion of her ears. Although it is painful, the feeling doesn't last long. Is it related to her diabetes? (15 Apr 2005)

  45. My 20 year old, who has had diabetes for 10 years, is not caring for her diabetes or thyroid condition properly. I think she may be depressed. She is refusing help from anyone. How can I help her? (15 Apr 2005)

  46. My toddler son uses a pump and has decent daytime control. Nighttime numbers vary and I am losing sleep checking often. What causes the variation in numbers? Is the variability related to his dinner? (13 Apr 2005)

  47. What can you tell me about Symlin? (13 Apr 2005)

  48. How strong is the data which indicates that waiting at least six months before introducing an infant to solid foods reduces the risk of type 1? (13 Apr 2005)

  49. What are the benefits of flaxseed oil for people with type 1? Are there drawbacks? (12 Apr 2005)

  50. My husband has type 2 and has been having trouble with erections for four years. He has low testosterone. Is this or his diabetes causing the problem? (12 Apr 2005)

  51. Our 10 year old has had diabetes for eight years. Her A1cs are in the 8s and 9s, so the doctor is considering Glucophage. Is this common? (12 Apr 2005)

  52. My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 almost two years ago. How is it possible that she is still in her honeymoon phase? (12 Apr 2005)

  53. My friend's daughter had two seizure-like episodes. The hospital had no specific diagnosis. Could they have been diabetes-related? (12 Apr 2005)

  54. When is detemir going to be available in the U.S.? What is your opinion about this insulin? Do you think it is wise to switch from Lantus? (12 Apr 2005)

  55. My blood sugar is abnormally high. Could it be from the cortisone shot I got today? (12 Apr 2005)

  56. Is it possible for siblings to have diabetes? We are concerned that two of our children had elevated blood sugars. Another daughter already has diabetes. (12 Apr 2005)

  57. Because of weak spells, my teen son had an OGTT. The ranges I have seen indicate he is fine, but I was told he has pre-diabetes and needs to cut out sugar. What is your opinion? (12 Apr 2005)

  58. After I had trouble rousing my son, I took him to the E.R. where they gave him Pepsi. Blood work indicated an elevated blood sugar, which could have been from the Pepsi. Should I be concerned that he may have diabetes? (12 Apr 2005)

  59. Since taking prednisone, my daughter has some of the symptoms of diabetes. Are her symptoms related to the prednisone or should I get her tested for diabetes? (11 Apr 2005)

  60. Since fracturing her arm today, my daughter has had high blood sugars. Is this common for this type of accident? Should I adjust her insulin or wait? (11 Apr 2005)

  61. My boyfriend has pain in his feet, is lightheaded, urinates constantly, tires easily and has blurred vision. Does he have diabetes? (11 Apr 2005)

  62. My young son was diagnosed with type 1 a week ago when the doctor found ketones in his urine. He requires very little insulin. Is it possible he doesn't have diabetes? Are we just in denial? (11 Apr 2005)

  63. My overweight four year old daughter is being monitored for diabetes. She is to eat a special diet for a month. She does not have the typical symptoms. Why can't they just test her now so we can begin treatment? (11 Apr 2005)

  64. My eight year old son has had fainting spells for four years. How can I determine if he has hypoglycemia? (11 Apr 2005)

  65. My doctor thinks I have MODY because of family history and negative antibodies. But, he says I will have to take insulin for life. What kind of diabetes do I have? (10 Apr 2005)

  66. My daughter has sickle cell anemia. If she were to be diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, would it be worse because of the sickle cell? I was just diagnosed with type 1, which runs in my family. (10 Apr 2005)

  67. Is it true that diabetes affects intelligence? Is this also true for those whose diabetes is well controlled? (10 Apr 2005)

  68. My 19 year old refuses to check her blood sugar and take insulin other than one daily shot of Lantus. She refuses to discuss this with me or the doctor. What do I do? (10 Apr 2005)

  69. My son is taking NovoLog Pen injections three times a day. Could you tell me how long the insulin in the pen lasts after it has been puntcured? I've been told two weeks and 28 days. Which is the correct time? (10 Apr 2005)

  70. My mom has been told she needs a triple bypass. What are the risks associated with this? (9 Apr 2005)

  71. I am in my honeymoon, a year after my diagnosis with type 1. Why do I have low blood sugars 18 hours after my injection of intermediate acting insulin? Would the addition of tablets help? (9 Apr 2005)

  72. My doctor told me that I am at risk of developing hypercalcemia. Is this related to diabetes because I have had some of the symptoms of diabetes lately? (7 Apr 2005)

  73. My father has had no changes to his diabetes medications. Yet, his insulin dosage has been cut by more than half. What could be the reason? (7 Apr 2005)

  74. How will Symlin be administered? How does one qualify to be a candidate for this drug? What will it cost? (7 Apr 2005)

  75. I have heard that people who have had Roux-en-Y surgery may get pancreatitis. Is this possible since I already have type 1? Is it dangerous? I took Ipecac to induce vomiting and it did not work. Why? (7 Apr 2005)

  76. Is it normal for a man to have difficulty with his erection when his blood sugar is fluctuating, even if it isn't too low or too high? (7 Apr 2005)

  77. My son urinates frequently and has a patch of white hair on his head, which someone said is a sign of diabetes. Should I be concerned about any of this? (7 Apr 2005)

  78. When she had a fever, my daughter's urine test indicated glucose and ketones. She had no symptoms of diabetes. How long would her sugars be high if it were virus related? (7 Apr 2005)

  79. My four year old daughter's honeymoon lasted only three months and the doctor found protein in her urine. He plans to check the urine again. Is it common to have protein in urine only three months after being diagnosed? (7 Apr 2005)

  80. My teen son is angry, aggressive and threatening since his diagnosis. How can I help him? He already sees a psychiatrist and a counselor. (7 Apr 2005)

  81. My recently diagnosed teen son has good control except in the evenings, even when we increase his dinner NovoLog. What do you suggest? (6 Apr 2005)

  82. My nine year old daughter is a binge eater and has been in DKA six times. Counseling has not worked. How can we stop this and get her blood sugars in range? (6 Apr 2005)

  83. Diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 28 weeks, I am now at 37.5 weeks. I have not needed insulin for two days, no matter what I eat. Is this normal? Do I need to worry about the risk of stillbirth? (6 Apr 2005)

  84. At 17 weeks of my pregnancy, my glucose test result was on the high side of normal. I'm gaining a lot of weight and concerned because my son was 10 pounds at birth. What do you think? (6 Apr 2005)

  85. I have a FreeStyle meter that allows alternate site testing. Can I use my palm for the drop of blood? (6 Apr 2005)

  86. When I exercise, I have low blood sugars several hours later even with removing my pump and cutting my basal rates. How can I prevent the lows? (6 Apr 2005)

  87. I recently stopped taking methimazole for Graves' disease. What are the long term effects of this drug? I am not interested in drinking radioactove iodine, if it is necessary. (5 Apr 2005)

  88. Should I talk to my regular doctor about a pain in my right heel? Or, should I see an endocrinologist? (5 Apr 2005)

  89. Do you have any advice on how I should treat my patient who was recently diagnosed with diabetes? (5 Apr 2005)

  90. My son was recently diagnosed with diabetes. Why do his blood sugars go up and down? Is his moodiness related to his diabetes? (4 Apr 2005)

  91. Is there a drug, other than metformin, for insulin resistance? Metformin is not working well, but thiazolidinediones cause weight gain. (4 Apr 2005)

  92. Is it true that the administration of low doses of aspirin to obese patients can help reduce their insulin resistance? (4 Apr 2005)

  93. My fiancee has type 1 and has noticed some numbness in her right big toe. Is this the start of neuropathy? Are there tests to confirm this? (4 Apr 2005)

  94. After 30 years with type 1, I am sometimes combative when low. My wife is afraid for herself and our children. Can you explain that this behavior is related to my lows? (3 Apr 2005)

  95. Why do I need to check my daughter for ketones when she is ill but her blood sugars are normal? Can you explain more about ketones? (3 Apr 2005)

  96. I have type 2 and my doctor wants me to take lisinopril. I have read that this drug has a lot of bad side effects. Do the positives outweigh the negatives? (3 Apr 2005)

  97. My son has started lifting weights. It often causes high blood sugars. Is this from the muscles releasing glycogen? (3 Apr 2005)

  98. One of my twin daughter's has had some symptoms of diabetes, some elevated blood sugars and small ketones. She has an appointment in a few weeks. Should she be seen earlier? What are the normal blood sugars for a child? (2 Apr 2005)

  99. My daughter, who has insulin resistance, had an elevated blood sugar at 19 weeks of her pregnancy. Could she have gestational diabetes? Is there a chance her baby will be stillborn? (2 Apr 2005)

  100. To help lower his morning blood sugars, the doctor wants my son to try Lantus, but my son doesn't want a lunch shot. Is there a regimen that does not include a lunch shot? (1 Apr 2005)

  101. How should I adjust our Humalog and Lantus regimen when the time changes to Daylight Savings Time this weekend? (1 Apr 2005)

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